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History Of Mohammed Abacha: Everything To Know About (Abacha Son) Mohammed Abacha Profile, Wife, Children, Family, Father, Mother, Siblings, Religion, CV, Education, Properties, Wealth, Riches, Net Worth, House, Cars

Who is Muhammad Sani Abacha?
Mohammed Abacha (born 4 September 1967) is a Nigerian Politician, Businessman and the eldest son of Sani Abacha, the late Former Military Head of State of Nigeria.
Mohammed Abacha net worth is about $200 Million US Dollars, estimated at about ₦120,000,000,000 Billion in Naira.

Mohammed Abacha also known as Muhammad Sani Abacha is Kano born Politician, Billionaire Enterprenuer and the son of the late General Sani Abacha.

Mohammed Abacha was born in Kano State on 4th September 1967 to his parents, a Nigerian military officer, General Sani Abacha and his wife, Maryam Abacha. He hails from Kano State.

Pictures of Mohammed Abacha

Photos of Sani Abacha First Son, Mohammed Abacha

Mohammed Abacha Profile Bio Data Wiki Facts

Name: Mohammed Abacha

Full Name: Muhammad Sani Abacha

Nationality: Nigerian

State Of Origin: Kano State

Hometown: Kano

Tribe: Kanuri-Shuwa

Religion: Islam (Muslim)

Date Of Birth: 4 September 1967

Birthday: 4th September

Age: 55 Years Old

Occupation, Career: Politician, Businessman

Net Worth: $200 Million US Dollars

Net Worth In Naira: ₦120,000,000,Billion in Naira

Relationship, Marital Status: Married

Divorced: No

Spouses, Wife: Munirat Fatima Abacha, Samira Abacha

Number Of Wives: 2

First Wife: Munirat Fatima Abacha

Second Wife: Samira Abacha

Parents: General Sani Abacha, Maryam Abacha

Father: Sani Abacha

Mother: Maryam Abacha

Number Of Siblings: 9
Siblings Names: Ibrahim Abacha, Abba Sani Abacha, Mahmud Sani Abacha, Sadiq Abacha, Zainab Abacha, Fatima Gumsu Abacha, Rakiya Abacha, Abdullahi Abacha,
Mustapha Abacha.
Sisters: 3
Brothers: 6
Facebook: Mohammed Sani Abacha
Instagram: mohdabacha2019

Full Biography Of Mohammed Abacha, Career, Occupation, Life History, Family Background, Education, Parents, Siblings, Children, Married Marriage, Wedding, Wives, Political Party

Mohammed Abacha Biography
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Who is Muhammad Sani Abacha?

Mohammed Abacha Photos

Biography Wikipedia: Mohammed Abacha is a Nigerian born Politician, Businessman, Chairman & CEO of Selcon International Ltd and Kano PDP Governorship Candidate for 2023.

Muhammad Sani Abacha is the eldest surviving son of Nigeria's former military ruler, the late general Sani Abacha, and his wife Maryam Abacha.

Mohammed Sani Abacha is the Group Chairman & CEO at Selcon International Ltd.

Mohammed Abacha Political Career
Muhammad Abacha is a household name in Kano state politics.
Mohammed Abacha identifies with all, young and old, rich and poor. He is so humble that he goes about his daily living as if he is not an heir apparent to late General Sani Abacha, a man who died in active service for his country.

Political Party: Mohammed Abacha is a member of the People's Democratic party (PDP) in Kano State.

Mohammed Abacha Kano Governorship Campaign Posters
Mohammed Abacha For Governor Kano State 2023

Governorship Candidate: Mohammed Abacha is the Kano PDP Governorship Candidate for 2023 Election.

Mohammed Abacha has been contesting for the governorship election in Kano state and for one reason or the other he could not make it.

He is a familiar face when it comes to the governorship election in Kano. Muhammed Abacha picked the PDP nomination forms for the Kano governorship election in 2015 before he stepped down on the eve of the governorship primaries. 

In 2019, Mohammed Abacha contested for Kano Governor under APDA and lost. Some of his proposed policies included,

- "My government will successfully move Kano State away from the federal allocation dependent economy to one that rewards innovation, creative thinking and hard work. For far too long, we have depended on allocation from the federal government to drive state because leadership has been lazy. That will change when I become the governor. The knowledge economy is what drives cities and nations, not its non-renewable resources.

- The agenda of a government under my leadership includes the following:

Leadership and Governance
• Compose a world-class, “first eleven” team based on merit and inclusive governance to drive government policy. We will be ready on Day One. The appointment of all senior officials of my administration will be announced within 48 hours. My government will enthrone evidence-based public policy, strategy and risk management as tools of effective and modern governance."

• Establish and propagate through the educational system a foundational philosophical worldview for the State, around which all citizen will unite in a common purpose."

"If elected as your Governor on 2nd March, 2019 , I will represent a government that stands for fairness, equality, opportunity and justice. I'm proud that APDA's manifesto has a fully-costed plan that centres around building an economic recovery that is fair to everyone". #votemohammedabacha"

- "Our Mission is to make Kano another economic giant. Our State needs a governor who brings Investments not who will kill Investment. Our State needs a governor who generates wealth for the people not who takes the wealth away."

After three unsuccessful attempts to becoming the governor of Kano state, Abacha's son, Mohammed Abacha has learned a lot about Kano politics and the influence of his family may help him to achieve his ambition in 2023.
Photo Of Mohammed Abacha and Atiku Abubakar
Photo of Mohammed Abacha and Senator Orji Uzor Kalu

Mohammed Abacha Educational Background
Mohammed Sani Abacha graduated from the University of Maiduguri (Unimaid).
He attended Nigeria Military School, Zaria.

Mohammed Abacha State Of Origin, Home Town: Where is Mohammed Abacha from? Mohammed Abacha is from Kano State, Nigeria.
Mohammed Abacha Tribe: What tribe is Mohammed Abacha? Abacha is Kanuri-Shuwa by tribe.

Mohammed Abacha Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Mohammed Abacha was born on 4 September 1967.

Mohammed Abacha Age: How old is Mohammed Abacha (Sani Abacha First Son)? Mohammed Abacha is 55 years old in 2022. Abacha's first son, Muhammed Abacha celebrates his 55th birthday on 4th September 2022.

Mohammed Abacha Sexuality, Sexual Orientation: Is Mohammed Abacha gay, bisexual or straight? Mohammed Abacha is straight.

Mohammed Abacha Religion: Is Mohammed Abacha a Christian or Muslim? Mohammed Abacha is a devout Muslim.

Mohammed Abacha Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Mohammed Abacha was born into the family of General Sani Abacha and Maryam Abacha. Mohammed Abacha has 9 Siblings - 6 brothers and 3 sisters.

Mohammed Abacha is the eldest son of Late General Sani Abacha and Maryam Abacha.
He is from a Northern Muslim family.

Mohammed Abacha Family Picture

Mohammed Abacha Parents: The Parents of Mohammed Abacha are General Sani Abacha and Maryam Abacha. His father is Abacha, the late ex military head of state of Nigeria while his mother, Maryam Abacha,who is still alive was the former First Lady of Nigeria.
Pictures of Mohammed Abacha Parents

Childhood photo of Mohammed Abacha and his father, Sani Abacha

Mohammed Abacha Father
: Who is Mohammed Abacha father? Mohammed Abacha father is Sani Abacha (20 September 1943 – 8 June 1998) who was a Nigerian general who ruled as the military head of state of Nigeria from 1993 until his death in 1998.

His father, Abacha was the first Nigerian Army officer to attain the rank of a full military general without skipping a single rank. He remains the most feared Military dictator in the history of Nigeria.

Pictures of Sani Abacha, Mohammed Abacha Father

Photos of Mohammed Abacha Father, Sani Abacha

Mohammed Abacha Father's Death: Mohammed Abacha's father, Sani Abacha died on 8th June 1998 in the Aso Rock Presidential Villa in Abuja. He was buried on the same day according to Muslim tradition and without an autopsy, fueling speculation that he may have been assassinated.

Mohammed Abacha Mother: Mohammed Abacha's mother is Maryam Abacha (born 4 March 1949). She is the widow of Sani Abacha, Nigeria's military ruler from 1993 to 1998.

Mohammed Abacha mother, Maryam Abacha is still alive and not dead. She is the most beautiful first lady Nigeria has ever had.
Pictures of Mohammed Abacha Mother, Maryam Abacha

Photos of Maryam Abacha, Abacha's Wife & Mohammed Abacha Mother

Celebrating his mother's birthday on 4th March, Muhammed Abacha wrote:

"Happy Buffday to the mother of the Nation, May Allah Subhanahu Wata'ala continue to shower his blessings on you, more good health and Prosperity.
 Happy Buffday Inna."

Mohammed Abacha Siblings, Brothers, Sisters: Mohammed Abacha has six (6) brothers and three (3) sisters. The names of Mohammed Abacha siblings brothers and sisters are,
Late Ibrahim Abacha,
Abba Sani Abacha,
Mahmud Sani Abacha,
Sadiq Abacha,
Zainab Abacha,
Fatima Gumsu Abacha,
Rakiya Abacha,
Abdullahi Abacha,
Mustapha Abacha.
Pictures of Mohammed Abacha Sister, Fatima Gumsu Abacha who got married to Yobe Governor Mai Mala Buni

Mohammed Abacha eldest brother, Late Ibrahim Abacha died in a plane crash many years ago.

Mohammed Abacha Brother, Sadiq Abacha is married to Hudayyah. He is the founder of Orion Atlantic LTD.

Mohammed Abacha Married, Marriage, Wedding Pictures: Is Mohammed Abacha married? Yes, Mohammed Abacha is married to two wives - Munirat Fatima Abacha and Samira Adi with many children.
Photo of Mohammed Abacha and His Wife, Samira Adi Abacha

Mohammed Abacha Wives: How Many Wives does Mohammed Abacha have? Mohammed Abacha has two wives, namely, Munirat Fatima Abacha and Samira Abacha.

Mohammed Abacha Wife: Who is Mohammed Abacha wife, name, pictures? The name of Mohammed Abacha first wife is Munirat Fatima Abacha while his second wife is Samira Abacha nee Adi.
Photos of Mohammed Abacha Wife

Mohammed Abacha First Wife: Who is Mohammed Abacha first wife? Munirat Fatima Abacha is Mohammed Abacha's first wife.

Mohammed Abacha Second Wife: Mohammed Abacha's second wife is Samira Adi Abacha. Mohammed Abacha got married to his second wife, Samira Adi in August 2011 in a quiet wedding ceremony attended by family and friends.
Samira Adi, Mohammed Abacha wife is a ravishing beauty from the Northern parts of Nigeria and allegedly Abba Abacha’s former love interest. This was the reason why the family initially opposed the marriage.
Samira Adi Abacha was once married to a very rich northerner who was into Oil and Gas before he died.
Pictures of Mohammed Abacha Secondary Wife, Samira Adi Abacha

Mohammed Abacha Children, Son, Daughter: Mohammed Abacha has many children, sons, daughters with his 2 wives.

Mohammed Abacha Net Worth 2022, Forbes, Dollars, Naira
How much is Mohammed Abacha net worth?
Mohammed Abacha Net Worth is about $200 Million US Dollars as at 2022.

Mohammed Abacha Net Worth In Naira: Mohammed Abacha net worth is about ₦120,000,000,Billion in Naira.

Mohammed Abacha House, Cars, Mansion

House and Cars: Mohammed Abacha lives in Kano mansion and drives nice luxury cars, jeeps.

Mohammed Abacha Phone Number, WhatsApp, Contact: Mohammed Abacha phone Number is +2348055017474.

Mohammed Abacha Instagram: Mohammed Abacha Instagram page Account Profile Handle is mohdabacha2019.

Mohammed Abacha Corruption Charges, Money laundering

During his father, Sani Abacha's military rule, Mohammed Abacha was allegedly involved in looting the government. A preliminary report published by the Abdulsalami Abubakar transitional government in November 1998 described the process. Sani Abacha told his National Security Adviser Ismaila Gwarzo to provide fake funding requests, which Abacha approved. The funds were usually sent in cash or travellers' cheques by the Central Bank of Nigeria to Gwarzo Kuncnoni, who took them to Abacha's house. Mohammed Abacha then arranged to launder the money to offshore accounts. An estimated $1.4 billion in cash was delivered in this way.

The eldest surviving son of Mr Abacha, Mohammed Abacha played an instrumental role in the conspiracy to steal hundreds of millions of dollars from Nigeria and launder the criminal proceeds throughout the world, according to various court documents.

Investigators said Mohammed Abacha received and helped to launder more than $700 million in cash stolen directly from Nigeria’s public coffers. He is also a signatory and/or a corporate representative designated on many of the Abacha’s assets.

After Mr Abacha’s death, the kleptocrat’s son was charged with the murder of Kudirat Abiola, the wife of Moshood Abiola, the winner of the annulled 1993 Presidential election. Mohammed Abacha was acquitted in 2002 after he agreed that the Abacha family would return stolen funds to Nigeria.


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