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History Of Bismarck Ebiweh: Everything To Know About Fitxfearless Profile, LinkedIn, Wife, Girlfriend, Parents, Family, Height and Weight, Birthday, Age, Photos

Who is Fitxfearless?
Biography Wikipedia: Fitxfearless whose real name is Bismarck Ebiweh (25 February 1997) is a Nigerian born American YouTuber, Lifestyle Success Coach, Fitness Model, Athlete and Brand Influencer.

Bismarck Ebiweh is a handsome, 5"8 feet tall success coach, author and YouTube personality who has been helping people with his posts on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and Facebook.

His net worth is about $1 Million US Dollars as at 2023.

Fitxfearless real name is Bismarck Ebiweh. He was born on 25 February 1997. He is 26 years old as at 2023. He celebrated his 26th birthday on 25th of February 2023.

Bismarck Ebiweh (Fitxfearless) is originally from Nigeria but now lives in the United States of America and has acquired American citizenship. His parents, Mr and Mrs Ebiweh are from Nigeria. His father is late. His mother's name is Justinah Norton.

Bismarck Ebiweh Fitxfearless is currently not married to any wife and doesn't have a child yet as at 2023. He is single but in a relationship with his girlfriend who he is dating.

Bismarck Ebiweh (Fitxfearless) Profile Bio Wiki Data Facts

Nickname: Fitxfearless

Real Name: Bismarck Ebiweh

Nationality: Nigerian

Ethnicity, Tribe: Black

Place Of Birth: Lagos, Nigeria

Date Of Birth: 25 February 1997

Birthday: 25th February

Age: 26 Years Old (2023)

Height: 5"8 feet tall

Weight: 185lbs

Occupation: Athlete, Author, Self-improvement Coach, Petroleum Engineer, YouTuber

Net Worth: $1 Million US Dollars

Parents: Mr and Mrs Ebiweh

Mother: Justinah Norton

Marital Status: Single

Spouse, Wife: Not Married

Girlfriend: N/A

Children: 0

Education: University of Louisiana (Petroleum Engineering)

TikTok: @fitxfearless

Instagram: fitxfearless


Facebook: Bismarck Ebiweh


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Bio Wiki: Who is Bismarck Ebiweh?
Bismarck Ebiweh who is popularly known as Fitxfearless is a Nigerian - American YouTuber, Author, Athlete, Life Coach and Social Media Personality. Fitxfearless is handsome, sexy and muscular. He rocks stylish clothes, suits, hairstyles and looks good in them.
Bismarck Ebiweh is fit and likes to workout at the gym.

Fitxfearless Pictures

Fitxfearless Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Bismarck Ebiweh was born in Lagos, Nigeria into a Christian family, to his parents, Mr and Mrs Ebiweh. His father died when he was only a year old. He and his family - mother, siblings remained in Nigeria until he turned 9 years old when they migrated over to the U.S. There, he grew up and, upon reaching high school, become a track & field runner. Fitxfearless became a US citizen at the age of 17.
Bismarck Ebiweh Fitxfearless And His Mother at his graduation

Bismarck Ebiweh (Fitxfearless) Career, Occupation

Bismarck Ebiweh track record was exemplary as he would set De La Salle High School’s record for the 400-meter run in his senior year. By the age of 17, Fit became a U.S. citizen and continued his studies at college. He took a course in Petroleum Engineering.

While studying at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Fit maintained his athleticism and ran for their NCAA Track & Field team. During his time there, he would experience heartbreak twice. 

On his first girlfriend, the first relationship Fitxfearless had started well before it took a turn and went downhill with his partner seeing other men as he traveled around for his track season. Despite how bad the first one ended, it was the other relationship he got into that would hurt him the most.

Bismarck Ebiweh is now a lifestyle coach, a motivational speaker, TikToker and YouTuber.

Fitxfearless published a book titled “Cracking the Dating Code: A Solution for the Frustrated Man” to help other men improve their dating lives and avoid the mistakes that he committed. He has become one of the most popular African-American Dating coaches in USA.

Bismarck Ebiweh Books: Cracking the Dating Code: A Solution for the Frustrated Man;  7 Online Dating Cheat Codes Ebook.

Bismarck Ebiweh Fitxfearless Education
Bismarck Ebiweh is a graduate of Petroleum Engineering from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette Denver, Colorado, United States.
Bismarck Ebiweh Fitxfearless Education, School

Fitxfearless Bismarck Ebiweh Before and After Pictures (Throwback)

University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Bachelor of Engineering - BE  Petroleum Engineering.
(2014 - 2018)

Fitxfearless Real Name: What is Fitxfearless real name? Fitxfearless real name is Bismarck Ebiweh.

Fitxfearless Photos Gallery

Pictures of Bismarck Ebiweh - Fashion, Style, Dressing, Gym Fitness, Workout

Bismarck Ebiweh Fitxfearless Nationality, Country Of Origin: Where is Bismarck Ebiweh Fitxfearless from? Fitxfearless Bismarck Ebiweh is originally from Nigeria but migrated to the US at age 9, became an American citizen at age 17.
Bismarck Ebiweh was born in Lagos State, Nigeria but now resides in the United States of America.

Fitxfearless Bismarck Ebiweh Old Childhood Throwback Photo before Fame

Fitxfearless Date Of Birthday, Age, Date Of Birth: Fitxfearless Bismarck Ebiweh was born on 25 February 1997 in Lagos State, Nigeria. He celebrated his 26th birthday on 25 February 2023.

Bismarck Ebiweh Age: How old is Bismarck Ebiweh Fitxfearless? Bismarck Ebiweh is 26 years old as at 2023.
Fitxfearless Bismarck Ebiweh Age, Birthday, Net Worth

Fitxfearless Bismarck Ebiweh Height and Weight: 5"8 ft tall, 185lbs weight

Fitxfearless Weight: Bismarck Ebiweh Fitxfearless weight is 185lbs.

Fitxfearless Height: How tall is Bismarck Ebiweh Fitxfearless? Fitxfearless Bismarck Ebiweh is 5"8 feet tall.
Bismarck Ebiweh Fitxfearless Height and Weight

Fitxfearless Bismarck Ebiweh and Austin Dunham

I'm 5'8 but get the most women - Fitxfearless

Bismarck Ebiweh Fitxfearless Sexuality, Sexual Orientation: Is Bismarck Ebiweh Fitxfearless Gay? No, Fitxfearless Bismarck Ebiweh is not a gay. He is straight and has a girlfriend.

Bismarck Ebiweh Fitxfearless Married, Marriage, Wedding: Is Bismarck Ebiweh Fitxfearless married? No, Bismarck Ebiweh Fitxfearless is not yet married. He is single as at 2023.

Fitxfearless Bismarck Ebiweh Wife: Who is Bismarck Ebiweh Fitxfearless Wife? Bismarck Ebiweh does not have a wife yet. He is single.

Bismarck Ebiweh Fitxfearless Girlfriend: Who is Bismarck Ebiweh Fitxfearless Girlfriend, Name? Bismarck Ebiweh Fitxfearless has a beautiful girlfriend he is dating and in a relationship with but he keeps his girlfriend away from social media.

Bismarck Ebiweh Fitxfearless Engagement, Engaged: Bismarck Ebiweh Fitxfearless is not yet engaged to any fianceé.

Bismarck Ebiweh Fitxfearless Net Worth: Bismarck Ebiweh Fitxfearless Net Worth is estimated at about $1 Million US Dollars as at 2023.
Bismarck Ebiweh Fitxfearless House and Cars: Bismarck Ebiweh Fitxfearless lives in the US and drives nice car.

Bismarck Ebiweh Fitxfearless Instagram: Bismarck Ebiweh Fitxfearless Instagram page Account Profile Handle is 

Bismarck Ebiweh LinkedIn: Fitxfearless Bismarck Ebiweh linkedin profile page is.

Fitxfearless YouTube Videos

Bismarck Ebiweh Fitxfearless Quotes:

* We won’t always feel inspired and we won’t always feel motivated, but the passion keeps us going. Never let your lows keep you too low , and never get too caught up in your highs either.  Embrace the journey because that’s what truly matters. Strive to get just a little bit better everyday , push yourself a little bit more every single day.  But most importantly, never accept average.

*Self discipline puts you above the rest, keep working my G

*Be a little more you, and a lot less them 🌴

*Don’t let others write your story, never accept limitations. We all have greatness inside of us , it’s your responsibility to live through that greatness

*It’s a great shame to live a life average.. you owe it to yourself to be your absolute best. Give 300% not to impress others but because it’s a representation of who you are. I go hard because i can’t accept mediocrity for myself, I couldn’t care less of what anyone thinks ..Excellence must be your only standard

*Never let someone be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option

*Since the age of 13 I’ve dedicated myself to some form of physical training . Whether it be weight training or competitive sports.. and it has truly changed my life. The ups and downs, the good and bad days, it all has transformed me to the man I am today..

I know you are waiting for some revelation and here it is.. 12 years. 12 years of conisistency, 12 years of dedication, 12 years of focus. That’s not the quick fix most of you are looking for, but it’s the best fix. There is no shortcut , and I’ve never tried any. There is no escaping the grind, so embrace it and learn to love it


1.) Stick to no more than 2 colors in your outfit . No need for you to mix & match colors, uniformity makes you look well put together and it’s much easier when combining colors to put together just 2 colors rather than 3 or 4.

2.) Make sure your clothes are properly fitted. It should go without saying that baggy is a no-no ❌. Properly fitted clothes make you look leaner , helping you ensenuate that V-taper that women are super attracted to.

3.) Lightly accessorize, whether it being a nice watch⌚️, necklace, or bracelet, add little pieces of jewelry to help put the icing on the cake on your outfit. However, don’t overdo it, too much jewelry can throw off the simplicity of your outfit.

I’m looking for a few guy’s who would like to become the most attractive versions of themselves, through fashion, fitness , and making more money, if this sounds like you, Dm 📲 me the word “ ELITE”

*They lied to you. 😒

I know they say don’t judge a book by its cover but that’s not the way life works.

We all make snap judgements based on looks. Especially when it comes to dating.

The same way you want a beautiful woman to date, she wants a handsome man. There’s nothing wrong with that.

But while she’s doing all she can to make herself as pretty as can…

So many guys don’t do anything to improve their look and be more handsome.

Especially when it comes to our faces.

No, that doesn’t mean you have to put makeup on, but you do need to give some effort and there are 7 other things you can do that will help you greatly. 🔥

Thing is, it would be too long to type here so instead, I put it all in a free ebook that I want you to have for free.


Czarnecki said…
Ebiweh is a rising star in the track and field getaway shootout world. He is expected to compete for a spot on the US Olympic team in the 2024 Summer Olympics.
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