Kingsley Orji (Egbeigwe) Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Pictures, Wife, Children, Net Worth

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Kingsley Orji (Egbeigwe)

Kingsley Orji (Egbeigwe) Biography, Wikipedia, Family, Parents, Married, Wife, Children, State Of Origin, Net Worth, Movies, Education, Height, Son, Daughter, Father, Mother, Siblings, Brother, Sister, Wedding Pictures, Kingsley Orji (Egbeigwe) Images, Facebook Photos, Twitter, TikTok, Interview, LinkedIn, YouTube, Phone Number, WhatsApp, Contact Hairstyles, Tattoo, Marriage, Relationship, Child, Comedy, Skit, Kingsley Orji (Egbeigwe) Latest Instagram Photos
Kingsley Orji (Egbeigwe) Pictures, Photos, Images, Before and After Pics

Kingsley Orji (Egbeigwe) Biography, Wikipedia, Bio, Wiki, History, Images

Who Is Kingsley Orji (Egbeigwe)?

Biography Wikipedia: Kingsley Orji aka Egbeigwe (born 29 October 1970s) is a Nigerian Nollywood Actor, Singer, Content Creator, Skit Maker, and Philanthropist.

His Net Worth is about $100,000 US Dollars estimated at about 100,000,000 Million Naira as at 2024.


Egbeigwe aka Albino Flash whose real name is Kingsley Orji Cee is a Nollywood actor, Musical artist, comedian, director and influencer from Imo State, Nigeria.

Kingsley Orji was born on October 29, 1970s. He celebrates his birthday on 29th of October. 

Kingsley Orji (Egbeigwe) hails from Imo State, Nigeria. He is a native of Ofeahia Umuduru Egbeaguru, Onu-Imo LGA of Imo State. He is Igbo by tribe and a Christian by religion.

Kingsley Orji (Egbeigwe) was born into a Christian family to his parents Mr Gordian Chukwuemeka Orjiekwe (father) and Mrs Orjiekwe (mother). He has other siblings.

Kingsley Orji (Egbeigwe) With His Wife and First Child

Kingsley Orji (Egbeigwe) is married to his wife Mrs Ifeoma Mimi Orji with 4 children.

Kingsley Orji (Egbeigwe) Family Photos

Kingsley Orji popularly known as Egbeigwe has a lovely family of six (6). His family members include himself and his wife and their four (4) kids - 2 sons and 2 twin daughters.

Kingsley Orji (Egbeigwe) Profile Bio Wiki Data 

Stage Name: Egbeigwe

Nickname: Albino Flash 

Real Name: Kingsley Orji

Full Name: Orji Chima Kingsley

Nationality: Nigerian 

State Of Origin: Imo State 

Hometown: Umuduru Egbeaguru, Onu-Imo

Tribe: Igbo

Height: 5"6 Feet Tall

Date Of Birth: October 29, 1970s

Birthday: 29th October

Age: 47 - 52 Years Old (2024)

Occupation: Actor, Musician, Content Creator, Director

Net Worth: $100,000 USD

Parents: Mr and Mrs Gordian Chukwuemeka Orjiekwe

Father: late Mr Gordian Chukwuemeka Orjiekwe

Mother: Mrs Orjiekwe 

Marital Status: Married 

Wife: Ifeoma Mimi Orji

Number of Children: 4

Sons: 2

Daughters: 2 (Twins)

Instagram: egbeigwetunda

Facebook: Egbeigwe

Phone Number: 0803 706 4353

Email Address:

Kingsley Orji (Egbeigwe) Career (Nollywood, Music Career)

Kingsley Orji

Bio Wiki: Kingsley Orji (Egbeigwe) is a Nigerian actor known for the following Nollywood movies, Bus Driver (2005), Akanchawa (2005), Brain Wash (2006) and  Secret Of Okeite (2022).

Kingsley Orji Cee (Egbeigwe) started his Nollywood acting career in the early 2000s. His impact was felt in Prince Gozie Okeke and Princess Njideka Okeke's Akanchawa musical video in 2005.

Kingsley Orji (Egbeigwe) and Onwa Igba

Kingsley Orji (Egbeigwe) Music Career

Albino Flash (Egbeigwe) is a Nigerian musician, and Songwriter who doubles as an actor and content creator.

Albino Flash (Egbeigwe) is his stage name as a Musical artist while Kingsley Orji is his real name. Kingsley Orji (Egbeigwe) genre of music is Naija hiphop.

Albino Flash (Egbeigwe) Songs, EP

Kingsley Orji (Egbeigwe) Albino Flash list of songs include, 

God No Be Man: 2022
My Joy: 2024
We Give Thank
Love & Light· 2022
Money Stop Nonsense
Love & Light· 2022

Kingsley Orji (Egbeigwe) Education

Kingsley Orji (Egbeigwe) is graduate of University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN).

Kingsley Orji (Egbeigwe) State Of Origin, Hometown, Village: Where is Kingsley Orji (Egbeigwe) from? Kingsley Orji (Egbeigwe) is from Imo State. He is an indigene of Ofeahia Umuduru Egbeaguru, Onu-Imo Local Government Area of Imo State. 

Kingsley Orji (Egbeigwe) Age: How old is Kingsley Orji (Egbeigwe)? Kingsley Orji (Egbeigwe) was born on 29 October 1970s. He is aged 47 - 52 Years Old (2024) as at 2024.

Kingsley Orji (Egbeigwe) Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Kingsley Orji (Egbeigwe) parents are Mr and Mrs Gordian Chukwuemeka Orjiekwe. His father Chief Gordian Chukwuemeka Orjiekwe is late while his mother Mrs Orjiekwe is still alive.
Kingsley Orji (Egbeigwe) Parents (Father and Mother)

Kingsley Orji (Egbeigwe) father died on 13th of December 2022 at the age of 78 and was buried on 27th of October 2023 at his hometown in Imo State.

Kingsley Orji (Egbeigwe) Married, Marriage, Wedding Pictures: Is Kingsley Orji (Egbeigwe) married? Yes, Kingsley Orji (Egbeigwe) is married with 4 children. He has been married for over 15 years now as at 2024.
Kingsley Orji (Egbeigwe) and his wife, Ifeoma Mimi Orji Before and After Photos

Kingsley Orji (Egbeigwe) Wife: Who is Kingsley Orji (Egbeigwe) Wife? The name of Kingsley Orji (Egbeigwe) wife is Ifeoma Mimi Orji. She is a prophetess and the founder of Mimi Mountain of Liberation. She was born on 5th May.
Kingsley Orji (Egbeigwe) Wife

Kingsley Orji (Egbeigwe) Children, Son, Daughter: Kingsley Orji (Egbeigwe) has four (4) children - 2 sons and 2 daughters who are twins. 
Kingsley Orji (Egbeigwe) twin daughters were born on May 9.
Kingsley Orji (Egbeigwe) children

Kingsley Orji (Egbeigwe) Twins, Daughters

Kingsley Orji (Egbeigwe) first child and son was born on 15th December. He is an undergraduate of Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University (COOU), Anambra State. He did his Matriculation in March 2024.
Kingsley Orji (Egbeigwe) And His First Son

Kingsley Orji (Egbeigwe) Net Worth: Kingsley Orji (Egbeigwe) has an estimated Net Worth of about $100,000 US Dollars in 2024 (Not Forbes).

Kingsley Orji (Egbeigwe) Family House in Imo State

Kingsley Orji (Egbeigwe) House and Cars:
Kingsley Orji (Egbeigwe) drives a nice car.

Kingsley Orji (Egbeigwe) Dead or Alive? Is Nollywood actor, Kingsley Orji (Egbeigwe) dead or alive? Kingsley Orji (Egbeigwe) is not dead. He is alive. Kingsley Orji survived the accident that nearly killed him in 2019.

Old Throwback Video of Kingsley Orji (Egbeigwe) After Accident

Kingsley Orji (Egbeigwe) Accident

Kingsley Orji (Egbeigwe) Accident
Kingsley Orji (Egbeigwe) was involved in a fatal accident that killed one person and nearly led to his death in 2019. His leg was affected as he couldn't walk for about a year. He begged Nigerians for donations for money to do surgery and get back to his fit. Money was raised for him and he was flown to New Delhi, India for a leg surgery. 

He had used wheel chair and crutches and travelled to India for the surgery in August 2021.

Kingsley Orji (Egbeigwe) returned to Nigeria in December 2021 after a successful leg surgery in India. Thank God he is alive today and healthy. No wonder he tried his best in raising money for the late Gospel singer, Tochukwu Nwadike when he was sick and in the hospital.
Throwback photo of Kingsley Orji (Egbeigwe) and late Tochukwu Nwadike

Kingsley Orji (Egbeigwe) Phone Number, WhatsApp, Contact: Kingsley Orji (Egbeigwe) can be contacted via his phone number 0803 706 4353 and email address

Kingsley Orji (Egbeigwe) Instagram: Kingsley Orji (Egbeigwe) Instagram page Account Profile Handle is HHhH. He currently has 24.8K followers on Instagram as at the time of writing this article.

Kingsley Orji (Egbeigwe) Facebook: Kingsley Orji (Egbeigwe) Facebook account is Egbeigwe. He currently has 321k followers on Facebook as at the time of writing this article.

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