Everything To Know About FAFORLIFE Partnership Packages, Compensation Plan (Pictures & Full Details)

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Contact: 0816-037-6447 (WhatsApp)

a) Basic (#18,000)

     When you register as a Basic partner, you will get 2 bottles of the health Product, 30 pv, and 30 BitGiG Token coins.

b) Super (#45,000)

     When you register as a Super partner, you will get 5 bottles of the health Product, 80 pv, and 80 BitGiG Token coins.

c) Biz- class (#117,000)

     When you register as a biz class partner, you will get 13 bottles of the health Product, 200 pv, and 200 BitGiG Token coins.

d) Biz-Executive (#270,000)

     When you register as a Biz-Executive partner, you will get 30 bottles of the health Product, 500 pv and 450 BitGiG Token coins.


1) Retail profit (it's not compulsory to buy and sell)

2) Sponsor Bonus

3) Welcome Bonus

4) Business Bonus

5) Leverage Bonus

6) Placement Bonus

7) Lifestyle Bonus

8) Free Education

9) Maintenance Bonus

10) Rank A. Bonus

*Explaination of the Compensation Plan:*

1) *Retail profit:*

    As a member of Fafor life, you have the right to buy product from the company at distributor price and sell to customers to make profit of your choice. *Note:* Fafor life doesn't mandate the partners to buy or sell/hawk the product. Anyone who wants to buy and sell does so at his will.

2) *Sponsor Bonus:*

      When a partner sponsor/refer a person with his username, he will earn 25% of the Prospect's registration fee, a product voucher, and a free BitGiG Token coins. *Example:*

*Sponsor a Basic and get*

i) Referral bonus of #4500

ii) Product voucher of 30pv

iii) Free BitGiG Token coins of 40

*Sponsor a Super and get*

i) Referral bonus of #11,250

ii) Product voucher of 8pv

iii) Free BitGiG Token coins of 100

*Sponsor a Biz class and get*

i) Referral bonus of #29,250

ii) Product voucher of 200pv

iii) Free BitGiG Token coins of 260

*Sponsor a Biz-Executive and get*

i) Referral bonus of #67,500

ii) Product voucher of 500pv

iii) Free BitGiG Token coins of 600

3) *Welcome Bonus:*

     When you register in Fafor life, you will receive a product worth your registration fee with a Free BitGiG Token coins as listed above.

4) *Business Bonus(Pairing Bonus):*

     As a partner of Fafor life, you will be earning income whenever your business matches Left and Right and it also has daily and monthly limit. *This Pairing Bonus starts when you become a Basic partner:*

a) Basic earns 5% with daily limit of #19,800

b) Super earns 7% with daily limit of #43,200

c) Biz class earns 10% with daily limit of #90,720

d) Biz-Executive earns 12% with daily limit of #270,000.


Each matching is with 40 pv left and right, and when a member reaches his daily limit, the rest will go over to the next day and continue to match. i.e., no flushing of point, and you match from weaker leg.

5) *Leverage Bonus:*

     When your direct downline earn his pairing bonus, you will also earn from his earned bonus on the level depending on your entry package:

a) Basic earns 5% on level 1 only.

b) Super earns 5% on level 1, and 3 % on level 2 only.

c) Biz class earns 5% level 1, 3% level 2, and 3 % level 3 only.

d) Biz executive earns 5% level 1, 3% level 2, 3% level 3, 2% level 4, 1% level 4, 1% level 5.

6) *Placement Bonus:*

     This is a bonus every active user earn from every registration done using his Sponsor ID as placement ID based on your entry packages as every package earns 1% of every entry fee.

7) *Lifestyle Reward:*

     As a member, you will get a lifestyle reward of Free BitGiG Token coins whenever you directly sponsor a person; and it depends on the Prospect's entry package:

a) Smart=10 BitGiG 

b) Basic=40 BitGiG

c) Super = 100 BitGiG

d) Biz-Class=260 BitGiG

e) Biz-Executive= 600 BitGiG

8) *Free Education:*

     As a member, you will have full opportunity to study Online course and obtain certificate on the course from India; and how many courses you will acquire depends on your entry fee:

a) Smart= 1 course

b) Basic=  2 courses

c) Super= 4 courses

d) Biz class= 6 courses

e) Biz executive= Unlimited courses

Note: These courses are centered on Digital marketing, crypto currency trading, internet experience, etc

9) *Maintenance Bonus:*

     Anytime any of your downlines repurchase a product, you will earn a bonus and equivalent PV, and the level you will earn this bonus depends on your entry fee.

a) Super earns a total of 36% from level one to 9.

b) Biz-Class earns a total of 46% from level one to 12.

c) Biz executive earns a total of 72% from level one to 15.

10) *Rank Advancement Bonus:*

   a) *Silver Executive* (5000 pv).Get #112,500,

Smart phone of 

 cash value at #112,500. 

b) *Gold Executive* (10,445 pv)

Get #188,010, Laptop of cash valued at #188,010.

c) *Ruby Executive* (26,667 pv)

Get #480,000, Gold plated watch of cash value of #480,000.

d) *Diamond Executive* (57,778)

Get #1,040, 000, Holiday trip to Dubai of cash value of #1,040,000.

e) *Ambassador* (166,667pv)

Get #3,000,000, 1st car award of cash value of #3,000,000.

f) *Crown Ambassador* (555,556 pv)

Get #10,000,000, 2nd car award of cash value of #10,000,000.

g) *Director* (1,333,334)

Get #30,000,000, a new house plus holiday trip to London of cash value of #30,000,000.

*Let's make the money here.*

*.....let's enjoy Health and Wealth Together*


*Our Startup Combo*

1) Smart.......9k...10pv..1Botls

2) Basic.......18k..30pv..2Botls

3) Super.......45k..80pv..5Botls

4) BizClas..117k..200pv..13Botls

5) BizExec..270k..500pv..30Botls

*10 Ways To Earn*

*1) Retail Profit*

You earn btw 10-30% from direct product Sales.

*2) Sponsorship Bonus*

You earn 25% of your sponsored package.

*3) Indirect Sponsor Binus*

You earn Sponsor Bonus down to ur 3rd generation 

*4) Upgrade Bonus*

You earn 12.5% Cash Payout of  the Upgrade of your Referral.

*5) Business Bonus/Pairing Bonus*

You Earn based on your package when 40pv to your Left meets 40pv to ur Right

*BASIC earn 900/pair*

Daily caping 15pairs=#13,500

*SUPER earn 1,260/pair*

Daily caping 25pairs=#31,500

*BIZCLAS earn 1,800/pair*

Daily caping 35pairs=#63,000

*BIZEXEC earn #2,160/pair*

Daily caping 50pairs=#108,000

*NOTE:* You must be binary qualified to earn this bonus 

*6) Placement Bonus*

You earn 1% of any package your upline placed under you






*7) Unilevel Bonus*

You earn from the repurchase of affiliates within your Sponsor tree upto 15generations

*BASIC*        total of 17%

*SUPER*       total of 21%

*BIZCLAS*    total of 28%

*BIZEXEC*    total of 40%

*NOTE:* One active account is expected to earn upto #8,653,680 from this bonus per month.

*8) Award & Recognition*

Rank advancement Reward is earn through accumulation of Pvs.

*1) SILVER EXECUTIVE* (4,000Pvs)Award 

...Silver Pack

*2) GOLD EXECUTIVE* (8,000pvs)Award...#188,000

*3) RUBY EXECUTIVE* (17,000pvs)Award...#480,000

*4) DIAMOND EXECUTIVE* (37,000pvs)Award...#1,040,000

*5) AMBASSADOR* (95,000pvs)Award...Car #3'000,000

*6) CROWN AMBASSADOR*(350,000pvs)Award...2rdCar #10'000,000

*7) DIRECTOR* (950,000pvs)Award...House & Trip to London #30,000,000

*NOTE:* These Pvs are the once previously used for your pairing and cash bonuses and it is progressive. 

*9) Leadership Pool*

You share 5% from Company's global sales

*AMBASSADORS* Share 45% of the 100% of the 5%

*CROWN AMBASSADORS* Share 35% of the 100% of the 5%

*DIRECTORS* Share 20% of the 100% of the 5%

*10) Stockist Bonus*

Stockists earn 5% of every product that is lifted from his or her store in cash.



*1. Drugs can be Harmfull  (over dose)*

   Stem Cell are not Harmful (direct delivery system).

*2 Drugs has side effect e.g B.P. Drugs.*

     Stem Cell no side effect (stem cell regenerate, rejuvenate, repair, revival and cleanses the blood)

*3 You have to be sick before you take Drugs*

     Stem cell can be taken to prevent sickness and to cure sicknesses or ailments.

*4 Drugs are chemical*

      Stem cells are 100% Natural.

*5 Drugs are Invasive*

     Stem cells are Non Invasive.

*6 Drugs are Not Body friendly*

   Stem cells are body friendly.

7 Drugs are Palliative measure e.g Short Time Pain relaxing Or for the management of Ailments

  STEM CELLS THERAPEUTIC *(provides healing).*

Come home!!

Embrace stem cells!!!

Africa has the answer now!!!🕺🏽

*Things to expect when taking Faforon.*

🌀When a person starts taking  Faforon Liquid Stemcell these are five things you will notice in no time:

 (1)  It comes in to detoxify the whole system and build up the immune system that had been shattered. 

(2) It empowers the body to heal itself 

(3 ) It rejuvenates the entire body system because the immune system now is working. 

( 4 )  It Repairs all the damaged cells because, all the organs,  the CNS the central Nervous System, the tissues, all the blood capillaries are at work

 ( 5 ) It replicates itself, which means it becomes part of the cells that are dead and immediately the whole system begins to experience an unprecedented cycling of change in the body, then the person becomes healthy.

The big question most people ask is : how can 1 product work on so many Health challenges.

The answer is simple.

Stem cell product s work on our cells and they help to renew, revive, replenish and rejuvenate our cells. 

When your cells are healthy your tissues will be healthy and in turn your organs will be healthy.

If your organs are healthy, they will function properly and this is the simple logic behind the ability of FAFORON being able to help address so many Health challenges.

FARORON  natural healthcare products can be used to treat a lot of stubborn and chronic ailments like diabetes, infertility in men and women, stroke, ulcers, kidney stones, BP, liver disease, eye problems, waist pains, arthritis, etc. Get them from us today at affordable prices

Distributors are  also needed nationwide. Join us today and enjoy massive earnings and rewards. Every Day is our payday.

For more inquiry please call/Whatsapp the person that added you here


1. Frequent urge to urinate

2. Need to get up many times during the night to urinate

3. Blood in urine or semen

4. Pain or burning urination

5. Painful ejaculation

6. Frequent pain or stiffness in lower back, hips, pelvic or rectal area, or upper thighs

7. Dribbling of urine

 *FAFORON* Cures Enlarged Prostate Problems In Just 30 Days Without Side Effects!

Contact: 0816-037-6447 (WhatsApp)


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