Silvester McGrane 'DJ Sly Foxx' Biography, Age, Charly Boy Son, Father, Mother, Half Caste, Wife, Wiki

Silvester McGrane DJ Sly Foxx Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Birthday, Half Caste Son Of Charly Boy (Charles Oputa)

Who Is DJ Sly Foxx?

Silvester McGrane aka Sly Foxx is a DJ, an American-American DJ, a Writer, Videographer, Producer based in Houston, United States of America. DJ Sly Foxx father is Charly Boy and his mother  is Mary McGrane.  DJ Sly Foxx was born on April 10, 1980 to a Nigerian father, Charles Oputa aka Charly Boy and to an American mother, Mary McGrane. He is a half caste.
 Silvester McGrane aka DJ Sly Foxx mother, Mary McGrane (Throwback photo)

Celebrating his son's birthday, Charly Boy wrote:

"Happy 40th Birthday Son. May it be well with you. Make una help me give shout out to my son @videodjslyfoxx"

Celebrating his birthday, Silvester McGrane 'DJ Sly Foxx' wrote on his Instagram page videodjslyfoxx 

"Shout out to my mother (Mary McGrane) and my father (@areafada1) for letting me come through them on this day 40 years ago at about this time... Help me feel special on my birthday today and comment your favorite memory we shared (nothing incriminating please). Also... whatever BIRTHDAY SLY does today, ain’t got 💩 to do with me. You’ve been warned and I apologize for him in advance."

ABOUT DJ Sly Foxx (Biography, Wikipedia)

DJ Sly Foxx has been at the core of Houston’s music scene and nightlife for ten years as a go-to deejay, tastemaker and curator.

As a growing household name in Houston Sly Foxx shines bright with his additional skill of video deejaying.  DJ Sly Foxx has an unrivaled video library of over 100K videos of all genres.  Dedicating countless hours toward building and organizing his massive video library is apparent during every set with seamless navigation impressive showmanship.  DJ Sly Foxx is able to drive his events with the music visual of each creating a party atmosphere they enticed your ears and eyes.  He has solidified himself as a crowd pleaser.

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