Ray Emodi Map Of Nigeria Tattoo Got At Age 18: 12 Shirtless Photos Of Ray Emodi Tattoos

Meet Ray Emodi And His Tattoo Of Map Of Nigeria. Reason Why He Got The Tattoo At Age 18:

12 Shirtless Photos And Video Of Ray Emodi Showing His Tattoo

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6'5 inches tall Nollywood actor and singer, Ray Emodi has a tattoo of Nigerian on his chest. Thefamouanaija brings to you the reason behind Ray Emodi's tattoos. The handsome actor who got the tattoo while abroad in England has revealed why he got the tattoo at the age of 18 years.

Revealing the reason behind his tattoo on Instagram, Ray Emodi said:

‘Unity and Faith Peace and Progress’

I got this tattoo a month after I turned 18. I lived in England at the time and I was missing my family, friends, food and the naija humor. So I decided to get a tattoo that would represent all that = my map of naija tattoo."

Ray Emodi is the Son of Senator Joy Emodi and Dr. Okey Emodi from Anambra state. He started making waves in Nollywood after featuring in "Heaven On My Mind".

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Watch video of Tattooed Ray Emodi showing off his Nigerian map tattoo.

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