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Latest Instagram Photos: All About Ada Ameh Bio, Wikipedia, Family, Children, Daughter, Married, Husband, Death, Tribe,Net Worth, House, Cars, Sickness, Obituary, Funeral Arrangement, Burial Details, Corpse, State Of Origin, Hometown, Height, Education, Movies, Ada Ameh Images, Facebook Photos, Ig Pics, Twitter, Interview, LinkedIn, YouTube, Ada Ameh Dead Or Alive, Cause Of Death, Illness, Mental Health, Hospital, Boyfriend, Baby Daddy, Ada Ameh grandchild, Hairstyles

Life History Of Ada Ameh: Everything To Know About Ada Ameh Profile, Biography, Husband, Death, Daughter, Burial, Sickness, Illness, Mental Health, Net Worth, Family, Children, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings, Movies, Funeral, Obituary

Ada Ameh: 30 Pictures, Photos, Pics, Images Of Late Nollywood Actress Ada Ameh, Daughter, Family, Parents, Mother, Children, Child, Husband, Burial

Who Is Ada Ameh?

Ada Ameh (born 15 May 1974) is a Nigerian Nollywood actress, Comedian, Entrepreneur, Filmmaker, CEO of Adylad Productions, Philantropist, Single Mother & a motivational speaker who was popularly known for her first movie 'Domitilla' and the TV Show 'The Johnsons'.
Ada Ameh Net Worth is about $300,000 US Dollars as at 2022, estimated at ₦180,000,000 Million in Naira.

Ada Ameh died after collapsing in Warri on 17 July 2022 at the age of 48. She is survived by her mother. She had Suffered depression for years after the death of her 6 siblings - 3 brothers and 3 sisters, her dad and lastly, her only child and daughter, causing her to have mental health breakdown.

Ada Ameh hails from Benue State, Nigeria. She is Idoma by tribe, Idoma is a tribe in Benue State. Her first movie was in Zeb Ejiro’s 1996 movie Domitilla.

"I am Idoma From Benue State
I am from Benue State. I am an Idoma girl. My dad is from Benue and my mum is from Akwa Ibom. But I was born and raised in Lagos at the Naval Barracks on Malu (Mobil) road in Ajegunle." Ada Ameh said in an interview.

What Happened To Ada Ameh?
Ada Ameh is dead. Ada Ameh died in hospital on 17th July 2022 after battling mental health problem after her only child and daughter died in 2020. She died after collapsing in Warri on 17 July 2022 at the age of 48.

Pictures of Ada Ameh (Late Nollywood Actress)

Photos Of Ada Ameh

Ada Ameh Profile Bio Wiki Data Facts

Name: Ada Ameh

Full Name: Ada Grace Ameh

Nationality: Nigerian

State Of Origin: Benue State

Tribe: Idoma

Place Of Birth: Lagos

Religion: Christian

Date Of Birth: 15 May 1974

Birthday: 15th May

Age: 48 Years Old

Height: 5"6 Feet tall

Occupation, Career: Actress, Businesswoman, Filmmaker

Net Worth: $300,000 US Dollars

Relationship, Marital Status: Single Mother

Partner, Boyfriend: George Deegha

Married: No

Divorced: No

Children: 1 (Late)

Daughter: Aladi Godgifts

Instagram: adaameh

Full Biography Of Ada Ameh, Career, Occupation, Life History, Family, Death, Child's Death, Daughter, Burial, Movies, Photos

Late Ada Ameh Pictures

Biography Wikipedia: Ada Ameh (15 May 1974 - 17 July 2022) was a Nigerian born Nollywood Actress, Movie Producer, Comedian, Businesswoman who was popularly known for her roles in 'Domitilla' and 'The Johnsons'.
Ada Ameh died on the 17th of July 2022 after battling mental health challenge. She died two years after her only child, daughter's death.

Ada Ameh Nollywood Movie Career

Ada Ameh started her acting career when she joined Nollywood in the year 1996. Her first movie was Anita movie titled “Domitilla” starring Ann Njemanze and Kate Henshaw where she played the role of a Prostitute named Anita in 1996.

Ada Ameh also features as Emu Johnson in the award winning Nigerian Tv series titled The Johnsons. In The Johnsons Tv series, she featured alongside other Nollywood actors such as Charles Inojie, Chinedu Ikedieze & Olumide Oworu. She died on Sunday 17 July 2022. There had been reports in newspapers that she had been facing mental health challenges.

Ada Ameh Movies: List of Ada Ameh movies and TV shows are,
Aki na Ukwa (with Osita Iheme & Chinedu Ikedieze)
Phone Swap (with Wale Ojo, Chika Okpala, Nse Ikpe-Etim & Joke Silva)
Blood Money
Our Husband
King of Shitta
Ghana Must Go
A Million Baby
One Good Turn
Double Trouble
My Village People (2021)

Tv Series
The Johnsons

Ada Ameh TVC Interview: watch

Ada Ameh Educational Background
Ada Ameh attended both primary and secondary school education in Lagos state but later quit school at age 14 after she got pregnant as a teenager.

Ada Ameh State Of Origin, Hometown, Village: Where is Ada Ameh from? Ada Ameh is from Benue State, Nigeria.

Ada Ameh Tribe: What tribe is Ada Ameh? Ada Ameh is Idoma by tribe. Idoma is a tribe in Benue State.

Ada Ameh Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Ada Ameh was born on 15 May 1974.

Ada Ameh Real Age: How old is Ada Ameh? Ada Ameh the late Ada Ameh was 48 years old when she died. Ada Ameh celebrated her 48th Birthday on 15th May 2022.
Celebrating her last Birthday on 15th May 2022, Ada Ameh wrote:

"Inspite of all,this is the day that lord has made and I'll rejoice and be gland indeed for the lord is good and His mercy endureth forever. Happy birthday to me."

Ada Ameh Religion: Is Ada Ameh a Christian or Muslim? Ada Ameh was a Christian before her death. She described herself as a 'Lover of God' on her Instagram page.

Ada Ameh Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Ada Ameh was born into the family of Mr and Mrs Ameh who are her parents. She has other siblings - 3 brothers and 3 sisters who are all dead.
Ada Ameh father is from Benue State and her mother is from Akwa Ibom. Her father is late but her mother is still alive.
Pictures of Ada Ameh Mother. Her mum is still alive
Ada Ameh Siblings, Sisters, Brothers: Ada Ameh has a sibling sister and her name is Ajuma. She was an ex-international footballer. She later turned a coach. She played football all her life. She died in 2018.
Ada Ameh's 3 Siblings sisters and 3 brothers died few years back. Then her daughter died in 2020. This pushed her into depression.

Ada Ameh Video Interview Talking about the death of her 6 Siblings and daughter. Watch 

Ada Ameh Married, Marriage, Wedding Pictures: Is Ada Ameh married? No, Ada Ameh was never married. She was a single mom who had a baby out of wedlock at Age 14.

Ada Ameh Husband: Who is Ada Ameh Husband, name, pictures? Ada Ameh had no husband as she was never married to any Husband but she had a child, a daughter named Aladi Godgifts.

Ada Ameh Boyfriend: Who is Ada Ameh boyfriend, name, pictures? The name of Ada Ameh boyfriend and lover is George Deegha.

George Deegha whose full name is George Menewah Deegha is the boyfriend of Nollywood actress, Ada Ameh. They were lovers, dating and in a love relationship.
Picture of George Deegha, Ada Ameh Boyfriend

Mourning his late girlfriend, Ada Ameh, George Deegha wrote on his Instagram page: “How my world crumbled before me, I have lost you, you were my friend, partner, soul mate. I feel lost and alone, I do not know what to do. it is a never ending nightmare of pain for me, like a nail being drilled into my heart, aches and pull out. I know I will never get over your death , somehow I have to get through it. this grief is indescribable.”

Ada Ameh Baby Daddy: Ada Ameh baby daddy is not known. She never revealed the identity of the man that got her pregnant at 14.

Ada Ameh Children, Child, Daughter: How many children does Ada Ameh have? Ada Ameh had only one child, a daughter. The name of Ada Ameh's child was Aladi Godgifts.

Ada Ameh died without a child as her only child died in 2020 before her own death.
Photo of Ada Ameh Child - Daughter

Ada Ameh Daughter, Death: The name of Ada Ameh Daughter was Aladi Godgifts. Her daughter died in October 2020.
Ada Ameh Daughter Obituary Picture

Ada Ameh Net Worth: How much is Ada Ameh net worth? Ada Ameh Net Worth was about $300,000 US Dollars as at 2022.

Ada Ameh House and Cars: Ada Ameh lived in Lagos and had her own car.

Ada Ameh Phone Number, WhatsApp, Contact: Not available.

Ada Ameh Instagram: Ada Ameh Instagram page Account Profile Handle is adaameh. Ada Ameh had 302K followers on her Instagram page as at the time of her death.

Ada Ameh last instagram post before her death was on 17th July 2022 and it read:
"Happy new week fams ❤️❤️
This trip for my friends elder sister, is just an enjoyment gallow!!!
Thanks my darling sister phil❤️❤️
I really enjoyed myself!!
God bless my love ❤️❤️
May dreams come true in Jesus Christ name 🙏 🙏 🙏"

Ada Ameh Dead, Death: Is Ada Ameh Dead Or Alive? Yes, Ada Ameh is dead. She died on Sunday 17th July 2022 in hospital.

Ada Ameh Cause Of Death, Sickness, Illness, Mental Health: What Killed Ada Ameh? Ada Ameh was suffering from Mental Health Disease after the death of her 6 Siblings, Father, only child and daughter. She died after collapsing in Warri on 17 July 2022 at the age of 48.

Actress Ada Ameh disclosed her mental health challenge in an Instagram Post on 15th June 2022 and said: "I have an issue and it's taking my life".

Charles Inojie Of The Johnson Mourns Ada Ameh

It has taken a while to authenticate this sad news before going public under advisement from Ada's manager who was on his way to Warri to secure physical confirmation of the horrible news that hit us all this morning. He has just called in from Warri and sadly he has confirmed our worst fears... Our beloved Emuakpor Johnson is no more!

It is with deep sense of loss, total submission to the will of God, that Native Media Tv, cast and crew of @theofficialthejohnsons painfully announce the passing of our dear sister, friend, colleague and Matriarch of The Johnsons clan Ada Obande Ameh (aka Emuakpor Johnson).

To all our teeming fans around the world, we have truly lost a rare and vibrant gem, but celebrate the life of an icon who daily put smiles on every face and spread love in every home. Together, we join our voices with yours to offer prayers on behalf of the family. May God grant them the fortitude to bear this irreplaceable loss. ADA, You will be missed but your memory will live on in our hearts forever. We love you

Tchidi Chikere Mourns Ada Ameh:

Just the other day we were all together on my movie set. You made everybody laugh with your jokes. You were full of life...only mentioned to me you ve been in and out of hospital.for a while since you lost your ddnt say it was life threathening..only said "Tchidi sometimes i no de get myself since my daughter died..i dey go hospital de come back". But you were cheerful and did your work well...This is so so sad. Life is indeed is given and nobody can claim to own it. Journey well my dear sister. This one broke me o. 

Ada Ameh Burial, Obituary, Funeral Arrangement Details: Has Ada Ameh been buried? No, Ada Ameh has not been buried as her family has not yet revealed her Burial details and arrangement.

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