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Meet Widmarck Emile Jr. Bio, Instagram, Wikipedia, Wife, Girlfriend, Birthday, Tattoos, Parents, Net Worth, Fitness Model, Gym, Tiktok, Facebook, Twitter.

Who is Widmarck Emile Jr?
Widmarck Emile Jr. is a Canadian born fitness model, actor, Instagram influencer and Brand owner who is From Montreal Canada.

Widmarck Emile Jr - also known as wdmrckjr is a Canadian model and actor born in Toronto, Canada.

Ethnicity, Nationality: Widmarck Emile Jr. is from Haiti but based in Montreal, Canada.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Widmarck Emile Jr. was born on 2 November 1994.
Age: How old is Widmarck Emile Jr.? Widmarck Emile Jr. is currently 25 years old but would celebrate his 26th birthday on the 2nd of November 2020.

Widmarck Emile Jr. throwback photos

Family, Parents, Father, Mother: Meet Widmarck Emile Jr. parents and kid sister.

Younger Sister 

Throwback to when Widmarck Emile Jr. parents celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary in 2016.

Wedding, Marriage, Wife: Is Widmarck Emile Jr. married? Widmarck Emile Jr. the model is not yet married to any wife.

Fiancee, Girlfriend: Widmarck Emile Jr. doesn't flaunt his girlfriend or fiancee on his instagram page, Tiktok or Twitter accounts.

6 Pack Abs, Fitness, Muscles, Gym: Widmarck Emile Jr. keeps fit by working out at the gym to maintain his fit body which he flaunts on his Instagram page as his fan base continues to escalate.

Tattoo: Widmarck Emile Jr. is a lover of tattoos. Widmarck Emile Jr. has 'Where I'm From' tattoo on his chest. He has other parts of his body like back, arms, leg covered with different tattoos. Widmarck Emile Jr. is heavily tattooed.

Height: Widmarck Emile Jr. Height, How tall is Widmarck Emile Jr.? Widmarck Emile Jr. is 6'4 tall.

Net Worth: Widmarck Emile Jr. makes lot of money from his business as an entrepreneur. He also makes money from Fitness modelling, acting, YouTube and as an Instagram brand influencer. But model, Widmarck Emile Jr. net Worth has not been estimated.

Entrepreneur: Widmarck Emile Jr. is an entrepreneur who refers to himself as 'Black Enterprenur'.

How WDMRCK Clothing Started: explaining how he started his clothing line, Widmarck Emile Jr. wrote on his website:

"It all started in the heart of Montreal's fashion district. After 2 years as an influencer in the field of fashion and fitness @WDMRCKJR decided to launch my own brand of clothing. A brand that would be in my image, but also in the image of my audience and those who follow me. This is for you my friends.

WDMRCK exclusive, also called W exclusive, is a young company that promotes clothing and lifestyle through ✨ FASHION✨. The letters of the acronym of this clothing brand mean; Winner, Determination, Motivation, Real, Confidence and Kindness or Karma. The mission of this team is to generate POSITIVE energy in each individual around the world as well as to create well-being for all who wear it. We sell our products to customers across 🇨🇦Canada🇨🇦, the 🇺🇸United States🇺🇸and have started to reach Europe. We are not aiming only the North America, WDMRCK exclusive have to goal to reach 🌍all continents🌏. In four months, we had a good start to sales and received good feedback on Instagram. Sales were made online and by hand. We want our products to be sold over the next three years at various retailers and to have the brand recognized internationally.
We have so much coming and can't wait to show our work!!
Stay connected we love you !! ✨
All our clothes are sewn with the utmost precision. In this way, you can be sure that WDMRCK clothing will last for years."

Instagram: Widmarck Emile Jr. Instagram Page Account Profile Handle wdmrckjr

Widmarck Emile Jr. 🇨🇦
Fitness Model |Actor |Brand Owner
👕@wdmrckexclusive 〰️
Snapchat: weedmarck
Ambassador of @jenaro.official
🎥Youtube&Facebook: Wdmrckjr

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