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Who Is Richeal Ogbonna? Bio, Wiki, Age, Birthday, Boyfriend, Married?, Family, Bikini, State Of Origin, Nollywood Actress, Parents, Height, Net Worth

Meet Richeal Ogbonna (About Nollywood Actress)

Richeal Ogbonna is a tall, light-skinned, beautiful Nollywood actress who is from Ebonyi state, Nigeria. Born on July 31st, Richeal Ogbonna started acting in 2013 and has featured in many Nollywood movies with A-list actors.

Richeal Ogbonna's family, parents never supported her going into acting. Her father and mother were very much against it because according to them 'Nollywood actresses don't get married'. Richeal Ogbonna used to sneak out to go for auditions.

Richeal Ogbonna wrote her WAEC in 2008 when she finished her secondary school education. She wanted to go into football, soccer career but couldn't after an appendix operation.

Richeal Ogbonna flaunts her beauty On Instagram. She calls herself Richeal Ogbonna 'Finest'. But she doesn't flaunt her boyfriend on social media.

Movies/Filmography: Richeal Ogbonna has acted in the following Nollywood movies, Without Trust, Heartless Tradition, Anaconda, Stingy Bachelor, Ozonigbo, ORINGO BUS, GHETTO ORACLE, THE QUEEN OF MY THRONE, Social Club, Overtaking Is Allowed, Collabo among others.

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Richeal Ogbonna Instagram Profile, Handle
Richeal Ogbonna (Finest)
Graced Child Of God
A Nollywood Actress
Fashion/Beauty Model
Brand Ambassador @michysbeauty
Snapchat NollywoodFinest

Throw Back To 2008 When Richeal Ogbonna Finished Writing Senior WAEC


“I’ve cried for love. In fact, I had lied to my parents because of love. I could remember when I learned the boyfriend I was dating at that time got married to his hometown girlfriend or so. I cried bitterly. I was very shocked but not surprised because I had the feeling. I saw it happening but love blinded my eyes. That taught me lessons. A whole lot. I learned to love but not too much. I try not to love more than the man. Then I only trust men a little bit. Love is a beautiful thing but then men are really abusing it. They always want to have fun, forgetting its with someone’s heart and emotions,” she said.

The Ebonyi State script Interpreter who joined the industry 5 years ago also recalled the challenges she faced while trying to convience her parents that she is ready to build in a career in acting.

”My parents never supported me at all. It was war at home, when I made my intention known to them. I cried, begged, and even starved myself in pleading with them to allow me act as my football career didn’t take me further after I had Appendix Operation. Yet they refused because according to them, actresses don’t get married, in fact, celebrities live wayward lifestyle.

But my siblings and my very reasonable uncle supported me and convinced them to allow me act but still they were not so cool with it. I kept hiding to go for auditions and rehearsal until I shot my first movie”, she narrated.

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