Allwell Ademola Instagram Pictures: Wedding, Marriage, Fiancé, Birthday, Rotimi Salami Facts, Profile
Allwell Ademola 15 Best Photos On Instagram: Facts About Allwell Ademola Birthday, Marriage, Wedding, Fiance Boyfriend, Rotimi Salami, Dating Rumours

Allwell Ademola is a Nollywood actress, musician, scriptwriter, director and Yoruba movie producer.

Allwell Ademola Age And 35th Birthday Controversy 

Actress Allwell Ademola is always celebrating her 35th birthday every year but the fact is That Allwell Ademola is not 35 years old. She is 38 years old. Allwell Ademola was born in the 9th if August in 1982.

Marriage, Wedding

Allwell Ademola is not married and doesn't have a husband.

She  to get married a couple of years back, she was closed to getting married, close to the altar but it didn’t work out, Allwell Ademola's marriage plan was shattered as her husband to be died two months to her wedding.

Death Of Fiance, Husband 2 Months To Wedding: Allwell Ademola husband to be died just two months to her wedding.

How Armed Robbers Killed Allwell Ademola's Fiance: Allwell Ademola husband to be was shot dead by Armed robbers.

How I Fell in Love With my Late Husband’s Best man - Allwell Ademola

After Allwell Ademola lost her fiancé two months to her wedding, she moved on with her late fiance bestman and they started dating. Explaining why she did that, Allwell Ademola told The Sun,

"Yes, I lost my man two months to our wedding. Armed robbers shot him and I mourned him for two years, and then I moved on with our best man. Yes, it’s true. He was my best friend even before I met my fiancé, so I planned to make my best friend the best man at my wedding. Unfortunately and fortunately, his fiancée jilted him at about the same time I lost my fiancé; so, he felt maybe, God didn’t want us as just friends. So, he proposed to me. What do you expect from a heartbroken woman at her lowest? I fell for it."

Allwell Ademola later realised she didn’t know her fiancé best man well enough. After they dated for eight months, the relationship crashed. That was another heart break for Allwell Ademola. Having suffered two heartbreaks, Allwell Ademola decided to take it easy and fell in love with her job.

Allwell Ademola And Rotimi Salami Love  Affair: 

Is Allwell Ademola  Rotimi Salami's side chick, girlfriend? There were rumours that married after, Rotimi Salami and Allwell Ademola are dating, in a love relationship.

Rotimi Salami addressed the rumoured affair with Allwell Ademola. The father of two said,

"Allwell Ademola is my everything, I love her so much, she is someone I can say in the Yoruba sector, she got my back big time."

Instagram: Allwell Ademola Instagram Page Account Profile Handle Handle allwellademolaa

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