Idara Stephanie Hornecker Biography, Age, Instagram, Father, Parents, Mother: Regina Askia's 1st Daughter Profile, History

Who Is Idara Stephanie Hornecker? (na Idara) Biography, Age, Birthday, Net Worth  Parents, Father, Mother. About Regina Askia's First Daughter (French Daughter) Instagram

Stephanie Hornecker aka Idara Stephanie (Na Idara) is the beautiful French-Nigerian born daughter of Regina Askia, who is a Nollywood Actress and a nurse. 

Parents, Father, Mother: Stephanie Hornecker is a half caste, born to a Nigerian mother from Akwa Ibom state who is famous Nollywood actress now a nurse in USA, ex beauty queen, Regina Askia and to a French father, Patrick. Stephanie Hornecker's step father is rudolph 'Rudy' Williams. Stephanie Hornecker father is a Mr Patrick, a businessman from France. 

Age, Date Of Birth, Birthday: Stephanie Hornecker was born on 28th of February, 1992. 

Stephanie hornecker as a baby in 1994 in Nigeria (Throwback Photo) 

Stephanie Hornecker Instagram Account Profile Handle: na_idara

Boyfriend, Fiance, Marriage, Husband: 28-year-old Stephanie Hornecker is not yet married. She doesn't flaunt her boyfriend or fiance on Instagram or social media. 

Siblings: Idara Stephanie Hornecker has a younger sister, Teesa Williams and a kid brother, Rudy Jnr Rudolph Williams. 

Accident: In 2015, Regina Askia's first child, Stephanie Hornecker, was involved in a ghastly car accident in Ivory Coast where she was interning in her father's company and catching a vacation.

Eye Colour: Stephanie Hornecker has hazel eyes like her mother Regina Askia

Instagram: Stephanie Hornecker Instagram Profile Handle is na_idara na_idara 

Net Worth: Stephanie Hornecker's Net Worth is unavailable.

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