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Who is Frederick Leonard?
Born on May 1, Frederick Leonard is a handsome Nigerian Nollywood actor who has acted in Many Nollywood movies after his debut movie in "Indian Doctor".

10 Things To Know About Frederick Leonard

1 Frederick Leonard is a Nollywood actor from Eastern part of Nigeria.

2 Home Town, State Of Origin: Where is Frederick Leonard from? Frederick Leonard is from Anambra State, Nigeria.

3 Frederick Leonard Real Age, Date Of Birth, Birthday. How old is Frederick Leonard? Frederick Leonard was born on May 1st. Some bloggers erroneously said that he is up to 40 something years. In fact they claim  Frederick Leonard was born in 1976 but he denied that. He told This Day in 2019 interview that he is in his late 30s. "I will like your newspaper to help me correct this. I am not up to 40 yet. I don’t know how bloggers came up with that figure. I am in my late thirties."

4 Frederick Leonard is the CEO of Cineworx Entertainment, a filmmaker and lover of Nollywood.

5 Family, Siblings: Frederick Leonard is from a family of four including his parents but now they are two.

6 Parents, Father, Mother: Frederick Leonard's parents - father and mother  are both dead - late.
Meet rederick leonard mother (Throwback Photo childhood baby picture) 

7 Biological Sister: Frederick Leonard is left with his younger sister who is a student of Yaba College of Technology

8 Education: Frederick Leonard graduated with a degree in Biochemistry from the Kaduna State Polytechnic, Kaduna State.

Frederick Leonard educational Background 

"For my elementary education, I attended St Peter’s Anglican Primary School, Alausa, Ikeja. I attended Oregun High School, Oregun, Ikeja, for my secondary education. They are both in Lagos State. I graduated with a degree in Biochemistry from the Kaduna State Polytechnic, Kaduna State.

Interestingly, after graduation, I didn’t make use of my degree for work. I went straight into the arts." He told Punch

10 Marriage, Wife, Girlfriend, Child: Is Frederick Leonard married? Frederick Leonard is not yet married, doesn't have a wife yet. Doesn't flaunt his girlfriend or fiancee on Instagram. Frederick Leonard doesn't have a child yet

11 Bleached Skin: Frederick Leonard has been accused of bleaching his skin but did Frederick Leonard really bleach his skin? He claims he didn't bleach his skin.

Many believe you lightened your skin to be more appealing for the camera. Is this true? Punch asked him

"Whoever came up with that should look at other people, not just celebrities. When I started out in the industry, I used various means of public transportation but I don’t do that anymore. Back then, I was burnt and scorched by the sun. I live more comfortably now and I travel often. Naturally, my skin has changed to adapt to the comfort it’s experiencing now. I find it unintelligent for anyone to say I bleached."

Net Worth: Fredrick Leonard has multiple sources of income but his net worth is unavailable.

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All About Wikipedia, Biography Of Frederick Leonard (Nigerian actor)

Frederick Nnaemeka Leonard is a Nigerian actor who won the award for Best Supporting Actor in a movie at the Golden Icons Academy Movie Awards in 2014 and in 2016 won the City People Movie Award For Best Supporting Actor of the Year (English) at the City People Entertainment Awards.

Early life and education
Leonard was born in Anambra state in Nigeria which is a south eastern geographical area of Nigeria predominantly occupied by the igbo people of Nigeria. He is the first born child of his parents in a family of four consisting of two children, a mother and a father. He received primary education in St Peter’s Anglican Primary School, Alausa, Ikeja In Lagos State and attended Oregun High School in Oregun, Ikeja In Lagos State also for secondary education. In bid to obtain a B.Sc. degree he relocated to Kaduna State In Northern Nigeria and applied to Kaduna Polytechnic where he was accepted and eventually graduated with a B.Sc degree in Biochemistry.

Leonard debuted his career into the Nigerian movie industry in 2001 where he played brief one scene roles and took a break from acting almost immediately as he debuted in order to complete his university education and obtain a degree. Upon completion of his university education, Leonard returned to the Nigerian movie industry referred to commonly as Nollywood in 2008 and obtained his first ever lead role character in a movie titled Indian Doctor. In 2009, he ventured into the Nigerian Tv soap opera series and featured in a TV series titled Disclosure which aired predominantly on Africa Magic on DSTV. Leonard debuted his career with a movie titled Grey and subsequently in 2019 produced a movie titled Void .

Personal life
Leonard is an orphan and has spoken publicly about the devastating impact of losing both parents especially the death of his mother which he described as an unfortunate incident that has created a void in his life. Leonard in an interview with a Nigerian print media This Day, described himself as introvert and not the party type and also revealed that he doesn’t drink nor smoke and maintains a very small circle of few friends and family.

Frederick Leonard This Day Interview 2019:  It’s Been a Struggle for Three  Years Without My Mom

March 2, 2019

Your name, Frederick Leonard, sounds foreign?

I am a Nigerian from the Eastern part of Nigeria. CEO of Cineworx Entertainment, a filmmaker and lover of Nollywood. I am from a family of four but now we are two. My parents are late. I am left with my younger sister who is a student of Yaba College of Technology. I am pretty lucky to describe myself as someone who is doing what he loves very much; you know when your hobby puts food on your table. My greatest hobby, which happens to be what I love doing is film making and it is business for me as well.

The absence of your mom, is that an area that you have filled?

That is a void that I don’t think anyone can fill. My mom had me in her early 20s. So, it’s pretty more like we grew up together. I didn’t just lose a mom, I lost my best friend, I lost my gossip partner, I lost the love of my life, I lost the center of my world. I do not think anyone can fill that void. People say when I get married I would, but let’s see. I don’t know if it will be possible because my mom was just my rock. It’s been a struggle for three years to live without my mom. The death of my mom hurts more than any other thing. Whoever is reading this should know that the death of a mom hurts differently. It’s been hard and tough living without her but I am happy she saw a bit of the stardom. I am happy she saw a bit of what she worked so hard for. She saw me sign autograph for people who walked up to me at different points. She saw me buy her a couple of things when I travelled abroad. I remember when I was jumping Molue and Okadas, she told me to hold forth, stay focused and remain consistent. But I just wish that she was here to see more. So, I miss my mom terribly. It’s not a void that I have filled. It’s a void that I don’t think will be filled. Sad to say, but it’s the truth.

As a single celebrity in his ‘40s’, do you feel any void?

I will like your newspaper to help me correct this. I am not up to 40 yet. I don’t know how bloggers came up with that figure. I am in my late thirties. However, I still think it’s about time that I got hooked. But we live in a time where marriages are ending every week for the wrong reasons. Let’s just say that I am being very careful. I am looking for someone who understands family values. I am looking for someone who understands what keeps partners in marriage. What makes a relationship work is not just love. Love is not enough. What keeps you going is the decision to make it work. I am looking for a square peg in a square hole, someone whose life is patterned the way mine is patterned as well because it just makes it a whole lot easier. So for me, love only doesn’t keep relationship going, love is just a by-product, something by the side. Don’t get me wrong. Yes, it’s important. That’s why I create love story. Love is something that creates that bonding, affection and the condiments that help relationship to flourish, but what keeps both of you together is the decision to make it work. That decision gives birth to humility, understanding, tolerance and compromise. Valuing your partner is important but you rarely find that in this generation. We used to have that in Olu Jacob and Aunty Joke’s generation. Because of enculturation and imbibing the western culture, something has shifted and that’s why we have a lot of broken marriages, baby daddies and babies mama all over the place. So, I am praying to God fervently because I do not want to fall into that hole, hence the delay. I am very careful because I do not want a broken home. I was brought up in a very beautiful family and I think that’s how God plans it to be.

What drives your fashion sense?

I have always been a fashion kid. I think it’s my mom’s influence on my personality. I remember as a kid, she used to take me to Lagos Island and she would tell me, ‘Emeka’ which is my native name, ‘point what you want.’ Sometimes, she guides my choices by telling me, ‘oh, pick that colour and match it up with this colour’. So, I am pretty much a fashionable person. I don’t live above my means and I don’t care what societal pressure or social media says. I try to live within my means but also look good. Looking good doesn’t mean you wear the most expensive outfits but once I can afford them, I go for them. It just comes naturally to me to put on the right stuff and step out there looking good and putting smiles on people’s face so when they look at me, smile and say, ‘you look good’ and I would reply, ‘I’m humbled, thanks very much mahn!’ (Laughs).

As a handsome and tall actor, naturally you are ladies delight. How do you manage admiration from opposite sex? And how do you satisfy that void – their urge for you?

I think it creates a void for attention which I give to them. I try as much as possible to respond to thousands of direct messages on my Instagram handle. I shall be doing meet and greet for Void movie at the cinema. That’s part of filling up the void. As it relates to the urge to meet Frederick Leonard, I am out there and I relate with them. I ensure we have cordial relationship. You can’t get intimate and marry all your female fans.

How do you relax when not on set?

I stay indoors. I am not the party type. I don’t fancy drinking or smoking, it’s not my style. I have very small cycle of family and friends. I just relax indoors, go to church, visit family and friends when necessary. Filming is just very stressful and tedious as much as it’s fun. Pretty much, I am one who likes to be indoors, relax and have a good time with people that are very close to me before work takes me again because I am really always on the move.

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