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Latest Instagram Photos: Oxlade Bio, Wikipedia, Net Worth, Birthday, Family, Father, Parents, Height, State Of Origin, Hometown, Real Name, Record Label, Hairstyles, Tattoos, Siblings, Mother, Songs, Married, Wife, Girlfriend, Tape, Education, Oxlade Images, Facebook Photos, Ig Pics, Videos, Shirtless Pictures

History Of Oxlade: Everything To Know About (Ikuforiji Olaitan Abdulrahman) Oxlade Profile, Girlfriend, Tape Scandal, Family, Parents, Net Worth, Father, Mother, Siblings

Who Is Oxlade?

Oxlade whose real name is Ikuforiji Olaitan Abdulrahman (born 22 April 1997) is a Nigerian singer and songwriter who became popular after the release of the song 'Away', which appeared on Rolling Stone 50 best songs of 2020.

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About Oxlade Profile Bio Wiki Data Facts

Name: Oxlade

Full, Real Name: Ikuforiji Olaitan Abdulrahman

Nationality: Nigerian

State Of Origin: Lagos State

Hometown: Surulere, Ikeja

Tribe: Yoruba

Religion: Christian

Place Of Birth: Surulere, Lagos

Date Of Birth: 22 April 1997

Birthday: 22nd April

Age: 25 Years Old (In 2022)

Height: 5"6 feet tall

Career, Occupation: Singer, Songwriter

Net Worth: $500,000 US Dollars

Net Worth In Naira: ₦275,000,000

Parents: Mr and Mrs Ikuforiji

Father: Mr Abdulrahman Ikuforiji

Mother: Mrs Abdulrahman Ikuforiji (Late)

Relationship, Marital Status: Single

Married: No

Wife: No

Girlfriend: Yes

Children, Child: No

Baby Mama: No

Record Labels: Epic Records, Knostra Music, The Plug Entertainment, Substrate Music

Genre: Afrobeats, Rhythm and blues, Alternative rock, Afropop

Tattooed: Yes

Hairstyles: Braids, Dreadlocks

Education: Lagos State University (Dropout)

Instagram: oxladeofficial

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Oxlade Biography and net worth

Oxlade Biography Wikipedia

What tribe is oxlade?

How old is oxlade the singer?

Where is oxlade State of Origin?

Oxlade State of Origin

Oxlade Olaitan

Oxlade record label

Oxlade musician age

Oxlade pictures

Oxlade real name

Oxlade songs

Oxlade biography

Oxlade musician

Oxlade cars

Oxlade father

Oxlade net worth

Oxlade age

Oxlade instagram

Biography, Wikipedia: Ikuforiji Olaitan Abdulrahman popularly known as Oxlade is a Nigerian born Singer and Songwriter who became famous over his sex scandals involving his girlfriend.

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Oxlade Early Life, Childhood History & Story

Oxlade was born on 22nd April 1997 in Surulere, Lagos State.

Oxlade was raised by his maternal grandmother after the death of his mother at a tender age of 3.

Oxlade father, Mr Ikuforiji, was a lecturer at the Lagos State University (LASU), where he gained admission to study History and International Relations. He enrolled for two years before dropping off to purse his musical career.

Photo of Oxlade And 2Baba 2face Idibia

Oxlade Songs, Music Career

Bizzle Osikoya who is A&R executive, approached Oxlade in 2018, just after the release of "Mamiwota" by Blaqbonez, off the Bad Boy Blaq ep, released through 100 Crowns, an imprint of Chocolate City. 

Oxlade signed a management deal with The Plug after meeting with Bizzle Osikoya. Oxlade signed a publishing, licensing and distribution deal with The Plug Entertainment, and a record deal with Troniq Music.

Oxlade And Davido: Davido allowed Oxlade to perform at City of David concert in Lagos on 27th December 2018

Pictures of Oxlade and Davido

Oxlade And Wizkid: Oxlade opened for Wizkid in London at Star Boy Fest in 2019.

Picture of Oxlade and Wizkid

Oxlade 'Away'

Oxlade released the music video for 'Away', directed by TG Omori for Troniq Music on 13th of April 2020. 

Oxlade told Tami Makinde of The Native, he was instructed by TG Omori, to sit on his girlfriend's lap on 15 April 2020, to personify the popular saying "behind every successful man is a woman".

Oxlade And Drake: Drake posted a screenshot on his Instagram story, listening to 'Away' on 7 November 2020. Immediately after Drake made the post, Oxlade gained 3 million streams with 24 hours. 

Oxlade achieved mainstream recognition with his hit track "Away" which peaked at number twenty three on the Nigeria's TurnTable Top 50 Yearly chart, off his ep Oxygene, released through Troniq Music, and The Plug Entertainment, on 27 March 2020. 

Oxlade DKT

Oxlade released "DKT" independently on 3rd September 2020, and peaked at number 13 on Billboard Top Triller Global chart. He released the music video of "DKT" on 10 May 2021, shot and directed by Dammy Twitch.

Oxlade, Dolapo, and Ms Banks 'Interest'

Oxlade's collaboration with Dolapo, and Ms Banks on their song "Interest" in January 2021, earned him his first entry on Capital XTRA Airplay Chart at number eleven on 18 February 2021 and also earned him, his first career entry on UK Afrobeats Singles Chart at number ten, and spent twelve consecutive weeks on chart.

Pictures of Oxlade and Poco Lee

Oxlade Ojuju

Oxlade earned his second entry on the UK Afrobeats Singles Chart with his track "Ojuju", in October 2021, which was on chart for 5 consecutive weeks, since October 3, 2021. Oxlade's Ojuju also peaked at number thirteen on Nigeria's TurnTable Top 50 weekly chart. 

Oxlade released the official music video for "Ojuju", directed and shot by Ademola Falomo on 3rd September 2021. 

Oxlade And Ice Prince: Oxlade was featured on the single "Kolo" by Ice Prince, which spent eighteen consecutive weeks on chart, and peaked at number eight on TurnTable Top 50 weekly chart.

Oxlade Overdue

Oxlade was featured on the song "Overdue" from Coming 2 America studio album Rhythms of Zamunda, curated by Sipho Dlamini, and released on 5 March 2021, through Def Jam Africa, and Def Jam Recordings.

Pictures of Oxlade Performing on Stage

Oxlade And Troniq Music: Troniq Music and Oxlade, released the four-tracks extended play Eclipse, produced solely by DJ Coublon, through Troniq Music, and Epic Records France on 20th August 2021.

Oxlade And Reimagined At Home: Oxlade performed "Slow Down" by Skip Marley for The Grammy web series popularly known as Reimagined At Home on 24th August 2021. 

Oxlade And Sophie Alakija: Oxlade was Sophie Alakija boyfriend and love interest in the music video of '02', featuring Sophie Alakija as Oxlade's girlfriend.

Oxlade And Sophie Alakija shared a kiss in '02' music video.

Pictures of Oxlade And Sophie Alakija (Wizkid's Ex Girlfriend)

Oxlade Education Background, School, University

After his primary and secondary school education, Oxlade gained admission to study History and International Relations in Lagos State University (LASU).

Oxlade father wanted him to study Law.

Oxlade The University Drop Out: Is Oxlade a graduate? No, Oxlade is not a university graduate.

Oxlade studied History and International Relations in Lagos State University (LASU) for only two years before dropping out to purse his musical career.

Oxlade is a university drop out.

Oxlade Real Name: Oxlade real name is Ikuforiji Olaitan Abdulrahman.

Nationality, Country Of Origin: Oxlade is from which country? Oxlade is from Nigeria. He is a Nigerian.

Oxlade State Of Origin: Where is oxlade State of Origin in Nigeria? Oxlade is from Lagos State, Nigeria.

Oxlade Home Town, Village: Oxlade hails from Surulere in Lagos State, South West part of Nigeria.

Oxlade Tribe: What tribe is Oxlade? Oxlade is Yoruba by tribe.

Oxlade Date Of Birth, Birthday Age: When was Oxlade born? Oxlade was born on 22 April 1997.

Oxlade Real Age: How old is Oxlade? Oxlade is 24 years old now. Oxlade the musician will celebrate his 25th birthday on 22nd April 2022.

Oxlade Height: How tall is Oxlade? Oxlade is 5"6 Feet Tall.

Pictures of Oxlade Standing Tall at 5"6 Feet height

Checkout Oxlade height

Oxlade Hairstyles, Haircut: Oxlade wears braids, dreadlocks, blond, weird hairstyles.

Photos of Oxlade Hairstyles

Oxlade Tattoo, Photos, Meaning: Oxlade likes tattoos on his body. Oxlade has his neck, hands, tattooed. He rocks a massive face tattoo on his hand.

Pictures of Oxlade Tattoos

Oxlade has not revealed the meaning of his tattoos.

Oxlade has over 4 tattoos. One of Oxlade hand Tattoos has the name 'Olaoluwa Kitan'.

Sexuality, Sexual Orientation: Is Oxlade gay, bisexual or straight? Oxlade is not gay. He is straight. Oxlade doesn't have a gay Boyfriend or gay lover. Oxlade rather does only girls and has a girlfriend who is his lover.

Oxlade Religion: Is Oxlade a Muslim or a Christian? Oxlade is a Christian.

Oxlade Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Oxlade was born into the family of Mr and Mrs Ikuforiji who are his parents.

Oxlade mother is dead while his father is still alive.

Oxlade was raised up by his dad and maternal grandmother after the death of his late mother.

Oxlade is from the Kuforiji family - a family of scholars.

Oxlade Father: Who Is Oxlade Father, Name Pictures? Oxlade father is Mr Abdulrahman Ikuforiji who was a university lecturer.

Oxlade's father, Mr Ikuforiji was a lecturer at Lagos State University (LASU).

Oxlade father used his connections and influence to get his son admitted into Lagos State University.

Oxlade ran away from his father's house after they fell apart.

Oxlade and his father were not really close and not in good terms for years.

What My Father Did To Me - Oxlade Tells Afrobeats

When he was a teenager, Oxlade took a ride with his father, a Lecturer at Lagos State University who had spent long periods being absent after his mother’s death at 3. He had been drafted back into his son’s life because he had the inside connections and influence to get Oxlade admitted into the institution. 

When they got to Ogbomosho—a town five hours away from home in the neighbouring Oyo state—Papa Oxlade made a stop and ordered his son out of the vehicle. His reason being his discomfort with Oxlade pursuing music. He simply did not believe in his son’s art. Their family was renowned for their work in academia, and this son, who he was going out on a limb for, would not be the one to ‘loaf around’ while trying his hands with something as unstable as a career in music.

Oxlade recounts this incident to me. “Shebi it's music money you want to use and chop abi? Let that music come and carry you back home,” We were having drinks at my apartment. “I had to do this bricklayer job for two nights to raise N5000 to come back to Lagos. Yeah, my dad is an extremist,” he says. Oxlade came to terms with his status as a dispensable offspring. With 22 children from numerous women, the loss of one ‘wayward’ child wouldn’t be felt by his father.

Oxlade left home after the incident. He had seen enough of his only surviving parent. He would prefer to be without one at that point. “I ran away from my dad's house after the whole Ogbomoso P,” he explains. It was the beginning of a long arduous journey to chasing his dreams. “I started squatting at different friends' houses. I used to say I have countless mothers. Every friend that I used to squat in their house, their family used to take me in and they were my close friends. Their moms would call me, 'have you eaten? I'd lock you outside if you don't come and eat'. That type of love. Two families. Naya's family - Naya is one of the hottest video directors right now in the country. Then Ojabi who is my current manager and producer. My circle is small but very very effective. I squatted with them before I became shit and they're still my guys till now. And they'd always be my guys,” he says.

"Before my grandma gave me her blessings on my project, she said I had to forgive my father. So I had to go talk to him after like three years, and it was so emotional. So we are cool now."

"My dad wasn't present most of the time. It was after my secondary school that he came back because he's a lecturer. My LASU was easy to enter because he was lecturing in LASU. Even my four years with him weren't ...He did a lot of things to me. He dropped me at Ogbomoso one day and said 'shebi it's music money you want to use and chop abi? Let that music come and carry you back home'. I had to work. "

How My Father Ruined My Switzerland Scholarship - Oxlade Tells Afrobeats

"I had this scholarship thing in Switzerland and I was the only Nigerian, the only African to have the music scholarship. It was like an orchestra. I used to do Orchestra in secondary school. So I just went for the audition and all I needed was a parental guardian to come to the embassy to drop his signature so they know he has somebody over him. The guy told me to go outside. Then he wrote that I'm mentally imbalanced, that I take narcotics. I didn't even know this one. It was when I was about to have sex with one chic and my condom fell under the bed and I wanted to take the condom under the bed that I saw the file. And I just said I should check it and I saw my father's handwriting. He wrote 'my son is mentally disturbed and he takes narcotics. I, as a father wouldn't advise your firm to take him in'."

"He didn't want me to do music. He did everything bro.

He wanted me to be a lawyer that I didn't even now choose. I chose History and International Relations. So he was like any embassy in this world, that's where I want you to work. He just wanted me to do a 9-5. I mean, we are scholars in my family, so it's kinda understandable. The Kuforiji family in LASU is a scholarly name."

"...my grades are fire, I can't even lie. And it's not because I wanted my grades to be fire, but because I wanted to please him. I felt like if I did good in my education, he would let me do what I wanted to do. But it was still extra worse."

Oxlade Mother: Who Is Oxlade Mother? Oxlade mother Mrs Abdulrahman Ikuforiji is late. She died when Oxlade was still tender at age 3.

How old was Oxlade when his Mother died? Oxlade was 3 years old when his mother, Mrs Abdulrahman died.

Oxlade Siblings, Sister, Brother: Oxlade has not revealed much about his siblings - brother, sister.

Oxlade Orphan: Oxlade used to see himself as an orphan but he is not really an orphan. He saw himself as an orphan because his mom died when he was just 3 years old and his father was not there for him.

"I'm an orphan so I understand." Oxlade said.

Oxlade Married, Marriage, Wedding Pictures: Is Oxlade Married? NO, Oxlade is not yet married to his girlfriend or wife.

Oxlade Wife: Who Is Oxlade wife, name, pictures? Oxlade doesn't have a wife yet. He is single.

Oxlade Children, Child, Son, Daughter: Oxlade doesn't have a child yet.

Oxlade Baby Mama: Who is Oxlade baby mama? Oxlade has no baby mama.

Oxlade Relationship, Dating: Is Oxlade in a relationship? Yes, Oxlade is currently in a relationship with his girlfriend and lover.

Oxlade Engagement, Engaged, Fianceé: Is Oxlade engaged? No, Oxlade is not yet engaged to be married to his girlfriend.

Oxlade Girlfriend: Who Is Oxlade Girlfriend, Name, Pictures, Age? Oxlade has a girlfriend who is quite beautiful and in her early 20s.

Pictures of Oxlade And His Girlfriend

Oxlade Ex Girlfriend: Oxlade has an ex girlfriend who he was in an illegal relationship with for 6 months because she was cheating on her boyfriend with Oxlade, so it was a very toxic relationship.

Oxlade And Fireboy Relationship, Brother, Related: Is Oxlade Fireboy brother, are Oxlade and Fireboy related? No, Oxlade is not Fireboy's brother. Oxlade and Fireboy DML are not related. They are just friends and colleagues.

Talented Nigerian musician, Oxlade real name Ikuforiji Olaitan Abdulrahman has been trending on the microblogging site, Twitter since the video of his s3x tape debuted online.

Oxlade Sex Scandal

In the viral video that debuted online on Tuesday, February 8, the 24-year-old musician was seen copulating with a woman. The romantic moment has got fans talking as they dissect the dexterity of Oxlade’s prowess.

Oxlade, one of the most talented modern day artiste revealed to his fans that he is equally talented in other departments aside from music.

Since the controversial video surfaced on social media, several social media users have debated the double standard perspective of critics online.

Oxlade will not be the first Nigerian celebrity to entangled in a s3x tape controversy. His senior colleague, Tiwa Savage was dragged nefariously on the microblogging site, Twitter for similar reasons.

Oxlade Net Worth 2022, 20221 Forbes, Dollars, Naira

How much is Oxlade net worth? 

Oxlade Net Worth is about $500,000 US Dollars I'm 2022, 2021.

Oxlade Net Worth In Naira: Oxlade net worth in Naira ₦ is about ₦275,000,000 in 2022.

Oxlade House, Cars, Mansion

Oxlade House and Cars: Oxlade lives in Lagos house and drives nice car.

Oxlade has a car.

Oxlade Phone Number, WhatsApp Contact: Oxlade can be contacted through his mobile phone number 09010041111 and via his Instagram page Account Profile.

Oxlade Instagram: Oxlade Instagram page Account Profile Handle is oxladeofficial . Oxlade currently has 1.1 million followers on his Instagram page Account as at the time of writing this article.

Oxlade Cultist: Is Oxlade a cultist? No, Oxlade is not a Cultist or Yahoo boy but a Nigerian Musician.

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