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Who Is Patrick Agbazue?

Biography Wikipedia: CSP Patrick Agbazue whose full name is Patrick Chukwuemeka Agbazue is a Nigerian born Police Officer who hails from Okija in Ihiala Local Government Area of Anambra State, Nigeria. He lives in Awka.

CSP Patrick Agbazue net worth runs into multi millions of Naira. As at February 2023, his account number, 2282966036, Zenith bank, Agbazue Patrick Chukwuemeka has a lot of millions in it With choice properties, houses, cars, scattered all over Nigeria, a CSP that earns a little above N200k (two hundred thousand Naira) a month, according to Gistlover.
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Patrick Agbazue is the Anambra police officer accused of kidnapping, killings and selling of human parts, assassination of people for politicians in Anambra State, Nigeria. 

In August 2020, a Nairalander user, Slimbaba101 posted about police officer, Patrick Agbazue. He wrote:

"Meet The Police CSP That Works As A Serial Assassin

A member of the Nigeria police force by name CSP Patrick Chukwuemeka Agbazue who is currently the O.C in charge of Awkuzu Sars, anambra state.
The said man has killed so many innocent souls, without evidence of any crime or trial.
It is hightime @NPF and nigeria govt investigate this heartless assassin, he is giving a bad image to the Nigeria police force.

Facts have proven that he collect money from people to arrest and kill people at will without no evidence or trial.

Although he has more than 30 different murder case going on in Law Court. This murder should know that no one is above the law and Soon he will have himself to be blamed for wasting innocent souls.

This is his details below:

Name: CSP Patrick chukwuemeka agbazue (O.C awkuzu Sars, anambra state)

Phone number: 08112201345"

Who Is SP Princess Nwode Nkiru? Biography, Wikipedia, Pictures, Husband, Children, Son, Houses, Cars
Pictures of Princess Nkiruka Nwode

Biography: SP Princess Nwode whose full name is Princess Nkiruka Nwode is a Nigerian police officer who was accused of corrupt practices, killings in Anambra State, Nigeria. SPO Princess Nwode is a mother of one. She has a son allegedly living in the United States of America with her mother. Princess Nkiruka Nwode is reportedly married to Harrison Akama, her colleague in the police force. Princess Nwodo allegedly has houses, flashy cars, other properties, according to Gistlover.

Princess Nkiruka Nwode was the first female police PPRO in Anambra state. She is young and one of the most beautiful Female Police Officers in Nigeria.

Princess Nkiruka Nwode originally hails from Ebonyi state.

Princess Nkeiruka Nwode Biography

DSP Princess Nkeiruka Nwode simply known also known as Princess Nkiru Nwode is a native of Ezza North LGA of Ebonyi State. She obtained her BSC and Masters in View from Ebonyi State University and Nnamdi Azikiwe University respectively. She joined the Nigerian Police Force as a Cadet Asp in 2012 and did her training in Police Academy Kano. Since then, she has occupied various positions in the Nigeria Police Force both within and outside country which included but not limited to the 
followings: Administration Officer Department of Operations Anambra Command Aided camp (ADC) to Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (Former Liberia President) Public Relations Officer Anambra State Police Command, Office of the Commissioner of Police Anambra State Police Command. She attended several courses, seminars and workshops both within and outside country, most Importantly with the National security adviser to Nigeria President. She belongs to Professional bodies such as; International Association of Chiefs of Police (I ACP) USA Nigeria Institute of Public Relations.

Dsp Nkeiruka Nwode is the recipient of many certificates of Commendations and awards due to hard work and selfless service. She is a Sport lover.
Princess Nkiruka Nwode and billionaire Obi Cubana

More Pictures of Princess Nkeiruka Nwode

Patrick Agbazue Full story by Gistlover 

Hello tueh tueh, GLB NATION I am typing this with so much rage in me, After the lots of attrocities of James Nwafor committed in Anambra, the way he kills young boys and tag them yahoo boys then throw thier body for river, my Anambra people please wake up, be at alert , I want everyone to tag the official handle of police and let this matter get to their Abuja head office.

These 3 people you are seeing their pictures here are James Nwafor successor, their own attrocities pass James Nwafor own, you are surprised ??? Okay let me take you through a short journey. These Dare devils are SARS in Anambra. Once they get you, it takes the grace of God for you to walk out alive of their den, they kill for fun, take the properties of their victims and deposit the dead bodies in a private morgue. A lot of missing people in Anambra is their handwork.

Please if you are based in Anambra and your brother or father ever left and was not seen, stay at alert , I will be posting some missing people they kiilled with evidence and how they hijack their properties, people meant to protect us are the one now killing us. 

Comedian Brain jotter's cousin was missing and was rumoured to be kidnapped, unfortunately she was not kidnapped, na these dare devil people carry her and transferred the N1.2 million Naira in her account and strangled her, they also took the girl's phone and was chatting her family members pretending to be kidnappers. 

Anambra people this is the time to stop these criminals, there are lot of evidence to back this up, I have been on their trail for so long, Princess all the properties she acquired with these dirty underground jobs they do, how she secretly got married to her married collegues against her work ethics, how they kill for fun, I have alot of evidence, who they work with, a detailed evidence, but before then I will be posting some missing people that their family is still hoping they are coming home but these dare devil don K1ll them, ANAMBRA GET READY, IT'S ABOUT TO BE A LONG MOVIE..........

***This comment got my attention,
ifeanyimagnus48 "I will send you some evidence how dey kidnapped my brother that came back from Turkey to burial his mother on 13th January, transfer all the money in his account, I even pretend to be my brother customer in Turkey because my brother is into exchange, they empty the guy 3 of his account and keep chatting people to send money. For 3weeks they denied it till the information get to Deputy speaker Anambra state before they allow a lawyer to see him, the information we got was they wanted to kill him after withdraw all the money in his account, they came to his house pack money, gold's and drinks, they are working together with Army in Orsumoghu. Send me your wassap let me send you the evidence and money they stole from my brother account, though Patrick said he was not aware that police transfer money from his account, when this thing happened I told @harrison_gwamnishu about it."

Mr, your brother is still in detention, and yes all the moving of the money was done by Patrick, your brother should be  ekwueme chibuike martins right? I say tomorrow some people go know the whereabouts of their missing family seh  but unfortunately some of the missing family have been killed by these 3 devils, I no want drop all the evidence now, people for naija go don sleep, tomorrow by God's grace, I will come out in my full rage, if una like, take my account , but you see this one wey I start , I must finish am, Dear GLB NATION, let's tag massively, ANAMBRA is becoming a death trap for our brothers and fathers , ANAMBRA people do not let this slide , James Nwafor is yet to pay for his attrocities, using these ones as a scape goat so other cops members can sit right and stop k1lling innocent people because they want to sell their body part and steal from them, let's tag NIGERIA POLICE FORCE MASSIVELY, ALL THE EVIDENCE WITH ME , I AM DROPPING THEM TOMORROW BY GOD'S GRACE , Una NO GO D1E WELL, I don drop sample for telegram , NIGERIA BE ON STANDBY , ANAMBRA PEOPLE BE ON STANDBY, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!

If you know these people family tag them here massively, tag NIGERIA POLICE FORCE massively, tag Soludo, ANAMBRA people this must not be swept under the carpet, we don't know who might be their next victim, more details on this tomorrow but this is just to let you know say na this guy( first slide ) car Patric Carry go work today, Patric has his 3 cars, you want to know what happened to him? Tomorrow we move,

tag their families here, both first slide and second slide, SHIT IS ABOUT TO GO DOWN, @ccsoludo eyimba , na to open teeth you Sabi, you better take this up, if not , OKAN eh oni bale lashe Edumare, we go dey see tomorrow, bye👋

Meet CSP Patrick Agbazue

Hello tueh tueh, meet CSP Patrick Agbazue of Road 25, Ngozika Estate Awka, Anambra. He is the SARS COMMANDER in ANAMBRA State. He is behind most of the kidnap cases, extortion and organ harvesting in ANAMBRA.

As I am about to take you through a journey of this evil boy attrocities, the only help I need from y'all is to tag NIGERIA POLICE FORCE massively, we do not know his next target in Anamabra.
 There are people that were arrested and never came back.

They were all killed by CSP Patrick Agbazue and Inspector Harrison Akama who is Patrick hitman now Married to SPO Princess, Which is totally against the ethics of their job, @nigeriapoliceforce should look into it, They all came together to from a deady squad and I will give details of how they operate below.

Once Patrick and his team are set you during their parades, there is a possibility that you are not going home alive, it's in two categories, it's either he kills you for having enough money in your account and taking your vehicle and transferring all your money to a certain account or he kills you for not having any money at all, you see those two categories are the categories alot of people fall in, he has one popular habit, he has a room he takes his victims to , torture them and write a note  for them ,he will make them confess to a crime they didn't commit before he and Harrison Akama k1lls and harvest their organ,
All the vehicle CSP Patrick is driving was taken from suspects he arrested and murdered in cold blood.
Even the white camry spider he drove to work yesterday is owned by a Yahoo guy he murdered in cold blood. 

As of yesterday his accounts number, 2282966036, Zenith bank Agbazue Patrick Chukwuemeka has alot of millions in it With choice properties scattered all over Nigeria, a CSP that earns a little above 200k a month has all of this gathered together, New World Mortuary Nteje is where most of the bodies he kills are deposited with the help of one Hausa guy named Sanni. He does all the illegalities concerning the morgue for them, they are supposed to deposit dead bodies to a teaching hospital but due to the number of illegal killings on a daily they are using a private morg.

Wow, so his matter has been on sef, wow, just wow, they made sure they suppressed it and did damage Control, just search this guy name CSP PATRICK AGAZUE on Google and tell me what you see, NO EVIL DOER SHALL GO UNPUNISHED, MY GLB TWITTER BRANCH,LETS TAKE THIS TO Twitter, TAG ALL THE PEOPLE THAT NEEDS TO SEE THIS, THE NIGERIAN POLICE FORCE HAS SINCE BEEN SILENT OVER THIS ISSUE , ANAMBRA MUST BE SANE AGAIN!!! WE SAY NO TO UNJUSTFUL K1LLINGS, ENOUGH!!!

Continuation: out of the 100 percent of their victims it's only 1 percent that manages to escape even those one percent they will still be on their trail forever and made sure none of their secret goes out. Many of the young guys that were arrested by these 3 dare devil were innocent.. some of them were based abroad and came home to see their family but met these unfortunate people and they get k11led after stealing from them, they force them to confess to a crime they never committed, K1ll them and sell their body parts and organs, and pour the blood on the diety, they take some to that private morgue I mentioned earlier with the assistant of their morgue guy who goes by the name Sanni and that's his phone number 08133984456.

Patrick also have a guy that he uses his account to transfer funds from his victims, The guy is a police officer studying law at Igbariam campus but also runs a POS business.

He does 90% of he's transactions on a daily, he uses the guy as a middle man before wiring back into his own account, these are the guys account👇
Achunike Aduaka
First bank

Achunike phebe nwanyinma
First bank

Alot of families has been thrown into mourning just because of these greedy squad( Patrick, Harrison and Princess ) they are the NO MERCY SQUAD  terrorizing ANAMBRA and k1lling people for fun and to also make money, the 3 of them have properties scattered all over Nigeria, princess go on trips  her salary cannot afford , she even stylishly opened an NGO and pack hungry women full there so when her day of reckoning comes she will see women to support her, check next post as I will be dropping some pictures of those that was killed in their custody unknown to their family, there family still await their arrival but these dare devil has k1lled them,one  Mr Zubby is one of their victims , Patrick even went as far as freezing the man's account with police order after he transfered the money in the man's account z wait for next post as more pictures will drop,

Hello world , thank you all for the massive tag on Twitter , we are getting there , GLB NATION thank you💪💪💪💪an injustice to one is INJUSTICE to all, together we can collectively say no to INJUSTICE, MAKE UJA NEVER SLEEP OOO, I am dropping names and picture in few minutes ,I dey come

Hello Tueh Tueh, meet  Azubike  Anaeme who was Arrested last month in Ozubulu his hometown by Patrick and his ev1l squad,  they took his  vehicle with them but it broke down along ontisha-owerri express way and they  left it there.Patrick and Harrison took him in, they tor*tured him with the help of princess, they made him write false  statement that he sells gun after which Patrick transferred all the money in his account to another account before finally transferring it to himself, he then went ahead to make a damage control by writing fcmb to freeze the account as investigation is still ongoing on the account , he did this so Azubike family won't track the account and won't be able to access it.After achieving all these, he then k1*lled him💔💔, his family has been looking for him without any directions.

New World Mortuary Nteje is where he kept Azubike corpse and most of his victims corpse.

Note: DEAR ANAMABRA RESIDENT AND INDIGENES, I HAVE BEEN WORKING Tirelessly TODAY AND I CAN CONFIRM THERE ARE LOT OF DAMAGE CONTROL GOING ON, IF THERE IS ANY GROUP OF YOUNG MEN OR ELDERLY WOMEN THAT CAN COME OUT IN HUNDREDS TO guide the New world Motuary in Nteje, that's where he keeps most of his victims corpse , before morning they might have done damage control and evacuate all the corpse, also get Sanni the morgue guy and interrogate him because information reaching me is that they want to eli*minate him too so they can conceal their secrets , as of yesterday, the bodies were still in Nteje, I do not know if anything has been done today , ANAMBRA people, do not sleep, they must not cover this attrocities!!! Enough is Enough , I am dropping more now, I will be right back, Never sleep.

He was an electrical engineer living in nnewi with his family.
He's from imo state
Up until now, he's family cannot give account of him.

His offence?
His only offence was being the electrician to the suspect Patrick and his squad  were looking for, he was arrested , tor*tured, they couldn't transfer any money from his account because he has none, that's  was how this poor innocent li*fe was cut short , more still coming , do not sleep, hello world , follow this story attentively!!!

Obiefuna Onyedika Samuel: Who Is Obiefuna Onyedika Samuel?

Meet Obiefuna Onyedika Samuel, He is a Yahoo boy arrested by vigilante people for driving late at night, he was later transferred to them CSP  Patrick station,Patrick seeing that the guy  is a Yahoo boy took advantage of him, he made sure he transfered all the money in the guys account and the guy challenged him, that was how they took the guy to a seperate cell and started tor*turing him.

Obiefuna Onyedika Samuel

Patrick wrote down some false words for the boy to say about himself , they made him call himself Unknown gu*nman after plenty tor*ture , if you check well, you will see the guy stuttering, he said all of those words under duress and plenty torture,  He's currently driving this guys vehicle, after k1*lling  him,He took the guys white camry, red Corolla and ash highlander 2015,after taking all his belongings they now released his video to bloggers that they have caught unknown gu*n men, like I said it was the vigilante people that hold this boy for driving late and his suspicious loud lifestyle , if the vigilante people can be invited and questioned thoroughly, they will confess who they  handed over too, they arrested him in  one of his car and after interrogation they discovered he has other cars, they now sent Harrison Akama and some boys, Harrison led the team that brought the remaining two vehicles

Ok, lets take it this way.
After all the confessions and allegations that he is unknown gu*nmen,What was recovered from him.was it not just cars and money , Was any gu*n, knife or even dagger recovered from him? Why is Patrick driving his cars? Why did Patrick transfer the money in his account ? When I posted the guy picture yesterday, why did Patrick return two of the cars to the station today ? More Questions left unanswered!!! More evidence still coming, make una never tire , we just dey start this case ni, meanwhile I hope Anamabra people are at alert  about that morgue I talked about, it must be protected , you all will see alot of your missing family members there , Sanni must be protected too, they must not k1*ll him, he must be alive to give details of how they run the morgue , for now his phone is off, I dey come.

Hello world, please Princess must not escape, she is about to run to the US now because according to information reaching me She is currently lodged in an hotel and planning to leave, she is a US citizen and her only child is in the US, we all must stop her, GLB NATION working at the airport please take note of this face, she must not escape, if sighted at the airport please delay her and reach out to me, una no f1t spoil naija finish come run go hide for US, na me and una enter this one.

This is one of her properties, she got alot of them, I think this is the recent one , A police officer with questionable wealth? Wealth gathered from K1*LLINGS and org*an trafficking, PRINCESS MUST NOT ESCAPE, HARRISON ON THE OTHER HAND HAS GONE MIA, GLB NATION Biko do not relent in the massive tagging, let's tag massively Twitter oooo, Facebook oo, Instagram oooo, ANAMBRA MUST BE LIBERATED FROM THESE EV*1L OFFICERS!!! more evidence coming , ENI SUUN!!!

So you love your own son and kept him in the US but going about k1*lling other people's son and selling their or*gans, the we*rey don run delete her Facebook page na her charity page them never delete , using that one to do damage control, Dear Fine K1*ller, I do not have a gu*n ooo,neither do I have a sword but I have my little pen, and I will see to the end of this with that little pen of mine, I will write for the whole world to see the ev*1l police woman masking as a philanthropist, I have not stopped writing , I am still writing , you all better be ready , this one go long.......

Check out how Inspector Harrison Akama has been arrested severally by police headquarters in Abuja with regards to extortion, extra judicial ki*llings, or*gan harvesting etc but CSP Patrick always finds a way to save him, BUT HELLO WORLD , WHAT IF THE PERSON WEY DEY SAVE YOU IS IN THE SAME TROUBLE AS YOU NKO,THE END OF THE ROAD FOR YOU ALL!!

CSP PATRICK AGBAZUE And His Deadly Squad Arrested

Patrick and his dre*aded group arrested, transferred to Abuja, that is Patrick in front wearing black native in deep thought, Princess on the other hand is not shaken , according to my info she has called all her sugar daddy in government too and they promised her nothing will touch her but me I am promising her openly now that plenty things will touch her, I have information about the house she bought in Texas too where she kept her mum and son, I dey follow up on this case like my life depends on it, Harrison on the other hand is using face cap to disguise, the Inspector General of Police summoned them to the headquarters in Abuja and the world is waiting on what they have to say @nigeriapoliceforce the world is following this with rapt attention, THIS MUST NOT BE SWEPT UNDER THE CARPET, as for princess those backing her up I will start dropping their names, If you politician know what is good for you better disassociate yourself with princess, if not this matter go d1*rty pass how una think am, matter of 20 years ago resurface under this thing wey una want start so, I am up to the task and ready, ABUJA, NIGERIA, INSPECTOR GENERAL OF POLICE, ALL OF UNA, THE WOLD IS WAITING!!!

Hello tueh tueh, Patrick arrested these robbers, they were car snatchers on the highway, they were arrested alongside alot of stolen vehicles, Patrick took all the vehicles, sold some, upgraded some so people won't recognize it and turn it to personal use,the one wey come catch my attention be say the pistol he received from them which is suppose to be an exhibit is what he is currently using, infact na him favorite pistol be that, Dear Nigeria Police Force kindly ask Patrick of the pistol assigned to him , ask him of the whereabouts of those pistol.i dey come, more still coming.

Also check telegram as another video of princes stealing from a criminal just dropped !!!


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