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Meet Gabriel Lilian Adora aka Lilian Ekenta, Bio, Wikipedia, Age, Instagram, Parents, Mother, Father, Nollywood Child Actor/Actress, Lilian Gabriel, Birthday, Movies, Net Worth

Who Is Lilian Ekenta? All About Lilian Ekenta

Lilian Ekenta is a Nollywood actress, singer and songwriter who started off as a child actor/actress. Lilian Ekenta was born on April 28

She has come back to the Nigerian movie industry as a young adult actress, no more a child actress.

Lilian Ekenta's full name is Adora Lilian Ekenta or you call her Lilian Gabriel, her name on Instagram

Lilian Ekenta acted as young Liz Benson in a movie IZAGA in those days. Some of her movies include, Sting Of Pain, The Village Teacher, Red Python, Forbidden Book, Crazy Millionaire in 2003, Izaga among others.

Lilian Ekenta is from a Nollywood movie family. Her mother was one of the best makeup artistes in Nollywood (African mothers concept)

While her father is Mike Ekenta, one of the best DOPs in the Nigeria movie industry.

Lilian Ekenta's mother died in 2018.

Lilian Ekenta Instagram Account Page Handle lilian.gabriel.babyafrica 
Instagram lilian.gabriel.babyafrica
Baby Africa, Actress, songwriter/singer

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