Obiwest Utchaychukwu: An Open Letter To Akah Nnani, The COZA Member Who Betrayed Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo

An Open Letter to Actor Akah Nnani, the COZA Member Who Betrayed Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo By Obiwest Utchaychukwu

Nollywood actor, Akah Nnani, was among the protesters at COZA church last week Sunday. Although he used to be a member of COZA before the rape allegation against Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo By Busola Dakolo, he was not allowed into the church last week Sunday. He was spotted carrying placard that read "Pastor Step Down".

Akah Nnani announced that he has left COZA because of the accusation against his Pastor.

Now, A Nigerian man, Obiwest Utchaychukwu, has written an open letter to the actor, blasting him and called him 'Judas'. He accused him of betraying COZA Pastor, Biodun Fatoyinbo. Read his letter to the actor and also watch the video of how Actor Akah Nnani 'betrayed' the COZA Pastor after the cut.

First of all, I would like to apologize to my amiable fans for not being around on Facebook for over a month. However, last week social media platforms were on fire when a mother of three, Busola Dakolo and wife of Nigerian singer, Timi Dakolo accused the founder of Commonwealth of Zion Assembly, Pastor Abiodun Fatoyinbo, of rape. Out of the blue, social media platforms were thronged by rape apologists from nowhere and many of them posted false rape accusations against men on the pulpit just to add weight to the allegations against pastor Fatoyinbo amongst whom was Nollywood actress, Stella Damasus who was once accused of eloping with a fellow actress husband who she later married. The incoherent allegations by Busola were heavy and as usual, a large portion of Nigerians most especially the youths believed in entirety Busola’s narrative thereby subjecting pastor Fatoyinbo to a media trial where he was tried and convicted.

One of those who fanned the flames of hostility and launched an unprecedented attack against the pastor was Nollywood’s neophyte, Akah Nnani, who got married in April 2019 to Claire Idera. The actor who hails from Imo state was a member of the church who at some point got helped by the pastor. Just like Judas in the Bible who betrayed Jesus Christ, Akah publicly terminated his COZA membership and he led protesters to the church on Sunday asking Pastor Fatoyinbo to step down. I was moved to tears when I saw him calling pastor Fatoyinbo a rapist, imagine a man who mentored him for many years. He became a social media sensation and bloggers were using his vituperation against his former pastor to make money. Akah Nnani who wanted to use the rape allegation to trend even had the audacity to drag Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo spiritual fathers (The Adejumo's) into the matter. What Akah Nnani did to pastor Fatoyinbo reminds me of what is written in Psalm 41 vs 9 which says;

“Yea, mine own familiar friend, in whom I trusted, which did eat of my bread, hath lifted up his heel against me”

Akah was never a son, he was in the church because he needed a place where he could grow his talent. A true son will never join people to fight his father.

In 2017, when Barrister Festus Keyamo hired Stephanie Otobo, a Canada based stripper in collaboration with other pastors to blackmail Apostle Johnson Suleman, I was among the few guys who kept defending the oracle of God online despite not being close to him then. The aim of the attack was to bring Apostle Suleman down and it was fully footed by one “Herod” who is in the North and Keyamo who once supported the abduction and rape of his Urhobo sister, Ese Oruru because of Federal Government's appointment championed the attack while Sowore of Sahara Reporters got his own share of the accursed money.

 As bloggers were posting fake stories about the man of God, I was countering them with my own blog posts and videos until it was dawn on Stephanie Otobo that she has been used and dumped which made her to go to Auchi at the church headquarters and asked for forgiveness from the man of God. During Apostle Suleman's media trial, one of the videos I did to counter that of the enemies of the church got to him and he asked his Europe coordinator to get in touch with me and that was how I was able to speak with him on phone for the first time and since then our relationship has been like that of Apostle Paul and Timothy. I call him father and he calls me his son. It is good to note that 90 percent of those who ganged up against Apostle Suleman, most especially the pastors who were envious of him has apologized to him.

Nowadays, it is difficult to find a true son who isn’t like Akah Nnani who joined members of the court of public opinion to fight his spiritual father who gave him the platform for growth at the COZA church.

Obiwest Utchaychukwu

Social activist and ardent defender of the body of Christ

Watch the video of Akah Nnani "betraying" COZA Pastor Biodun and protesting at COZA, his former Church.

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