Patience Erdoo Yisa: Ask Question Before Eating Cucumber In My House - Actress Patienceyisa Warns Her Friends
Nigerian actress, Patience Erdoo Yisa popularly known as Patienceyisa who likes to flaunt her cucumbers has warned her friends about eating Cucumbers in her house.

Her friend visited her and went to the fridge and got a huge Cucumber and started eating while demanding for groundnuts for better combinations.

The actress, Patienceyisa, asked her whether she got it from the fridge, she said yes. Her expression at this time was something else.

The actress tried to tell her why she shouldn't have eaten the Cucumber and warned her not to eat Cucumber in her house without asking her first. At that moment, her friend went and vomited everything.

But we could not ascertain why she didn't want her to eat that particular Cucumber, it could be that it's spoilt or special to her.

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