15 Facts About Ejine Okoroafor Biography, Age, Wiki, Son: Instagram Photos, Husband, Child, Parents, Net Worth
Meet Ejine Okoroafor Bio, Wikipedia, Child, Husband, Marriage, Age, Birthday, Instagram, Parents
15 Facts To Know About Ejine Okoroafor

Born on January 4th, Ejine Okoroafor is a busty Nollywood actress and producer who has featured in many Nigerian movies.

The mother of one baby, Ejine Okoroafor who is from Oguta in Imo state has featured in the following movies Oil Village, Trophy Wife (Which she produced), Sorrow To Joy, Guilty As Sin, Miss Queen, Ofe Owerri Special, among others.

15 Things To Know About Ejine Okoroafor

1 Ejine Okoroafor is an Actress and Nigerian movie producer

2 State Of Origin: Ejine Okoroafor from oguta in Imo state

3 Family: Ejine Okoroafor is from a family of seven children and she is the 5th child among 7 children

4 Big Boobs Family: Ejine Okoroafor is famous for her big boobs which she rarely flaunts on her Instagram page. Interestingly, all the girls in their family have big breasts as big breast runs in her family.

5 She grew up in Oguta in Imo state

6 She is a filmmaker and an entrepreneur. She is the Producer of 'Trophy Wife'.

7 Age, Date Of Birth, Birthday: Ejine Okoroafor was born in January 4th.

8 Education: Ejine Okoroafor studied Theatre Art at the University of Port Harcourt after her secondary school. Immediately after her first degree, she applied to study in Newcastle University in England but didn’t get visa from the embassy. She did her NYSC and returned to acting.

9 Parents: Ejine Okoroafor's mother was a teacher and also a business woman. Ejine Okoroafor father died in March 2020.

10 The first movie Ejine Okoroafor featured in was Oil village. She acted the role of a journalist who interviewed late Sam Loco Efe

11 Ejine Okoroafor competed in the Next Movie Star

12 Ejine Okoroafor has a child, a son. She had her baby while she was studying in South Africa

13 After her NYSC Ejine Okoroafor left for South Africa to study.

14 Pregnancy: Ejine Okoroafor while in school, got pregnant and now she is a proud super mother of one.

15 Husband, Marriage, Married, Boyfriend: Ejine Okoroafor is not yet married. "I am currently in no relationship and well, I’m searching for the man after my heart. Good man, loving personality, caring to a fault, God fearing and most of all, a man who adores me." She said in an interview. Ejine Okoroafor said age may get married to an actor

16 Ejine Okoroafor is a devout Catholic.

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