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Who Is Shawn Wells?
Shawn Wells a.k.a. Wells Phargo is an American fitness model, Instagram influencer who is also a  soldier. Shawn Wells is based in Florida USA.

Introducing himself during an interview with CHOCOLATE INFORMED in April 2018, Shawn Wells said:

"I’m a 21 year old military veteran who is ready to jump into the college world.  I joined the military to serve my country, but also to take advantage of the benefits that I now have.  I can definitely say it was worth the effort and sacrifices.  What’s important to me is my fitness and overall life.  Rather it be happiness, money, family..."

Nickname: Shawn Wells is also known as Wells Phargo.

Ethnicity, Home Town, Nationality: Shawn Wells is a black American from Toledo Ohio.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Shawn Wells was born in February 1997.

How old is Shawn Wells? Shawn Wells is 23 years old in 2020.

Family, Siblings, Parents, Father, Mother: Shawn Wells keeps his family out of his instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages.

Marriage, Married, Wife: Model, Shawn Wells is not yet married to any wife and doesn't flaunt any fiancee on social media.

Fiancee, Dating, Girlfriend: Who is Shawn Wells girlfriend? Shawn Wells doesn't show off his girlfriend on his Instagram page.

Speaking about dating and his kind of woman, Shawn Wells told CHOCOLATE INFORMED ONLINE MAGAZINE

"Oh I’m good in the dating department. My ole lady is always on watch so I just keep it rated PG.   And my DMs are funny and crazy at the same time.  I get messages from all walks of life about all types of stuff.  Everyday is either an Awe, thank you or woah!  What the hell! Hahaha!! Definitely just depends… My type of woman is someone who is strong and open minded, ambitious, and knows how to love. You’ll be surprised that people think they love some one right, but really their lacking key components. A woman into fitness and physical self improvement is always a plus as well."

Instagram, Social Media: On how he became an Instagram star influencer within few weeks of joining Instagram,

"Oh well, welcome!  And yeah, I did my first shoot in mid December,  uploaded the pictures, tagged the male eye candy pages and they happened to just love my look.  At the time,  I only had around 150 followers!  So it was really like one week I had 20 likes and the next I was getting thousands.  And photographers were reaching out from everywhere!  I was in the least of words, shocked!  I just couldn’t believe that the feedback was so great ! The down fall about this exposure was that I couldn’t actually get to the shoots!  I couldn’t do the fashion shows and casting calls ’cause this all happened when  I was still on active duty!  You can only imagine the type of frustration it is to have to turn down countless opportunities because you’re stuck in an office.  As far as the amount of followers  I have, it’s from studying!   It sounds funny at first, but I studied the Instagram algorithm and learned how to push myself out.  Which is why influencers with way more followers than me don’t have as much engagement as me. I know what I’m doing."

Net Worth: Shawn Wells makes money as a fitness model, instagram influencer and as a soldier but his net worth is unavailable.

Height: Shawn Wells model height, how tall is Shawn Wells? Shawn Wells is 6'1 tall.

Tattoo: Shawn Wells likes Tattoos and has his body, chest, hands tattooed.

Gym, Fitness, Workout, 6 Pack Abs: Shawn Wells likes to workout and gym to maintain his muscular physique and abs as a model.

Shawn Wells TSR 2018 Profile.

Eyes: Shawn Wells has hazel eyes colour

Instagram: Shawn Wells Instagram Page Account Profile Handle shawnwells_1

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