Austyn David Nwaora 10 Hot Instagram Photos + 20 Facts About Girlfriend, Augustine Nwaora

20 Facts About Austyn David Nwaora Augustine (Ph.D): Girlfriend, What You Should Know About Him (Pictures)

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Austyn David Nwaora is a young, handsome  Abuja-based Nigerian business man, philanthropist and sybarite who is seen as an Instagram slay king. Austyn David Nwaora is a Soon to be Doctor after his Ph.D exams and results where he excelled.

Austyn David Nwaora is a Nigerian, born in Kano State in 1989. He spent some of his early childhood in Kano State where he got his elementary and primary school education. In 1998 however, Austyn moved to the Abuja where his career kicked off and thrived.

20 Facts About Austyn David Nwaora As Shared By Him On His Instagram Handle (Account Page)

1) I strive to love God; I try πŸ™
2) I lust after knowledge; can't get enough of her 😍
3)I'm germaphobic.
4) I'm a philogynist ( in a very normal way though).
5) I could be masogynistic at times. 6) I procrastinate a lot πŸ˜’.
7) I'm a polyglot; love the Romance languages particularly.
8) I enjoy traveling.
9) I struggle with superiority complex at times πŸ˜’.
10) I'm married to movies 😍 especially comedy πŸ˜‚ can't get enough.
11) I could be secretive at times😏.
12) I believe in altruism as a medium through which humans as social beings, can make planet earth a better place.
13) I'm a lazy reader.
14) I detest betrayal; but hey, even Christ was betrayed 2 thousand years ago πŸ˜•.
15) I refuse accepting defeat to a fault

16) I'm very sensitive.
17) I love my family a great dealπŸ‘ͺ.
18) I believe in a philosophy of life whereby the 'other' before the 'I'.
19) I'm materialistic; working on that.
20) finally, I am me: that unique creature of God, perfectly imperfect, irreplaceable, unique and exuding every grandiosity that I can muster ✌️✌️✌️. There you have it, peace

Top 10 Pictures Of Austyn David Nwaora On His Instagram Page dayvyid 

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