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History Of Wahala Twins (Alex Maxwell & Alex Maxson): Everything To About Wahala Twins Profile, Wikipedia, Girlfriend, Wife, Family, Parents, Real Name & Age, Siblings, Tribe, Net Worth, Comedy, TikTok, Nollywood Movies

Who are Wahala Twins?

Biography Wikipedia: Wahala Twins aka Beans and Bread whose real name is Alex Maxwell & Alex Maxson (born 11 July 2005) are Nigerian identical twins who are Comedians, Nollywood Actors, Content Creators, TikTok Stars and Brand Influencers. Their net worth is about $50,000 US Dollars, estimated at ₦‎35,000,000 Million in Naira as at 2023.

Wahala Twins real name is Maxwell Alex and Maxson Alex. They are popularly known as Wahala Twins as a duo, but are individually called Beans and Bread.

alex maxwell and alex maxson

Alex Maxwell and Alex Maxson aka Wahala Twins are 18-year-old Nigerian born comic twin brothers, midgets digital content creators, TikTokers, Pint-Sized Nollywood actors and Social Media sensations who are popular for their comedy videos on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.
Wahala Twins Picture

Wahala Twins originally hail from a town, Biogbolo Yenagoa in Bayelsa State, South South part of Nigeria. They are Ijaw by tribe and are christians.

Wahala Twins are identical twin brothers who were born same day on 11 July 2005. They are currently 18 years old as at 2023. They celebrate their 18th birthday on 11th of July 2023.

Wahala Twins are from a poor family background, born to their Ijaw parents Mr and Mrs Alex. Their father and mother are both still alive. They have other siblings brothers and sisters.
Wahala Twins Parents - Father and Mother

Wahala Twins Family & Siblings

Wahala Twins are currently not married and have no wife or kids but they have girlfriends they are dating and in relationships with. They keep the identities of their girlfriends away from social media.

Wahala Twins Profile Bio Wiki Data Facts

Stage Name: Wahala Twins

Nickname: Beans and Bread

Real Name: Alex Maxwell and Maxson

Nationality: Nigerian

State Of Origin: Bayelsa State

Hometown: Biogbolo - Yenagoa

Tribe: Ijaw

Religion: Christian

Date Of Birth: 11 July 2005

Birthday: 11th July

Age: 18 Years Old (2023)

Height: 4"3 tall

Weight: 38kg (84lbs)

Profession, Occupation: Comedians, Actors, Content Creators, TikTokers, Brand Influencers

Net Worth: $50,000 US Dollars

Net Worth In Naira: ₦‎35,000,000 Million Naira

Instagram: wahalatwins

Phone Number: 08034570312

Full Biography Of The Wahala Twins Comedy, Wikipedia, Age, Birthday, Date Of Birth, Career, Occupation, Nollywood Movies, Family, Parents, Siblings, Relationship, Life History, Childhood Story, Education

Wahala twins Biography
Wahala twins real name and age
Wahala twins real name
Wahala twins net worth
Wahala twins age
Wahala twins Dance
Wahala twins comedy
Wahala twins comedy Cinderella
Wahala twins and brain Jotter

Bio Wiki: Wahala Twins are Nigerian born Comedians, Skit Makers, Nollywood Actors, Digital Content Creators, TikTok celebrities and Brand Influencers from Bayelsa State, Nigeria. They were born on 11 July 2005.

Alex Maxwell and Alex Maxson who are popularly known as Wahala Twins are 18 year old  identical twins who have a striking resemblance that makes it difficult to tell them apart. They are just like the Nollywood Aneke Twins - Chidinma and Chidiebere Aneke who are identical twin sisters and entertainers.

Wahala Twins Comedy Career
Wahala Twins - Bread and Beans (Maxwell and Maxson) - started their comedy career as skit makers in the year 2021 but they were not really known as they had a few audience.

But they came into the limelight in 2022 after Victory Okoli discovered them and Tunde Ednut started sharing their videos on his Instagram page. This was how they were discovered by a lot of entertainers and Nigerians as they started going viral, attracting more fans.

Victory Okoli is the manager of the twin comedian duo, Wahala Twins. He narrated how he discovered them and has given reasons why he named the teenage comedians ‘Wahala Twins’ and also how he made them one of the popular comedians in Nigeria. Victory Okoli is a Phone seller, businessman, entertainer, skit maker, and founder of Visco Entertainment.
According to their manager, Victory Okoli, the real and acting names of Wahala twins are Maxwell (Beans) and Maxson (Bread), and they are currently senior secondary school students.

He discovered the twins in 2022, almost a year ago when they were living close to the office where he sells phones. The twins used to come outside to dance, and he usually noticed them.

Since then, I’ve been looking for the right time to nurture them because I knew they had talents,” he said. “So, I approached their parents and brought them to Lagos, on September 2022, so that they will fully be engaged in the entertainment business.” Victory Okoli said.

Speaking on why he named the comedian duo ‘Walaha Twins’, Victory Okoli said that from the way they act and perform, and looking at the industry too, the name is befitting for them. However, he emphasised that the name is only for entertainment purpose, and nothing more.

“Many people comment on their skits − that we should change their acting name,” he said. “I want to clearly state that in real life they are God-fearing, wonderful children. They are not troublesome, as their acting name portrays.

Revealing how he made Wahala Twins popular, their manager said that after their first video that he produced – in which they were dancing to a song he cannot longer remember − he uploaded it to their social media handles; and also registered a TikTok account for them that same day and uploaded the video there too.

“It was like magic. I was seeing thousands of views. That particular video in TikTok has around 15.7 million views. The video just went viral,” he said. “I was very happy. It encouraged me to do more for them.”

The manager added that after that video, people started recognising them (the Wahala Twins) everywhere they went, and that a lot of collaborations started coming in.
Today, the Wahala Twins has become a household name in Nigeria, and their comedy videos have earned them millions of followers on social media,” he said. “A lot of people want to do skits with them; a lot of celebrities have done skits with them.”

Currently, according to Okoli, the Wahala Twins has over 241,000 followers on Facebook, 1.1 million followers on TikTok, and over 300,000 followers on Instagram.

On how this huge social media presence translates to money, he added that they make money from adverts, and that fans send money to appreciate their work.

“Some people think that comedians fool themselves online. On the other hand, believe me, they don’t,” he said. “Skit makers make money every second from YouTube, Facebook, and even TikTok. We get featuring jobs and adverts that pay well, even from our lovely fans.”

Peter Ikezie, who is one of the skit makers currently working with the Wahala Twins, noted that working with the twins has been fun.

They performed at Miss Signatory Nigeria in Port Harcourt, in October 2022. They have acted as Pastors, prophets, slay queens, girls, etc.

In the course of their career, Wahala Twins have worked with Comedians, actors and actresses such as, Mama Uka, Brainjotter whose real name is Chukwuebuka Emmanuel Amuzie, Mary Uche, Oga Sabinus, Sydney Iwundu, Mama Uka, Ogb Recent, Tessy Diamond, Chika Anyanwu, Faith Ononiwu, Mary Uche, Ola Daniels, Rubby Orjiakor, Saraphina Amaechi, among others.

Wahala Twins Nollywood Movie Career
Wahala Twins joined Nollywood and started acting in late 2022. Their first film is the movie titled "Khaki Na Leda" starring Tessy Diamond who was their mother, Chika Anyanwu, Faith Ononiwu, among others.

Wahala Twins are the new Aki and Pawpaw of Nollywood (Chinedu Ikedieze and Osita Iheme). They have joined other small sized dwarf Nollywood actors and actresses such as Aki and Pawpaw, Chikamso Ozonigbo Ejiofor, Mary Nky Onyemena aka Rebecca, Obio Oluebube, Richard Kenechukwu King, among others.

Wahala Twins Movies: Wahala Twins movie list include,
Khaki Na Leda
House of Commotion
Ududo The Spider

Manager, Management: Wahala Twins are signed by Viscoent aka Visco Entertainment run by Victory Okoli who is their manager and also serves as a father figure to them in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

Wahala Twins Education, School, University
Wahala Twins are students. They are currently in Secondary School.

Wahala Twins Real Name: What's the real name of the Wahala Twins? Wahala Twins real name is Alex Maxwell and Maxson. Their nicknames are Beans and Bread while their stage name is Wahala Twins.
Wahala Twins Real Name

Wahala Twins State Of Origin:
Where are the Wahala Twins from? Wahala Twins are from Bayelsa State, Nigeria. They hail from South South part of the country.

Wahala Twins Tribe, Home Town, Village: Wahala Twins are Ijaw by tribe and they hail from Biogbolo, a community in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State.

Wahala Twins Birthday, Date Of Birth, Real Age: When was Wahala Twins born? Wahala Twins were born on 11 July 2005. They celebrate their birthday on 11th of July every year.
Wahala Twins Real Age, Birthday, Date Of Birth

Wahala Twins Age: How old are Wahala Twins? Wahala Twins are 18 years old now as at 2023.
Wahala Twins real age is 18 years in 2023. They are not kids, not as young as they look. They look younger than their age like 5 - 10 years old but they are far much older than they look.
Alex Maxwell and Alex Maxson (Wahala twins) Birthday Photoshoot

Wahala Twins Height & Weight: 4"3 tall (height)
Weight: 38kg (84lbs)

Wahala Twins Height: How tall are Wahala Twins? Wahala Twins are 4"3 tall. They are dwarfs, migets or diminutive in size.

Wahala Twins Religion: Are Wahala Twins Muslims or Christians? Wahala Twins are christians.

Wahala Twins Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings
: Wahala Twins are from a christian Ijaw tribe family born to Mr and Mrs Alex. They are from a humble family background.

Comedians Wahala Twins Visit their Family House - meet their dad, mum, and siblings

Wahala Twins Parents: The name of Wahala Twins parents is Mr and Mrs Alex. Wahala Twins parents are are still alive. They are from Biogbolo Yenagoa, Bayelsa. Wahala Twins visited their parents at their home in December 2022 and gave them money. They also saw their siblings sister and brother.

Wahala Twins Siblings, Sister, Brother: Wahala Twins have other siblings - sister and brother.

Wahala Twins Married, Marriage, Wedding Pictures: Are Wahala Twins Married? No, Wahala Twins are not yet married. They are single as at 2023.

Wahala Twins Wife, Children: Who are Wahala Twins wives, names? Wahala Twins are not yet married and don't have children yet. They are only 18 years old.

Wahala Twins Girlfriend: Who are Wahala Twins Girlfriends? Wahala Twins keep their girlfriends and relationship off social media.

Wahala Twins Engaged, Engagement
: Wahala Twins are not yet engaged.

Wahala Twins Net Worth 2023, 2022, Forbes, Salary, Source of Income, Earnings, Dollars, Naira

Wahala Twins Net Worth: How much are the Wahala Twins worth? Wahala Twins have net worth of about $50,000 US Dollars, estimated at ₦‎35,000,000 Million Naira in 2023.

How Do Wahala Twins Make Money?

Maxwell and Maxson - Wahala Twins make money from adverts, YouTube, Facebook, and even TikTok. They get featuring jobs and adverts that pay well, even from their lovely fans who send money to appreciate their work.

Wahala Twins House and Cars: Wahala Twins live in a nice, simple apartment now but their family house where their parents live is not that nice. They have a humble family home but they are ticket to get their parents and family out of poverty.

Wahala Twins Phone Number, WhatsApp: Wahala Twins phone Number, WhatsApp Contact 08034570312.

Contact: Wahala Twins can be through their management - Visco entertainment or through their Instagram and Facebook pages or through their phone number 08034570312.
Photos Of Wahala Twins, Comedians
Wahala Twins Pictures

Wahala Twins Instagram: Wahala Twins Instagram page Account Profile Handle is 

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