Meet Raji Lawal, Biography, Age, Instagram, Wiki, Wife, Children, Nollywood Actor, Family, Daughter, Net Worth, State Of Origin, Birthday, Movies

Who Is Raji Lawal? Bio, Wikipedia, Age, Birthday, Instagram, Married, Wife, Children, Net Worth, Movies, Daughter, Yoruba Nollywood Actor,

Raji Lawal is a popular Nollywood actor who is known for acting elderly roles, kingship, Royal and epic movies.

Marriage, Family: Raji Lawal has a lovely family. Raji Lawal is married to a beautiful wife and has a daughter.

Home Town, Tribe, State Of Origin: Where is Raji Lawal from? Raji Lawal is a Yoruba born actor from South West State who also speaks Igbo language fluently and acts in Nollywood - Igbo - Asaba movies.

Movies/Filmography: Raji Lawal has acted in many Nollywood movies such as, Royal Bracelet, Yahoo King, Wind Of Fire, Princess Of Zagunda, Nkita, Son Of Trouble, Throne Of Fire, Village Teacher, Sugar, Ojukwu Series, Women Of Power, Stingy Bachelor, A Thousand War, Virgin Goddess Sacred Cowry, Hips Don't Lie, Destiny And My Throne, Royal Scandal among many others.

Wife: Raji Lawal is married with children.

Meet Raji Lawal wife and child - Daughter

Children, Daugter, Son: Raji Lawal has a grown daughter and welcomed a son in September 2020.

Raji Lawal's daughter

Photo of Raji Lawal's newborn son.

Net Worth: Raji Lawal earns well as a Nollywood actor who features in many movies but his net worth is unavailable.

Instagram: Raji Lawal Instagram Page Account Profile Handle raji_lawal 

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