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Latest Instagram Photos, YouTube Videos Of Neo Keitumetse aka Neo Kirchbaby, Bio, Wikipedia, Family, Parents, Twin Sons, Husband, Nationality, Height, Hometown, Tribe, Wedding Pictures, House, Cars, Marriage, Education, Father, Mother, Siblings, Brother, Daughter, Neo Kirchbaby Before and After

History Of Neo KirchBaby: Everything To Know About Neo KirchBaby (Neo Keitumetse) Profile, Husband Garrett Kirchway, Twins Sons, Family, Parents, Childbirth, Legs, Amputee, Amputation, Dance, Wedding Pictures

Who Is Neo KirchBaby?

Biography Wikipedia: Neo Kirchbaby whose real name is Neo Keitumetse (born 14 June 1989) is a Botswana born double amputee wife, mother of four (4), YouTuber and Vlogger.

Her net worth is about $150,000 US Dollars as at 2022.

Neo Kirchbaby was born with a congenital defect in her legs. The health condition resulted in the in her two legs being amputated at the young age of five, making her grow up without her 2 legs.

Neo Keitumetse was raised by a single mother. She has an older sibling brother called Moshe (Moses). Nothing much is known about her father.

Neo Kirchbaby is married to her white American husband, Garrett Kirchway. Neo met her husband when she visited a friend in the U.S. They got married in 2016 shortly after she found out she was pregnant with twins.

Neo Kirchbaby and Her Husband

Neo Kirchbaby and Her Children

Neo Kirchbaby (Neo Keitumetse) Profile Bio Wiki Data Facts

Name: Neo Kirchbaby

Real Name: Neo Keitumetse

Nationality: Botswana (Motswana)

Village (Hometown): Molepolole

Ethnicity: Black, African

Religion: Christian

Height: 4ft (1.21m) 

Date Of Birth: 14 June 1989

Birthday: 14th June

Age: 33 Years Old (2022)

Occupation, Career: YouTuber, Content Creator

Net Worth: $150,000 US Dollars (2022)

Siblings: Moses (Brother)

Marital Status: Married

Spouse, Husband: Garrett Kirchway

Number Of Children: 4

Sons: 4

Children's Names: Caleb Kirchway, Joshua Kirchway, Michael Kirchway aka Mikey

Twins (Sons): Caleb and Joshua

Daughter: 0

Education: Carleton University

Instagram: neokirchbaby

YouTube: Neo KirchBaby

Full Biography Of Neo KirchBaby (Keitumetse), Childhood & Legs Amputation Story, Life History, Family, Husband, Marriage, Children, Pregnancy

Neo Kirchbaby Nationality, Country Of Origin: Where is Neo Kirchbaby from? Neo Kirchbaby is originally from Botswana, Southern African country.

Neo Kirchbaby Real Name: Neo Kirchbaby Real name is Neo Keitumetse.

Neo Kirchbaby Legs, Amputation: How She Lost Her Legs

What Happened To Neo Kirchbaby Keitumetse Legs?

Picture of Neo Kirchbaby Legs

Neo Keitumetse aka Neo Kirchbaby is an amputee who lost her legs at the age of five (5). Neo Kirchbaby was born with a congenital defect in her legs which made her 2 legs to be amputated at the young age of five, thus growing without her two legs.

Speaking about what happened to her legs, amputation, and why her her legs were cut off, Neo Kirchbaby told Barcroft TV in an interview:

'For me it was a birth defect my legs, you know how the legs should be straight but the other leg was facing down."

'My mom took the advice of the doctors, they told her that there is nothing to do so they decided to amputate both of them in 1994 and I was five years old.'

Neo Kirchbaby Education

Neo Kirchbaby is a graduate of Carleton University.

She studied hard at high school in Botswana before moving to Canada for her university education on scholarship.

Neo Kirchbaby did well in school and was awarded a scholarship to travel abroad and go to university in Canada.

Neo Kirchbaby Date Of Birth, Birthday: Neo Kirchbaby was born on 14 June 1989 in Molepolole, Botswana.

Neo Kirchbaby Age: How old is Neo Kirchbaby? Neo Kirchbaby is 33 years old as at 2022.

Neo Kirchbaby Height: How tall is Neo Kirchbaby? Neo Kirchbaby is 4"0 feet tall.

Neo Kirchbaby Religion: Neo Kirchbaby is a Christian who believes that God, Jesus made her who she is today, despite her condition.

Neo Kirchbaby Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Neo Kirchbaby was raised by a single mother. She grew up with her elder brother. Neo Kirchbaby did not have her father in the picture during her childhood. She is from a humble background as life wasn't easy for her family.

Neo Kirchbaby Mother: Neo Kirchbaby mother, Ms Keitumetse, was a single mum who raised her alone. Her mother worked very hard to provide for Neo and her brother. One of her mother's jobs was working in a Chinese restaurant and only made 70 Pula per month ($7). However, she worked hard and kept expenses down and managed to provide for them.

Neo Kirchbaby mother now has real estate properties as well as livestock!!!

Neo Kirchbaby Siblings, Brother: Neo Kirchbaby has one sibling brother. The name of her older brother is Moshe (Moses). She is very close to her older brother, and he has been the only father figure & male figure in life before she met her hubby. 

Neo Kirchbaby Sibling Brother

Neo Kirchbaby's brother graduated from the University of Botswana. He is a successful accountant/auditor in Gaborone – the capital city of Botswana. He is married to his lovely wife with five kids. He enjoys going to the Lands (cattle-post) and raising his cattle – like a shepherd.

Neo Kirchbaby Married, Marriage, Wedding Pictures: Is Neo Kirchbaby married? Yes, Neo Kirchbaby got married to Garrett Kirchway, her husband on 29 October 2016.

Wedding Pictures of Neo Kirchbaby & Garrett Kirchway
You May Kiss The Bride: Neo Kirchbaby Wedding

Neo Kirchbaby Husband: Who is Neo Kirchbaby Husband? Neo Kirchbaby husband's name is Garrett Kirchway. He is an American Entrepreneur and the father of her 4 kids which includes, twins - sons.

Pictures of Neo Kirchbaby and Husband, Garrett Kirchway
Neo Kirchbaby Husband

"I am thankful for my husband every single day. He looks beyond the physical. Thanks Lord"

"I love this man. He supports my youtube career. He even takes funny pictures with me for thumbnails. I am a blessed wife 😘😍😍😊" - Neo Kirchbaby hailed her husband on Instagram.

Neo Kirchbaby Husband Age: How old is Neo Kirchbaby Husband? Neo Kirchbaby husband, Garrett Kirchway is in his 55 years old as at 2022. Neo Kirchbaby husband, Garrett Kirchway is 22 years older than her.

How Did Neo Kirchbaby Meet Her Husband? Neo Kirchbaby met her American husband, Garrett Kirchway in a church when she travelled to America for the first time to meet her online friend, not knowing that she would equally get to meet her husband. 

Neo Kirchbaby happened to walk into the church her husband was attending at the time. They hit it off great. They spent the entire afternoon together, her first afternoon in America. He took her out to dinner - Chinese food.

Who Is Garrett Kirchway?

Pictures of Garrett Kirchway

Garrett Kirchway is Neo Kirchbaby's husband. His nationality is American and his net worth is about $4 Million US Dollars as at 2022.

Garrett Kirchway is 55 years old as at 2022. He is a father of 4 children with his amputee wife, Neo Kirchbaby.

Neo Kirchbaby Children Names, Pictures & Their Ages

Neo Kirchbaby Dance Video: Amputee Mother without legs Dances with her 3 Children (sons)

Neo Kirchbaby Children, Sons: Neo Kirchbaby has four (4) children - sons - with her husband, Garrett Kirchway. The names of Neo Kirchbaby Children are, Caleb, Joshua, Michael and the fourth child who is her newest baby.

Neo Kirchbaby Children

Neo Kirchbaby Twins - Sons: Neo Kirchbaby has a twin son and their names are Caleb and Joshua. Neo Kirchbaby twins are identical.

Neo Kirchbaby Twin Sons

Neo Kirchbaby Twins Sons' Age, Date Of Birth: How old are Neo Kirchbaby Twins sons? Neo Kirchbaby twin boys, Caleb and Joshua Kirchway were born on 24 June 2017. They are currently 5 years old now as at 2022. They are left handed like their dad.

Neo Kirchbaby Third Child: The name of Neo Kirchbaby third child and son is Michael Kirchway. He was born on 7 January 2020. He is currently 2 years old now as at 2022.

Neo Kirchbaby and Her Third Child, Michael

Neo Kirchbaby's 3rd child son, Michael aka Mikey will celebrate his 3rd birthday in January 2022.

Neo Kirchbaby Fourth Baby

Neo Kirchbaby had announced that she was pregnant with her fourth child on her Instagram page and YouTube channel. She shared several videos and maternity photos.

Neo Kirchbaby also announced that she was set to welcome her 4th child in October 2022 and would share her childbirth experiences on her YouTube and Instagram accounts.

The Gender of Neo Kirchbaby Fourth Child: is likely a baby boy dye to the colour and type of clothes she bought for her new born baby. 

Updated: Neo Kirchbaby Fourth Child is a baby boy. She now has 4 sons.

Neo Kirchbaby Net Worth: How much is Neo Kirchbaby Net Worth? Neo Kirchbaby Net Worth is estimated at about $150,000 US Dollars in 2022. She makes money mainly from her YouTube channel Adsense earnings.

Neo Kirchbaby House and Cars: Neo Kirchbaby and her husband recently started building their own house. They have nice car.

Neo Kirchbaby Phone Number, Contact: Neo Kirchbaby can be contacted via her website and Instagram account.

Neo Kirchbaby Instagram: Neo Kirchbaby Instagram page Account Profile Handle is 


Neo Kirchbaby Website: Neo Kirchbaby Website is

Neo Kirchbaby YouTube: Neo Kirchbaby YouTube Channel is Neo KirchBaby. Neo KirchBaby joined YouTube on Jul 26, 2018.

"Welcome to my channel. My name is Neo. I am a double amputee wife and mother of twin boys. This channel shows my daily life with my wonderful family. 

Come join us for vlogs, parenting skills, lifestyle or anything related to being a wife and mom." Her YouTube about profile reads.

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Anonymous said…
Neo sells herself mainly on having no legs. She didn't qualify at university in Canada neither did her husband in Oregon. Garrett Kirchway calls himself an entrepreneur but lives in his parents house due to getting into debt twice while working 2 jobs in fast food restaurants, one being Taco Bell. Neo has never worked and said she always wanted to meet a man who would enable her to be a stay at home mum. Education in Botswana was at a completely different level to education in Canada, Neo found the work difficult and failed.
Anonymous said…
Neo said on her YouTube channel recently that her father died when she was young yet in this article she said her mother was a single mother and her father wasn't in her life. If you watch her videos you will hear many inconsistencies and lies. The most recent lies she told was before her 2023 visit to Botswana. Neo said she was going to go on a safari, she was going to visit other African countries and finally she was going to use her prosthetics for 30 minutes every day so that she could walk properly and take her children out. Neo did none of the listed things, her subscribers were left deeply disappointed because all she did was the same things she did 2 years previous when she visited Botswana, she just sat around waiting to be fed by family members or her husband. Neo doesn't want to use her legs because it would make her look too abled bodied, she fears she wouldn't have anything else to sell herself on. I was shocked one day when Neo said in one of her videos that "people look down on me anyway so why not sell myself on having no legs" she realised what she had said so quickly took the video down and edited it out.
Anonymous said…
Neo have told many lies on her trip to Botswana, she said she returned back to the United States and still showing videos where is slaughter goats in Botswana,She feels like she have no legs people should feel sorry for her and donate money to looks the twins boys have Autism
Anonymous said…
In Neo's recent video in September 2023 she claims she is going to cook world foods from around the world without knowing anything about the authenticity of how the real dishes taste. Neo has no friends or friends from the countries she is planning the menu's from. She doesn't have taste testers to test the food and is only a basic cook herself so wouldn't have a clue how to construct an elaborate dish.
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