Joshua Benoit 15 Hot Instagram Photos: About Girlfriend, Gym, Tattoos, Parents, Fitness Pictures
Joshua Benoit On Instagram: 6 Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Joshua Benoit + 15 Best Instagram Pictures Of Joshua Benoit, Facebook, Twitter And Tiktok

Joshua Benoit 15 Hot Instagram Photos: 6 Things To Know About Girlfriend, Gym, Tattoos, Parents, Fitness Pictures, Videos

Occupation: Joshua Benoit is a Haitian American fitness model, Instaram influencer who also sings and acts.

Music: Joshua Benoit loves music and has released two singles - "Legs in the Air" and the current one, 'Wet'

Parents: Joshua Benoit parents are Haitians but Joshua Benoit was born in Brooklyn, New York.

Tattoo: The 31 year old Joshua Benoit whose full name is Joshua David Benoit has several parts of his body tattooed.
"In God I Trust" chest tattoo and a tattoo of his name 'Benoit' on his back are some of Joshua Benoit's tattoos.

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Girlfriend: Joshua Benoit is currently dating a beautiful girl who he wants to marry but he doesn't want to reveal her identity yet.

Smoking: Joshua Benoit doesn't smoke. He revealed he has never smoked all his life.

Instagram: Joshua Benoit Instagram Page Account Profile Handle is joshuadbenoit

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