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Instagram Pictures: George Adun Bio, Wikipedia, Birthday, Parents, Family, Net Worth, Girlfriend, School, Height, Tiktok, Twitter, Siblings, Images, Photos, IG pics, George Adun Model, YouTube

Who is George Adun?
George Adun is a Nigerian born Irish model, Instagram influencer and social media star who is a gym Fitness enthusiast.

Nationality, Home Town, Tribe, State Of Origin: Where is George Adun from? George Adun is from Nigeria, Yoruba tribe but based in Ireland and London, UK.

Age, Date Of Birth, Birthday: George Adun was born on 19 July 1998.

Age: How old is George Adun? George Adun is 22 years old. George Adun celebrated his 22nd birthday in July 2020.

George Adun 10 Years Challenge 2009 vs 2019 throwback photo

Style: George Adun prefers jeans to joggers, but not just plain jeans. Distressed denim is more stylish to him.

School, Education: George Adun is studying Architecture in college/University.

George Adun Height: How Tall is George Adun?
George Adun is 6'4 tall.

6 Pack Abs, Gym, Workout, Fitness: George Adun likes to workout at the gym. He started to gym at the age of 17 years old in 2016.
Throwback photo of of when George Adun started gym in 2016 vs in 2018.

Diet: On diet to keep in shape, George Adun told Kingswilldream The Hangout

"Normally for breakfast I would have hot chocolate and pancakes, for then would eat a lot of fruits in between meals. For lunch I would keep it simple with rice, chicken or meat, and then the same for dinner - but sometimes spaghetti or a larger portion."

Family, Siblings, Parents, Father, Mother: Meet George Adun father and his younger little brother.

Child, Baby, Son: George Adun doesn't have any child yet but people call him "daddy" because he often posts photos of his kid little brother on his Instagram page.
"A lot of people calling me ‘daddy’....but I ain’t even had a child yet" George Adun posted on Instagram.

Marriage, Wife: George Adun is not yet married.  He is still quite young at 22.

Girlfriend: Who is George Adun girlfriend?
George Adun doesn't flaunt his girlfriend on his instagram page or Twitter.

Net Worth: George Adun makes money as an instagram influencer and fitness model but his net worth is unavailable.

George Adun Hairstyle: George Adun experiments with different hair styles.

Instagram: George Adun Instagram Page Account Profile Handle georgeadun 
George Adun has close to 100k followers on his Instagram page. Many of his followers go gaga when George Adun posts his Tiktok dance videos on Instagram and other fine pics, images.
George Adun
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