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Who Is Khing Bassey?
Khing Bassey is a handsome Nigerian actor, Nollywood Producer, filmmaker who has featured in a good number of Nollywood movies since he started acting in 2008.

Age/Date Of Birth/Birthday: Khing Bassey was born on November 2.
How old is Khing Bassey?

State Of Origin: Where is Khing Bassey from? Khing Bassey is from Biquo, in Calabar, Cross River State. He studied Computer Science at the University of Lagos.

Marriage/Wedding/Family/Wife/Child: Khing Bassey is happily married to his wife, Mohlarah. Khing Bassey got married to his baby mama and long term lover, Mohlarah in March 2016. They already had their son, Bryan Khing before their traditional and white wedding.

Khing C. Bassey is one of Nollywood’s bright-shining stars. In 2008, Khing was brought into limelight by Sylvester Obadigie’s White Hunter, which featured Mercy Johnson, Ini Edo and Funke Akindele. And since his emergence, the soft-spoken and good looking Cross River-born Nigerian actor has been making giant strides in the movie industry, taking up major roles and creating a TV series of his own.

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Movies/Filmography: Khing Bassey has featured in the following movies, White Hunter 2008 Scarlet (2014), Married To A Slayer, Wiles, OMAMBALA, Thirty Pieces of Silver (2020) and Love Like A Fire (2020). Among others.
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All About Khing Bassey

I am not a play boy; I have only dated five women all my life — Khing Bassey Tells Tribune In 2016 Interview On Dec 17, 2016

Most people say you take after Ramsey Nouah and Van Vicker. What do you have to say about that?

Yes. I think it is because of the roles I play.I hear that a lot. It is cool actually because those guys inspire me. I watched a lot of Ramsey Nouah, Michel Majid and Van Vicker before I came into the industry. I have also worked with them. It’s nice to see them work. I still appreciate their works. I have my individuality and uniqueness anyway. And I am trying to carve a niche for myself also. And so far, it has been working out fine. People are beginning to know the brand, Khing Bassey. I am gaining fan-base. A lot of people now appreciate my work, my input. I think it’s all good.

You play the playboy and the prince role more. Do you think you’re being type-casted?

Well, in the industry, it is not difficult to be type-casted. Once you do very well in a role, producers want to use you for the same role over and over again. However, I don’t think I am either type-casted or stereotyped. It could be so. But I took steps to ensure it wasn’t so. I have been fortunate to play other roles and characters. I have played the role of a a professional, I have played a village boy, a bushman, a medical doctor, a lawyer. I have played a wide range of roles so that I wouldn’t say that I have been stereotyped. I have even played the role of an imbecile.

What movie was that?

That’s Abina, directed by Ubong Bassey. It is on the internet.

Of the roles you have played, which is your best?

I can’t say. I have done my best to give every role I have played a good dose of realism and sincerity. If I have to be a poor man, I throw away the self-consciousness of not having lived that life before. I get in the role and deliver. I take every role as a challenge and do my best to enjoy myself while I work.

In reality, who is Khing Bassey?

Khing Bassey is a budding Nollywood actor, creator (when I say creator, I mean that I recently started a series which will be airing on African Magic). By virtue of that, I am a producer. That was my first production. I have a passion for making movies, though I started out as an actor in 2008. The movie, White Hunters, started me off in the industry. It got me a lot of attention. The journey became steady from then on.

Are you a family man?

Yes. I need to mention that. Khing Bassey is a family man. I am happily married. And just recently, I was blessed with a baby boy, of whom I am very proud.

When did you get married?

I got married March this year.

What brought you two together?

Her personality. She is a beautiful woman. Besides her beauty, she is a very supportive and caring person. All those things attracted  her to me . And here we are. I am very happy.

Have you had your share of scandals and how true have they been?

Yes. There have been some scandals – and most of them are unfounded. I think one of the longest running is that Khing Bassey is a play boy. That’s actually far-fetched. I am not a play boy. I have always been cool headed and focused. I have always been more about my work and about making something out of my life with the little time I have to be here. The general perception comes probably from the roles that I play. People extend my roles to me and my personal life. But I am a little bit of a private person.

How many women does it take to become a play boy actually?

[Smiles] I don’t know. Fifty, may be hundred.

How many women have you dated?

I don’t know. Who is counting?

Are they too many to be counted, just like your movies?

I have actually been in five serious relationships all my life. When I say serious relationship I mean the ones I put in all my efforts to try to make it work. Sometimes there are certain personal relationship between you two that you discover that you cannot resolve.

Do you believe the thought that you might be a play boy may have affected your relationship?

It has really affected my relationships especially where the other person, you know, hears things and reacts swiftly to them. Sometimes, it is the notion that this guy cannot be trusted because of the work that he does or certain impressions they have that create the problem. I think when you go into a relationship you have to keep an open mind and not judge a book by its cover.

Has this perception ruined some of your relationships?

Yes. It has. As a matter of fact, it is sometimes an issue. My wife trusts me very much. I guess that is the only reason this particular relationship worked. My wife was able to ignore a lot of things that people said to her about me based on these misconceptions. She overlooked a lot of these things. She took time to get to know me.

Let’s face it. Some women make advances at you?

Yes. Women make advances at me  a lot.

How do you handle such situations?

Diplomatically and politely. I am not a hot-tempered person. When women start making advances, I play the nice guy. I try not to encourage it too much, at the same time, I try not to put them down harshly.

Were there cases you almost gave in?

Yes. Honestly, it has happened in the past. As a guy, it isn’t that easy. I had my days of frolicking. And those days are over. When I was a free man, (I am still a free man, but you know with commitments). There were times like that. But not now.  When you are in a relationship, so much work  go into making it work. One of it is trust. The other is faithfulness. Take them away, everything, sooner or later, nose-dives. Other things are: knowing what you want, knowing what is good for you, being disciplined and making sure you don’t cross certain boundaries.

What is the boldest thing a girl has done to win you?

It will be a girl just walking up to me in a club and basically telling me she liked me and would like us to go somewhere private to get to know each other. She just made her intentions known. I found it bold. And  if you look at her, you will see a well-put together lady. And there is the temptation to want to go ahead.

In the spirit of full disclosure, did you go ahead?

I am not going to say I did go ahead or not.

Let’s assume that you did not go ahead.

It is better we assume I did not go ahead. [Laughter]

Let’s talk about your future plans. Earlier in our conversation,  you used the words, “within the time I am here”. Do you have any plans outside Nollywood in time to come?

Yes, before I started acting, I was an entrepreneur. I am an idea person, every single day of my life I get new ideas. They are not all about film making. I still want to do other things. I want to also chase other dreams that I have. For example I love branding and advertising. This is one thing I have enjoyed doing. It was the business I was doing before I started acting. I am still passionate about it.

What did you study in school?

I studied Computer Science at the University of Lagos.

Where are you from?

I am from Biquo, in Calabar, Cross River State.

Within the time you are here, what are the things you think needs to be improved upon in the movie industry?

Generally, the industry needs a lot of changes. And it is not a man’s work. There is need for an awakening in the minds of film makers. We need to get to a point where there are more professionals in the film making sections. We also need more regulations in the industry. Not any one is qualified to hold the camera as a film-maker. Film making has to have passion. Right now, we have a lot of budding professional film makers that is really helping the industry. I see a future where Nollywood will catch-up with its counterpart, the music industry, which has flown to very good height. We are beginning to catch up with better stories, better actors, more organisation. I think the more we improve, the market will respond. I believe the attention of the masses is coming back to Nollywood. It is a symbiotic relationship. The more the market begins to trust your product, the more they want more of it.

How have you filtered in the feedback from critics about your work?

I have gotten a lot of negative criticisms, especially when I first started out. You know, the issue of wannabe Ramsey Nouah or Van Vicker. Some will be like, “Oh! He is trying, but there is a lot of work to do”. I did not  let the negative part of those criticisms get to me. I took the part that  motivated me to be better. I decided to work on and improve myself. That is what has happened. I know that I have improved. People know that I have improved. That is what is important to me. The fact that every day, I am putting one foot in front of the other – I am making progress. So, I don’t take negative criticisms to heart.

You are currently in a move location. Tell us what movie is this and what role are you playing?

It is a very interesting movie. Ubong Bassey writes very interesting scripts. This is another creation of his, Princes Mila. He did the script, while the story is Paul Daniel’s. But he has managed to weave an epic masterpiece, though we are shooting it as contemporary story, which is just fine. I play the character of a prince, who was contracted from foreign kingdom to marry the princes of Kutasi Kingdom, whose king is played by TT Temple, and the princes, Nkiru Umeh, a spoilt girl, who commits a lot of atrocities and who finds love after a number of rejections. The drama continues from there. The story twists and turns with a lot of intrigues. I am looking forward to a wonderful experience in this shoot.

What is the future for you, movie-wise?

I anticipate bigger and better productions, stories and roles. I am open to play any character. I look forward to doing more cinema projects, more TV projects. I pray that our movie producers become more and more passionate and that Nollywood would fly.

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