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Latest Instagram Photos: Oscar Heman Ackah Bio, Wikipedia, Birthday, Parents, Family, Height, Girlfriend, House, Cars, Tribe, Nationality, State Of Origin, Engagement, Educational Background, Wife, Marriage, Wedding Pictures, Children, Oscar Heman-Ackah Images, Ig Pics, Facebook Photos, Twitter, Video

History Of Oscar Heman Ackah: Everything To Know About Kemi Adetiba Husband (Oscar Heman-Ackah) Profile, Parents, Wife, Marriage, Wedding, Child, Father, Mother, Siblings, Businesses

Who Is Oscar Heman-Ackah?

Oscar Heman-Ackah (Born 9 June 1970s) is a Ghanaian - Nigerian born Music Composer, Producer, Songwriter, Creative Entrepreneur and the CEO of Soltracka Productions.

Oscar Heman-Ackah is a Creative Entrepreneur, Media Solutionist, Music Executive and Chief Creative Officer @soltracka.

Photos of Kemi Adetiba Husband, Oscar Heman-Ackah
Pictures of Oscar Heman-Ackah

Oscar Heman-Ackah Profile Bio Wiki Data Facts

Name: Oscar Heman-Ackah

Real Full Name: Oscar Nyamekye Heman-Ackah

Nationality, Country Of Origin: Ghanaian

Citizenship: Ghana & Nigeria

State Of Origin In Nigeria: Delta State

Home Town: Accra Ghana

Hometown In Nigeria: Warri, Delta

Tribe: Itsekiri, Urhobo

Date Of Birth: 9 June 1970s

Birthday: 9th June

Age: 40 +

Height: 6"0 Feet Tall

Occupation, Career: Music Producer

Net Worth: $800,000 US Dollars

Relationship, Marital Status: Engaged

Fianceé: Kemi Adetiba

Girlfriend: Kemi Adetiba

Spouse, Wife: Kemi Adetiba

Children, Child: -

Parents: Apostle Dave & Pastor Rhoda Heman-Ackah

Father: Apostle Dave Heman-Ackah (Ghanaian)

Mother: Rhoda Heman-Ackah (Nigerian)

Siblings: Christabel Heman-Ackah Prudie, Jason Oheneba Heman-Ackah

Sister: Christabel Heman-Ackah Prudie

Brother: Pastor Jason Oheneba Heman-Ackah

Education: Benson Idahosa University

Instagram: oscarhemanackah

Full Biography Of Kemi Adetiba Husband, Oscar Heman-Ackah Career, Occupation, Marriage Proposal, Wedding, Family, Parents, Siblings, Education, Net Worth

Biography, Wikipedia: Oscar Heman Ackah is a music producer, song writer, vocal instructor and sound designer who was born to Ghanaian-Nigerian parents.

Oscar Heman-Ackah has written and produced records for a good number of talented musicians such as P-Square, Simi, Adekunle Gold, Darey Art-Alade and Chidinma; including international celebrities, like Rihanna, Marian Mereba, Akon, Chris Brown and many more.

Photo of Oscar Heman-Ackah and Akon
Old Throwback Photo Of Oscar Heman-Ackah

Soltracka Productions: Oscar Heman-Ackah is the owner and CEO of Soltracka Productions which deals with Advertising/Marketing, Production of Video, Music & Jingles, Creative Marketing, Digital Marketing, Media Agency and Music Label.

Oscar Heman-Ackah also creates jingles and adverts for brands and has worked with brands such as MTN, Etisalat, Glo, Diamond Bank, Interswitch, GTB, DSTV, BAT, among others.

Oscar Heman-Ackah Educational Background

Oscar Heman-Ackah attended Fieldcrest International High school in Delta state. He later graduated from Benson Idahosa University.

Oscar Heman-Ackah Nationality, Country Of Origin: Where is Oscar Heman-Ackah from? Oscar Heman-Ackah is a Ghanaian - Nigerian. He was born in Ghana to a Ghanaian man from Accra and to a Nigerian mother from Warri, Delta State.

Oscar Heman-Ackah State Of Origin, Hometown, Tribe: Oscar Heman-Ackah (Kemi Adetiba Husband) hails from Warri, Delta State, Nigeria.

Oscar Heman-Ackah is Itsekiri by tribe.

Oscar Heman-Ackah Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Oscar Herman-Ackah was born on 9 June 1970s.

Oscar Heman-Ackah Real Age: How old is Kemi Adetiba Husband, Oscar Herman-Ackah? Oscar Herman-Ackah is in his early 40s.

Oscar Heman-Ackah Height: How tall is Oscar Herman-Ackah? Oscar Heman-Ackah is 6"0 Feet Tall.

Sexuality, Sexual Orientation: Is Oscar Heman-Ackah gay, Bisexual Or Straight? Oscar Heman-Ackah is straight.

Throwback Photo of Oscar Heman-Ackah and Uti Nwachukwu

Oscar Heman-Ackah Religion: Oscar Heman-Ackah is a Christian.

Oscar Heman-Ackah Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Oscar Heman-Ackah was born into the family of Apostle Dave & Pastor Rhoda Heman-Ackah.

Oscar Heman-Ackah was born to a Nigerian mother and a Ghanaian father. He has other siblings brothers and sisters.

Oscar Heman-Ackah Family Photo With His Parents and Siblings

Oscar Heman-Ackah is from a Christian family.

Photos of Oscar Heman-Ackah Parents
Pictures of Apostle Dave Heman-Ackah & Pastor Rhoda Heman-Ackah (Oscar Heman-Ackah Father and Mother)

Oscar Herman-Ackah's parents celebrated their 40th Wedding Anniversary on March 1, 2020 with a marriage renewal service at his parents' church RAINBOW CHRISTIAN ASSEMBLY in Warri, Delta State with a huge Wedding cake.

Pictures of Wedding Cake of Oscar Heman-Ackah Parents at 40th Wedding Anniversary Service
Family picture of Oscar Heman-Ackah at his parents' Wedding anniversary (His brother was his dad's best man)

Oscar Heman-Ackah Father: Who Is Oscar Herman-Ackah father, name, pictures? Oscar Herman-Ackah father is Apostle Dave Heman-Ackah, a Ghanaian born pastor based in Warri, Delta State Nigeria.

Oscar Heman-Ackah father is a Ghanaian who hails from Accra, Ghana.

Picture of Apostle Dave Heman-Ackah (Oscar Heman-Ackah Father)

Dave Heman-Ackah is an Apostle, Founder and Senior Pastor at Rainbow Christian Assembly, Warri Delta State. He is married to a Nigerian woman, Pastor Rhoda Heman-Ackah with children.

Apostle Dave Heman-Ackah Birthday Message To His Son, Oscar Heman-Ackah

"OSCAR HEMAN-ACKAH, today marks an important day and chapter in your life.

From now on, may the presence of God have a creative and pronounced effect on your life and destiny. 🙏May streams of Divine mercy and grace flow into your life and daily activities. 🙏

May your future be defined by what is noble, virtuous, upstanding, purposeful, successful, Christ glorifying and divinely ordained.🙏 May you enjoy a continuous and unhindered glide of robust health, positive energy, stupendous wealth and longevity. All in the Majestic and Glorious name of JESUS. 🙏🙏🙏

We love💖 you big time and proud of you as our son. From Daddy & Mommy.❤❤❤"

Oscar Heman-Ackah Mother: Who Is Oscar Herman-Ackah Mother, name, pictures? Oscar Heman-Ackah mother is Rhoda Zena Heman-Ackah. She is a Nigerian pastor from Warri, Delta State.

Pictures of Oscar Heman-Ackah Mother
Photos of Rhoda Heman-Ackah (Oscar Heman-Ackah Pastor Mother)

Oscar Heman-Ackah Siblings Sister, Brother: The names of Oscar Herman-Ackah siblings sister and brother are Christabel Heman-Ackah Prudie, Jason Oheneba Heman-Ackah who are both pastors.

Photo of Pastor Jason Oheneba Heman-Ackah (Oscar Heman-Ackah Brother)
Picture of Pastor Christabel Heman-Ackah Prudie (Oscar Heman-Ackah Sister)

Oscar Heman-Ackah Married, Marriage, Wedding Pictures: Is Oscar Herman-Ackah married? No, Oscar Herman-Ackah is not yet married but he is set to be married to Kemi Adetiba, a Nigerian movie producer.

Oscar Heman-Ackah Wife: Who Is Oscar Herman-Ackah Wife, Name, Pictures? Oscar Herman-Ackah wife to be is Kemi Adetiba, a 42-year-old Nigerian filmmaker, television director and music video director. Oscar Herman-Ackah wife, Kemi Adetiba is the producer of the movie, 'The Wedding Party'.

Picture of Oscar Heman-Ackah, Kemi Adetiba Wife to be

Fianceé, Girlfriend: Oscar Heman-Ackah Girlfriend and fianceé is Kemi Adetiba, a law graduate turned Nigerian movie Producer.

Oscar Heman-Ackah Engagement, Engaged, Marriage Proposal: Oscar Herman-Ackah Proposed to his girlfriend and fianceé, Kemi Adetiba and they got engaged during an event in Ghana on the 28th of January 2022.

Oscar Herman-Ackah announced his engagement to Kemi Adetiba on his Instagram page and wrote: 

"Doing this beautiful thing called life with the most beautiful lady in the world @kemiadetiba ❤️"

Kemi Adetiba Announced Engagement To Oscar Heman-Ackah On Instagram

"We've taken some time to privately enjoy this moment and bask in the celebration of it all. However, we're beginning to understand it might be next to impossible keeping a lid on this for much longer.

After thinking long and hard, we ultimately would love for this announcement to be on our own terms and molded in our own true narrative. Plus, you all here have followed my journey from the start and lovingly root for me - Now if that isn't FAMILY, I don't know what is :)

So dear FAMILY, on the 28th of January in Ghana, delivered as a beautiful suprise and expression of love, and in the presence of some close friends and family, @oscarhemanackah asked that we spend the rest of our lives together, and I wholeheartedly said YES... without a single reservation.

I would like to add here, that every single friend or member of my family that conspired in this suprise proposal, should just be on the look out for my retaliation... Cos it'll be merciless!! 😏

Oscar and I shall share only as much of us as we're comfortable with. No more.. No less. We hope you will respect this, and bear with us in this regard.

Thank you for the overwhelming love and kindness you will undoubtedly show us as we count down to more festivities and the rest of our lives together. There's not an ounce of anxiety in this place.

Oh... And before you say it... Yeeeeeesss, he knows he's a very VERY lucky man 😝 but the beautiful thing about our connection and journey so far... Is that I know I'm a supremely lucky woman too.

Please wish us well and keep us in your prayers 🙏🏾

Here's to New Beginnings!! ❤️

(*ps* We planning a REAL "Wedding Party" y'all 😉) ✌🏾️"

After the massive congratulations to the couple, Kemi Adetiba shared a loved up Photo with her husband to be, Oscar Heman-Ackah and wrote:

"Three years ago, when I asked God for an 'OSCAR' in 5 years, I guess I should have been more specific 😝

Thank you everyone for the overwhelming love and support shown to US in the last (almost) 24 hours. Neither of our phones have been able to keep a charge because of the various expressions of love you all have shown in person, over the phone or online.

It's incredible... And in turn, @oscarhemanackah and I feel incredibly blessed.

We're snowed under an avalanche of your display of love, and while it might be physically impossible to connect to every single expression you've shown, please know that from the "bottom pot" of our hearts, we THANK YOU and we APPRECIATE you!! God bless each and every one of you.

Now... Back to our regular scheduled programming 😉😘❤️❤️❤️🙏🏾"

Oscar Heman-Ackah Children, Child, Son, Daughter, Baby: Oscar Herman-Ackah and Kemi Adetiba don't have a child yet.

Oscar Herman-Ackah First Marriage, Ex Wife, Son: It's not clear if Oscar Herman-Ackah was previously married, maybe divorced. It's not clear if he has a son with a baby mama.

Oscar Herman-Ackah posted pictures of a boy in 2015 on his Facebook page. It's not clear if the child belongs to Oscar Herman-Ackah or not.

Oscar Heman-Ackah And Kemi Adetiba Wedding Pictures

Kemi Adetiba, the Nigerian movie producer, and Oscar Heman-Ackah, the Ghanaian music executive, have finally wedded.

Kemi Adetiba and Oscar Heman-Ackah had their introduction and court wedding in the Ikoyi axis of Lagos state on Friday, 22nd April 2022. The event was graced by friends and family members.

Kemi Adetiba shared a loved-up photo of herself and Oscar via her Instagram page with a terse caption which read: “Officially official!!!”

Remi Adetiba, her brother, also took to his Instagram page to share photos from the ceremony. “Legally yours?

#UndeniablyYours2022,” he wrote in a short post.

Adetiba announced her engagement to the entrepreneur in February.

The filmmaker had disclosed that Oscar proposed to her in January at a surprise party while they were away in Ghana.

Oscar Oscar Heman-Ackah Net Worth 2022, 2021 Forbes, Naira, Dollars

Oscar Heman-Ackah net worth is about $800,000 US Dollars in 2022.

Oscar Heman-Ackah House and Cars

Oscar Heman-Ackah lives in Lagos and drives nice cars.

Old Throwback photo of Oscar Heman-Ackah

Oscar Heman-Ackah Instagram: Oscar Herman-Ackah Instagram Page Account Profile Handle is oscarhemanackah. Oscar Herman-Ackah currently has 4,924 followers on his Instagram page as at the time of writing this article.

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