12 Facts About Onny Michael Biography, Instagram, Wife, Age, Daughter Chimamanda, Mother, Wikipedia, Net Worth, Parents, Child

Who Is Onny Michael? Bio, Wikipedia, Daughter Chimamanda, Wife, Mother, Net Worth, Recent Movies, Age, Birthday, Parents, Traditional And White Wedding Pictures

Onny Michael 12 Things About The Nollywood Actor You Probably Don't Know

Meet Onny Michael

Onny Michael is a handsome Nollywood A-list actor, scriptwriter and Nigerian filmmaker who has been in Nollywood for about 20 years and has featured in many Nollywood movies.

Born on April 26, 1978, Onny Michael hails from Enugu State.

12 Things To Know About Onny Michael

1 Real Name: Onny Michael real name is Onuchukwu Michael Okpokwu

2 Age, Date Of Birth, Birthday: Onny Michael was born on 26 April 1978 (42 years as at 2020)

3 State Of Origin: Onny Michael is from Enugu state, Igbo tribe from South East Nigeria

4 Family/Parents/Siblings: Onny Michael is from a family of 6 children

5 Marriage, Wedding, Wife: Onny Michael and his then girlfriend got married on 12th of April in 2014. They have a child, a daughter.
Onny Michael traditional, white wedding photos

6 Onny Michael and his wife celebrated their 6th Wedding Anniversary on 12th of April on Instagram

7 Education: Onny Michael is a graduate of Fine And Applied Art from the University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN)

8 Wife: Onny Michael's wife is a Makeup artist, who is also a Fashionista, Event planner. She is the CEO of Brandie Signatures (brandiesignatures) Asaba Makeupartist. Onny Michael wife's Instagram account name is ifemaranma29.

9 Daughter Chimamanda: Onny Michael Daughter's name is Chimamanda Michaels (Mandy Michael). She was born on March 16, 2015. Chimamanda Michael celebrated her 5th birthday on March 16, 2020.

10 Movies/Filmography: Onny Michael has featured in so many Nollywood movies such as I will Be The King, Who Is The King, Tears Of A King, Love And Darkness, My Hidden Enemy, Iyioma My Pride, Brother's War, Heart Breaker, Labour Love, Love Untold, Throne Of Anger, Royal Blind Girl, Yes I Do, Last Africa Casanova, Bitter Truth

11 It took him about 12 years to achieve super stardom. He now plays lead roles.

12 Instagram Account page handle: onnymichael  onnymichael

Throwback Photos of Onny Michael and his family - wife and daughter in 2016

is zubby michael related to onny michael?
Some think Onny Michael and Zubby Michael are related but they are not. They are only related by acting in Nollywood movies.

Onny Michael's daughter, Chimamanda Michaels celebrates 5th birthday 

Meet Onny Michael wife and his mother

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Who is onny Michael wife?
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Only Michael family and wife, daughter pictures

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