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Who is Allwell Ademola?
Allwell Ademola is a Nigerian born plus-sized Yoruba Nollywood actress, singer, scriptwriter, director and movie producer.

Allwell Ademola started entertainment as a child actor, teenage actress. Allwell Ademola started her acting career at NTA as far back as 1995 on 'Animal Games' with Uncle Wole.

She was in the movie ‘Animal Games’. Her experience as a mascot on NTAs Animal Game Show as a child spurred her into showbiz.

In 1992/1993, Allwell Ademola featured in her first home video, which was produced by Cliff Igwe and that was how it all started for her.

Allwell Ademola came into the entertainment, movie industry through soaps but later moved into stage productions and now into more of film making

Full Name: Princess Allwell Ademola

Home Town, State Of Origin: Allwell Ademola is from which State? Allwell Ademola hails from Abeokuta in Ogun State but was born and raised in Lagos.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Allwell Ademola was born on 9 August 1982.

Real Age: How old is Allwell Ademola? Allwell Ademola is currently 38 years old.

What's Allwell Ademola Real Age As She Celebrates Her 35th Birthday Every Year And Why:

Allwell Ademola has been celebrating her 35th birthday every for the last 4 years. Allwell Ademola says she didn’t mean she was truly 35 years old in an interview with The Punch,

“How can one person be clocking the same age for four continuous years? How can that be real? You obviously know it is a joke. If someone is celebrating the same age every year, you should know the person is just ‘catching a cruise.’

“The person is just trying to be funny and staying young. I am an entertainer; I am just trying to entertain people. Clocking 35 every year doesn’t mean I am 35. It is just a way of entertaining people. Also, next year, I am going to be celebrating another 35th year,” she said.

Family, Siblings, Parents, Mother, Father: Allwell Ademola is the first child of her parents. She grew up with her parents in Surulere. Allwell Ademola is the grand daughter of Nigeria’s first Chief Justice, Justice Adetokunbo Ademola.
Father: Allwell Ademola father is late.

Mother: Meet Allwell Ademola mum

Husband: Is Allwell Ademola married? who is Allwell Ademola husband? Allwell Ademola is not yet married. Allwell Ademola was closed to being married but it didn't work out.

Marriage, Wedding: Allwell Ademola had planned to get married a couple of years back, she was closed to getting married, close to the altar but it didn’t work out, Allwell Ademola's marriage plan was shattered as her husband to be died two months to her wedding.

Death Of Fiance, Husband 2 Months To Wedding: Allwell Ademola husband to be died just two months to her wedding.
How did Allwell Ademola's fiancé, Husband die? Allwell Ademola husband to be was shot dead by Armed robbers.

Allwell Ademola Dated Husband, Fiancé's Best Man: How I Fell in Love With my Late Husband’s Best man - Allwell Ademola

After Allwell Ademola lost her fiancé two months to her wedding, she moved on with her late fiance bestman and they started dating. Explaining why she did that, Allwell Ademola told The Sun,

"Yes, I lost my man two months to our wedding. Armed robbers shot him and I mourned him for two years, and then I moved on with our best man. Yes, it’s true. He was my best friend even before I met my fiancé, so I planned to make my best friend the best man at my wedding. Unfortunately and fortunately, his fiancée jilted him at about the same time I lost my fiancé; so, he felt maybe, God didn’t want us as just friends. So, he proposed to me. What do you expect from a heartbroken woman at her lowest? I fell for it."

Allwell Ademola later realised she didn’t know her fiancé best man well enough. After they dated for eight months, the relationship crashed. That was another heart break for Allwell Ademola. Having suffered two heartbreaks, Allwell Ademola decided to take it easy and fell in love with her job.

Children, Son, Child: Does Allwell Ademola have a child? No, Allwell Ademola doesn't have kids yet, no child yet

Boyfriend: Allwell Ademola doesn't flaunt her boyfriend on her Instagram page.

Movies: Laroda Ojo, You or I, Omo Emi, Aye Keji, Unsheltered, Mr & Mrs Spaghetti, Adeba-Ola,

As A Producer: Allwell Ademola has produced many Yoruba movies. Allwell Ademola produced seven movies in 2016 alone and more after.

Yoruba Vs English Movies: On doing more Youruba movies than English, Allwell Ademola told The Sun,

"I started out doing English movies. That was until Uncle Jide Kosoko invited me over to play a role in a Yoruba movie, after spending like 15 years in the English sector. That was how I did just one Yoruba movie and boomed! I was everywhere. I must confess the movie took me to the next level. I was surprised because I had been in the industry for quite a while but didn’t get such attention. And that is why I appreciate the Yoruba sector of Nollywood so much. They help people to grow. Now, I act, produce and direct Yoruba movies. I still do English movies, though."

Allwell And Company: Songs, Music, Allwell Ademola The Musician, Singer - Allwell Ademola has been singing for a long while. She has a twelve-man band. Allwell Ademola has been been in the music scene for about 18 years.

Allwell Ademola started the band in the year 2002 and she did an album in 2006. Allwell Ademola inaugurated her band in 2010. It is known as All well and company.

Net Worth: Allwell Ademola makes money from acting, singing, music as a movie producer and as an entrepreneur, businesswoman but Allwell Ademola is unavailable.

Most Embarrassing Moment: Allwell Ademola recalls her most embarrassing moment,

"My most embarrassing moment was where my shoe pulled on a red carpet and I was so embarrassed. I didn’t know whether to stay or to just pull it, but I later removed it and I had to walk barefooted. That was really embarrassing." The actress told Tribune.

Embarrassment Over Her Plus Sized: Allwell Ademola recalls how she was embarrassed due to her big size. In an interview with VanguardVanguard, Allwell Ademola recalled how she was embarrassed,

"That has happened a lot of times but I don’t allow it get to me. There was a day I was taking this 3in 1 Nescafe in my Pastor’s office and a lady stepped in. The lady in question didn’t know what I had in the cup , so she felt it was chocolate and started educating me on what is best for me to eat.

However, I was angry and asked her what made her think I don’t like what I look like. I even went as far as telling her I don’t wish to be like her because she was skinny. At the end of the day, she was the one who left my pastor’s office embarrassed. My father once taught me that nobody can make you inferior without your consent.

Another one happened at an eatery. I was telling the attendant what I wanted which was fried plantain, salad and moimoi. The man next to me screamed, saying I don’t need fried plantain in the presence of many. I was furious and gave him what he deserved for embarrassing me."

Allwell Ademola And Rotimi Salami: Rumoured Affair. Are Allwell Ademola And Rotimi Salami dating? There were rumours that married after, Rotimi Salami and Allwell Ademola are dating, in a love relationship.

Rotimi Salami addressed the rumoured affair with Allwell Ademola. The father of two said,

"Allwell Ademola is my everything, I love her so much, she is someone I can say in the Yoruba sector, she got my back big time.

The first Yoruba movie I produced, she wrote the script, coordinated it and directed it. Afterwards, other opportunities I got came from her. She got me roles through lots of recommendations,” he said.

"I tell people to believe whatever they want, what matter most is; I am moving on, I am happy and there’s peace in my home, I don’t care.”

Instagram: Allwell Ademola Instagram Handle allwellademolaa

Size, Height: How tall is Allwell Ademola? What's Allwell Ademola size, weight, Measurements?

Car, House: Allwell Ademola

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