Video: 11-Year-Old Ella Gross' Ice Cream Advert Sparks Outrage In South Korea
11-Year-Old Child Model's Ice Cream Advert Sparks Controversies In Asia - South Korea

There is a big controversy in South Korea right now. An 11-year-old model, Ella Gross, is being sexual..lly harassed by grown up Korean men because of this commercial.

The controversial advert has led to series of online arguments. Many have blasted South Korean men for se.xua..lizing the beautiful child model over her ice-cream advert.

Mother of Ella Gross (who runs her Instagram ) addresses recent Baskin-Robbins Korea controversy.

"What was honestly meant to be a fun commercial for a new ice cream flavor is being perceived by them as something disgusting and horrific".

Ella's mum's reaction in full:

"I wanted to take a moment to address the reaction that Ella received to a recent project that she worked on with Baskin Robbins Korea. I’m saddened to see how certain segments of the Korean public reacted to this commercial. What was honestly meant to be a fun commercial for a new ice cream flavor is being perceived by them as something disgusting and horrific. As most women, I have many roles in my life. However, I am first and foremost a mother, a title in which I take great pride and value above anything else. Ella is my daughter who I would gladly give my life for. 

It pains me that people have lashed out in such a careless and combative way. Ella continues to grow up with strong faith in God and I pray she will be a role model for other girls. What matters most is how you are on the inside. Ella is a beautiful soul because she truly does not have any bad intentions. She is one of the most hard working, strongest, sweetest, down to earth girls you will ever meet. She is intelligent, she is humble, and she really is a great girl. To those that are rallying against the Baskin Robbins commercial, stop saying that you are doing this “for Ella.” 

She is surrounded and loved by many strong and powerful women who wholeheartedly have her best interests at heart and who are confused and angered by your hurtful and negative reactions to a beautiful child. To Ella’s fans, her friends and family that pour love onto our sweet girl, I truly want to say Thank You from the bottom of my heart. I have realized how a few words of kindness really mean more than a thousand words of hate. I am so thankful for you all!" ~Ella’s Mom

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