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History Of Dr. Musbahu Bashir: Everything To Know About Musbahu Mohammad Bashir Profile, Mafab Communications, 5G Spectrum, Wife, Family, Children, House, Cars, Businesses, Riches, Wealth

Who Is Musbahu Mohammad Bashir?

Who Is Musbahu Bashir?

Musbahu Bashir whose full name is Musbahu Mohammad Bashir is a Nigerian born Billionaire businessman who is the owner of Mafab Communications that won Nigeria's 5G Spectrum bid.

Alhaji (Dr.) Musbahu Mohammad Bashir is the Chairman of Althani Group of Companies, and Cobalt International Services Limited since 2004. He is also a Director in the following companies, Bento Drill Nigeria Limited 1995, Offshore Technologies International Limited 1995, and Resource Capital Group 1995. 

Dr. Musbahu Bashir is the owner of Cobalt International Services Limited which is a pre-shipment Inspection Agent for dry goods and bulk liquid cargos.

They are currently inspection agents for oil and gas exports in the country. Alhaji Musbahu Bashir also worked with Hammad Development Facilities in 1987 and Jadai Diversified Services in 1989.

Dr Musbahu Mohammad Bashir Profile Bio Data Facts

Name: Musbahu Bashir

Real, Full Name: Musbahu Mohammad Bashir

Nationality: Nigerian

State Of Origin: Kano

Tribe: Hausa

Religion: Islam

Occupation, Career: Businessman

Net Worth: $350 Million US Dollars

Height: 5"8 Feet Tall

Married: Yes

Spouse, Wife: Mrs Mohammad Bashir

Children: Yes

Parents: Mr and Mrs Bashir

Education: American University, London, Harvard Business School, USA.

Full Biography Of Mafab Owner, Musbahu Mohammad Bashir

About Musbahu Bashir Career, Occupation, Life History, Story, Background, Businesses

Biography, Wikipedia: Musbahu Mohammad Bashir is a rich and wealthy Nigerian Billionaire businessman who is the CEO of Althani Group of Companies and Cobalt International Services Limited and the man behind MAFAB communications.

Musbahu Muhammad Bashir serves as chairman on the board of his two companies — Althani Group of Companies and Cobalt International Services Limited, a pre-shipment inspection agent currently inspection agent for oil and gas exports in the country.

The business magnate is also a director at Bento Drill Nigeria Limited, Offshore Technologies International Limited, and Resource Capital Group.

At Jaiz bank, a Nigerian bank operating under Islamic banking principles and a non-interest bank, Bashir also serves as a member, board of directors.

He is the chairman, board of directors of Salam Takaful Insurance, a subsidiary of Althani group of companies, headquartered in Kano State.

The insurance firm was incorporated in 2016 — operating both family and general Takaful Insurance as well as retail Takaful line of business with a wide range of products.

Takaful is a sharia law-compliant insurance structure in which members agree to provide insurance for one another by contributing to a pool of funds that are used to recompense participants who suffer a loss.

Bashir worked with Hammad Development Facilities in 1987 and Jadai Diversified Services in 1989.

Bashir has vast experience of more than twenty years in general management, leadership, and engineering, according to details on the company’s website.

He has attained several certifications from high-profile institutions, including American University, London, and Harvard Business School, USA.

From left: Alhaji (Dr.) Umaru Kwairanga, Non-Executive Director, Jaiz Bank; Hassan Usman, Managing Director/CEO; Alhaji (Dr.) Umaru Abdul Mutallab, Chairman; Mrs. Rukayat Dahiru, Company Secretary/Legal Adviser; and Alhaji (Dr.) Musbahu Mohammad Bashir, Non-Executive Director, at the successful Extraordinary General Meeting held at the Headquarters of the bank in Abuja to raise additional capital for the bank.

Central Bank of Nigeria Nigerian Stock Exchange @Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation - NDIC Securities and Exchange Commission Nigeria Islamic Development Bank HQ

What To Know About Mafab Communications

Mafab Logo Picture

Who is the Owner of Mafab? Dr Musbahu Mohammad Bashir is the owner of Mafab Communications.

Mafab Communications was incorporated on the 8th of July, 2020, and licensed by the NCC to provide and operate Local Interconnect and International carrier services.

The company operates under three licenses, including interconnecting exchange, international data access, and value-added services, providing cloud hosting or co-location services.

Mafab is one of the technological subsidiaries of Althani Group, a business conglomerate chaired by Musbahu Muhammad Bashir, a business tycoon. 

According to details on its website, “Althani group of companies is a corporate group of companies in Nigeria with a collection of subsidiary businesses.

“The group consists of a variety of companies with diverse objectives, cutting across several sectors including oil and gas, housing, construction, aviation, amongst others.” 

The group’s subsidiaries include Eman Homes and Estate, Althani Investment, Salam Takaful Insurance, Malband Communications Limited, Holborn Oil and Gas international, Althani Oil and Gas Limited, Althani Shelters Limited, Pelican Air Services Limited, Cryogenic Industries Limited, Clearview Apartments, and Mafab Communications.

Mafab Communications, the dark horse that beat Airtel to Nigeria’s 5G licence

On Monday 13 December 2021, Mafab Communications Limited challenged MTN Nigeria and Airtel Nigeria in an auction by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) for the licence of fifth-generation (5G) networks. 

In a twist of event, Airtel Nigeria, a top telecom company, dropped out of the race as the 5G spectrum reached $275.9 million at the 11th round.

NCC conducted the 5G spectrum auction with a reserve price of $197.4 million for two lots of spectrum in the 3.5GHz band. 

Mafab later emerged as the second winner of the 5G licence at the assignment stage.

Mafab Communications Limited which has existed for only 16 months will pay a whopping $273m to acquire one of the slots of Nigeria’s 3.5 GHz Spectrum for the deployment of 5G.

The Nigerian Communications Commission conducted a bid for the three companies that met its bidding requirement for the auction which took place on Monday.

Airtel Networks Limited, Mafab Communications Limited and MTN Communications Nigeria Limited competed in the bid.

Globacom (Glo) and 9Mobile surprising did not meet the requirement according to the NCC.

The winning bid price for the auction was $273,600,000 for each lot of 100 MHz TDD, NCC said in a statement.

But there are questions on the capacity of Mafab who has only 16 months to acquire and exploit the 3.5 GHz spectrum for the deployment of 5G in the company.

Mafab and MTN won the bid and are required to pay $273.6m by February 24, 2022.

About Musbahu Mohammad Bashir's Jaiz Bank PLC

Jaiz Bank PLC – the premier Non-Interest Bank in Nigeria commenced operations on the 6th of January, 2012 on a foundation of trust, professionalism and excellence to deliver innovative financial solutions and exceptional customer experience.

Jaiz Bank PLC provides Islamic banking products and services. The Bank offers services such as savings, current, salary, and kids savings accounts, as well as working capital, real estate, personal, medical, education, travel, and project finance. Jaiz Bank provides online banking, leasing, cards, and bonds and guarantee.

Dr. Musbahu Mohammad Bashir Education

Musbahu Bashir is a graduate of American University, London, and Harvard Business School, USA.

Dr Musbahu Bashir State Of Origin, Home Town, Tribe: Where is Musbahu Mohammad Bashir from? Musbahu Bashir is from Kano State, Nigeria. Musbahu Mohammad Bashir is Hausa Muslim by tribe.

Musbahu Mohammad Bashir Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: How old is Musbahu Bashir? Musbahu Mohammad Bashir is 50 +

Musbahu Mohammad Bashir Religion: Is Musbahu Bashir a Christian or a Muslim? Musbahu Mohammad Bashir is a Muslim who practices Islam.

Musbahu Mohammad Bashir Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Musbahu Bashir was born into the family of Mr and Mrs Bashir in Kano State, Nigeria.

Musbahu Mohammad Bashir Wife, Married, Marriage: Is Musbahu Bashir married, How many wives doesMusbahu Bashir have. Yes, Dr Musbahu Bashir is married to Mrs Mohammad Bashir with children.

Musbahu Mohammad Bashir Children, Son, Daughter: Dr Musbahu Bashir is blessed with children - sons and daughters.

Musbahu Mohammad Bashir Net Worth 2021, 2022, Forbes, Naira

How much is Dr Musbahu Mohammad Bashir net worth?

Musbahu Bashir Net Worth is about $350 Million US Dollars.

Dr Musbahu Mohammad Bashir House, Cars, Private Jets

Musbahu Bashir has many houses, mansions and cars.

Musbahu Mohammad Bashir Phone Number WhatsApp Contact:

THE HEGEMONIC CONSPIRACY FOR THE 5G LICENCE (By Olayinka Oluwakuse, A Social commentator)

Yesterday was landmark . 

Two 5G licences were on offer by Nigerian Communications Commission at the Hilton Hotel in Abuja, the same venue where MTN and Airtel had in 2001 won digital mobile licences to launch commercial operations in Nigeria.

Telco company Airtel dropped out of the 5G auction.9mobile and Glo did not participate.

MTN and an unknown company MAFAB COMMUNICATIONS got the 5G bid as $273.6M each 

But who is Mafab, a company incorporated 16 months ago in Abuja . 

Mafab is one of the technology subsidiaries of Althani Group owned by one Dr Musbahu Mohammad Bashir. 

And then we ask who exactly is Dr. Musbahu Bashir ? 

Dr Bashir seems to be a front of some Abuja big wigs who roam around the corridors of power in the last 6 years . He has been a promoter of the Sharia compliant “Islamic banking “ and holds a seat on the board of Jaiz bank , banking without profits .

Interestingly , he has promoted the unique Sharia oriented Insurance platform largely practiced in Pakistani called “ Salsalam Tarkaful “ , where people pool resources to guarantee each other . 

Remember , when I told you MTN is going to be a big bank ? This man is going to play that same game in Northern Nigeria with this Licence.

He has a bank in his bag , an insurance company compliant with Sharia based in Kano and now with a 5G Licence , he holds the card in Northern Nigeria. 

The North would not fold its hands. 

The future is not call or Data. 

The future is Financial Services embedded in your phone .

Olayinka Oluwakuse , 

A social commentator.

Source Thefamousnaija


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