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Zhang Ziyu

Everything To Know About Zhang Ziyu (Basketball) Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Parents, Family, Nationality, Ethnicity, Boyfriend, Married, Husband, Children, Siblings, Zhang Ziyu Lastest Instagram Photos, Facebook Images, Twitter, TikTok, Interview, LinkedIn, YouTube, Phone Number, WhatsApp, Contact, Hairstyles, Tattoo, Religion, Salary, House, Cars, Marriage, Relationship, Wedding Pictures, Child, Engaged, Engagement, FiancĂ©, Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Stats, Medical condition, DeviantArt, Baby Photo 
Zhang Ziyu Wikipedia, Age, Wiki, Profile, Pictures, Photos, Images, Before and After

Zhang Ziyu Biography, History, Bio, Photos, Images, Pictures, Instagram

Who Is Zhang Ziyu?

Biography Wikipedia: Zhang Ziyu (born 1 May 2007) is a 7"3 tall Chinese basketball player whose height and basketball skills stand her out.

Her net worth is about $700,000 US Dollars as at 2024 (Not Forbes).

Zhang Ziyu is a 17-year-old Chinese Basketball star player named the most valuable player of the 2024 FIBA Under-18 Women's Asia Cup.

Zhang Ziyu was born on 1 May 2007 in Shandong province, China. She is currently 17 years old as at 2024. She celebrated her 17th birthday on 1st May 2024. Her 18th birthday is on May 1, 2025.

Zhang Ziyu hails from China. She is a native of Shandong province in China. Her nationality is Chinese and her ethnicity is Han Chinese. Her religion is Chinese folk religions.
Zhang Ziyu China, Chinese (Nationality, Ethnicity)

Zhang Ziyu was born to Chinese parents Mr Ziyu (father) and Mrs Yu Ying (mother). Her tall parents were basketball players. She has other siblings brother and sister whose names are unavailable.

Zhang Ziyu is not married and has no boyfriend. She is single as at 2024.

Zhang Ziyu Profile Bio Wiki Data 

Name: Zhang Ziyu

Nationality: Chinese 

Hometown: Shandong

Ethnicity: Han Chinese

Place of Birth: Shandong province, China

Date Of Birth: 1 May 2007

Birthday: 1st May 

Age: 17 Years Old (2024)

Height: 7'3" (223cm)

Weight: 198 - 242 lbs.

Occupation: Basketball Player, Athlete

Net Worth: $700,000 US Dollars

Parents: Mr and Mrs Ziyu

Mother: Yu Ying

Marital Status: Single 

Husband: Not Married 

Boyfriend: N/A

Children: 0

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Zhang Ziyu Career

Bio Wiki: Zhang Ziyu is a basketball player from China. She is only 17 years old in 2024 with a towering height of 7'3" (223cm) and has achieved a lot in her career.

17-year-old Zhang Ziyu is the most valuable player of the 2024 FIBA Under-18 Women's Asia Cup.

Zhang Ziyu is named the MVP of this year’s #U18AsiaCup.

Although China wasn’t able to win in the final, Ziyu put her name on the GLOBAL stage. 

Her size and dominance was on display this tournament, and this is definitely not the last we have seen from Zhang Ziyu.

Zhang Ziyu had averaged 35.0 points and 12.8 rebounds per game. 

She went viral because of her 7'3" (223cm) height and play during the competition, thus receiving international attention.

She started learning about basketball when she was age five.

Zhang Ziyu's parents were both basketball players who started teaching her the sport - basketball at the age of five.

At age 14, Zhang Ziyu competed at the U15 National Basketball League tournament and helped her team win the finals.

She was the star player for Shandong at the U17 national championship in 2023.

Zhang Ziyu had in 2022 scored 62 points and 13 rebounds at the national U15 championship. She also scored 68 points and 24 rebounds at the provincial championships.

Zhang Ziyu Education
Zhang Ziyu studied at Wenhua East Road Primary School in Jinan, and Tsinghua University High School in Haidian, Beijing.

Zhang Ziyu Nationality, Ethnicity, Country Of Origin: Where is Zhang Ziyu from? Zhang Ziyu is a Chinese. She is from Shandong, China. Zhang Ziyu ethnicity is Han Chinese.

Zhang Ziyu Date Of Birth, Birthday: When was Zhang Ziyu born? Zhang Ziyu was born on May 1, 2007 and she grew up in Shandong province in China.

Zhang Ziyu Age: How old is Zhang Ziyu? Zhang Ziyu is 17 years old in 2024. She Celebrates her 18th birthday on 1 May 2025.

Zhang Ziyu Stats (Statistics) - 7'3" (223cm) height -198 - 242 lbs weight

Zhang Ziyu Height and Weight:  7'3" (223cm) height and 198 - 242 lbs weight.
Zhang Ziyu Height and Weight

Zhang Ziyu Weight: Zhang Ziyu weighs about 198 - 242 lbs in weight.

Zhang Ziyu Height: How tall is Zhang Ziyu? Zhang Ziyu currently stands at 7 feet 3 inches - 7'3" (223cm).

Zhang Ziyu Height at first grade was 5 feet 2 inches (1.57 m) and by sixth grade, she was 6 feet 9 inches (2.06 m).
At 17 years old, Zhang Ziyu height in feet is 7 ft 3 in.

Zhang Ziyu Parents, Father, Mother, Family: Zhang Ziyu parents are Mr and Mrs Ziyu. Her Parents are Chinese and both were over 6"0 feet tall and played basketball. Zhang Ziyu's father and mother were both basketball players and began teaching her the sport when she was age five (5).

The Yu Ying is Zhang Ziyu's mother. She now coaches Shandong’s provincial women’s basketball team.

Zhang Ziyu Parents Height: Zhang Ziyu father is 2.13 metres tall while her mother, named Yu Ying, a former member of China's national women's basketball team, stands at 1.98 metres tall.

Zhang Ziyu Siblings, Brother, Sister: Information about Zhang Ziyu Siblings are unavailable.

Zhang Ziyu Married, Husband, Marriage: Is Zhang Ziyu married? No, Zhang Ziyu is not married and has no husband yet. She is still a teenager.

Zhang Ziyu Boyfriend, Partner: Who is Boyfriend and Partner? Zhang Ziyu keeps her relationship off social media.

Zhang Ziyu Net Worth: Zhang Ziyu has an estimated Net Worth of about $700,000 US Dollars in 2024. 

Zhang Ziyu Instagram: Zhang Ziyu is currently not on Instagram or Social Media.



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