HOSGRAM, Apostle Johnson Suleman Social Media App: Everything To Know

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All About HOSGRAM: Apostle Johnson Suleman Social Media App, History & Story, Meaning

What is HOSGRAM?

HOSGRAM is a social media app launched by Apostle Johnson Suleman.


The Hosgram community is a global platform of convergence and fellowship for all omega children, a world of the people of power, of glory and of unimaginable wealth People of the word and intimacy with the holy spirit. People who believe and walk in the supernatural. People of vision, enrobed in the glory do God and positioned to provoke the divinity in the favour of humanity. A people of impact and of great exploit, we are building a community of influencers taking over all frontiers of human endeavours the sons and daughters of the Restoration Apostle Johnson Suleman. 

Apostle (Prof) Johnson Suleman, the Senior Pastor of Omega Fire Ministries Worldwide, Auchi, Edo State, Nigeria has launched a new social media app called HOSGRAM.

The fiery preacher officially launched the app during the church crossover night service which was attended by a large number of the Christian faithful.

“We are taking over,” he said during the launch which aims to rival other social media apps.

How To Download HOSGRAM & Join Apostle Johnson Suleman App: Download and join Apostle Johnson Suleman Social Media Android App HOSGRAM Here

The following update will be provided soon:

Apostle Johnson Suleman HOSGRAM social media app cost 

Apostle Johnson Suleman app name HOSGRAM

Apostle Johnson Suleman app download

Apostle Johnson Suleman App site link 


Unknown said…
We are really taking over.I stand by you my dear great apostle
Unknown said…
Anonymous said…
Please I want to join osgram
Anonymous said…
I likecthis
Anonymous said…
I can't remember my hosgram password and username and now I can login, what do I do
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