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Latest Instagram Photos: All About Honourable Kevin Olu aka Ktsele 1 Bio, Wikipedia, House, Cars, Family, Bobrisky Gay Boyfriend Rumour, Children, Wife, Marriage, Girlfriend, Birthday, Height, State Of Origin, Hometown, Net Worth, Businesses, Hon Oritsewinor Kelvin Olu Images, Ig Pics, Facebook Photos

History Of Hon Kevin Olu aka Ktsele: Everything To Know About Kevin Olu Profile, Wife, Family, Bobrisky Gay Boyfriend Relationship Allegations, Tonto Dikeh Saga

Who Is Hon Kevin Olu?

Who is Ktsele 1?
Hon Kevin Olu aka Ktsele whose real, full name is Oritsewinor Kevin Olu (born 2 July) is a Nigerian politician, Billionaire businessman who is the CEO of Orits-winor LTD and the CEO of First Triple Billion Nigeria LTD.

Hon Oritsewinor Kevin Olu is the Senior Special Assistant on Security to Delta State Governor, Ifeanyi Okeowa.

Hon Kevin Olu biography
Hon Kevin Olu net worth
Hon Kevin Olu biography
Honourable Kevin Olu

Pictures of Hon Kevin Olu Aka ktsele1

Hon Kevin Olu aka Ktsele Profile Bio Data Facts

Name: Kevin Olu

Real, Full Name: Hon Oritsewinor Kevin Olu

Other Names: Kev Tsele

Nickname: K Tsele 1

Nationality: Nigerian

Gender: Male

State Of Origin: Delta State

Hometown: Koko, Warri

Tribe: Urhobo, Itsekiri

Date Of Birth: 2 July

Birthday: 2nd July

Age: 40 +

Height: 5"10 Feet Tall

Career, Occupation: Businessman, Politician

Net Worth: $15 Million US Dollars

Relationship, Marital Status: Married

Married: Yes

Spouse, Wife: Oma Omatseye Olu

Children: Yes

Girlfriend: Tonto Dikeh

Boyfriend: Bobrisky

Sexuality: Straight

Instagram: ktsele1

Facebook Account Name: Oritsewinor Kevin Olu

Education: Edo State University Ekpoma

Full Biography Of Honourable Kevin Olu

Hon Kevin Olu Career, Occupation, Life History, Story, Background, Riches, Billions

Biography, Wikipedia: Hon Kevin Olu is a Nigerian born Billionaire Businessman, Politician, and the CEO of two reputable companies, Orit-winors Nig Ltd and First Triple Billionaire.
Hon Oritsewinor Kevin Olu contested for House of Assembly Warri North, Delta State.
Hon Kevin Olu Campaign Posters

Hon Kevin Olu (Ktsele) Businesses:
1 Orits-winor LTD
2 First Triple Billion Nigeria LTD.

Hon Kevin Olu aka Ktsele 1 mainly deals in equipment, vessels parts and marine equipment, but he recently ventured into real estate which is far different from the line of business he has been accustomed to.

“I take risk by putting money in what I am not sure of and by faith it’s working for me. Going into real estate business was a tough decision, but I took the risk. I bought a property in Lekki, in Lagos for ₦300 million and, after a while, someone came to buy that property from me for ₦600 million. So, my real estate business is doing well right now.

Hon Kevin Olu 'Ktsele' Hotel
Hon Kevin Olu has a hotel which is a subsidiary of Triple Billionaire Investment.

“There was a time I gave my hotel to an oil company, which gave me a four-year hospitality contract. This gave me a lot of money. I built a house in Delta State close to a billion naira with the money and I was able to travel abroad to get equipment for my other business. This was a breakthrough for me,” 

Story Of How Kevin Olu Suffered And Later Became A Billionaire

Recounting how he first travelled abroad, Hon Kevin Olu said, ” in 2000, after i finished my diploma, i got a visa to Greece, from there i traveller to Italy, where i spent three months, trying to look for greener pastures. From there, i went to Amsterdam and from there, i travelled to London..

"When i got to London, that was where I got a small job. There they called that job peke. I started working in the toilet, arranging perfume, telling people to freshen up for the ladies, inside the toilet. Then, there was a lot of money in that job. They will be dashing you coins, throwing coins at you as a beggar. When you finished working that day, you will now go to your boss, and give him all the money. And after a week, they will now send you salary down to you..

” I did that job for about seven months in London. After that, i now.met a Pakistani, who taught me more about business. He asked me what I was doing, i told him. I also told him i had a diploma in business management. He asked me to start working with him and as i started working with him, that was how all my breakthrough came. He taught me how to do proper business .

“From there, I went into Western Union.I established a Western Union shop. It was my own shop. I also had Money Gram. I make bold to say that was where i got my major breakthrough, by having a lot of physical cash. That was how i came back into Nigeria. I went into politics and started running my own business”, added Hon Kevin Olu.

He recalled how he also.slept inside a London bus for survival. In the exact words of Kevin Olu, ” when I was doing that job called peke, i remember, I always went from Woolwich because my brother used to stay in Willis but after sometime, there was no way, no house to stay. So i started sleeping on Bus 51 because Bus 51 straight from Woolwich went straight to West End and West End is like the centre of.London where you can get all kinds of jobs, where you can do all kinds of work. I slept in that bus for over two months because the bus is a twenty four hours job. 

"It was not easy staying on the bus as the drivers will at times, after getting to the last bus stop around 4am, stop the vehicle and go round to shout that, ‘ hello, hello, hello, this is your last stop’. It will.force me to get down from the bus and quickly brush your mouth somewhere and quickly jump into another bus or if no bus was available, you will go to a friend’s place and start gisting until the time of work starts around seven”, added Hon Kevin Olu.

“This is my story. I thank God today that I could get to where I am now because I made my way abroad to make it in life. I worked and struggled my way to the success I attained today,”

Education Background
Hon Kevin Olu holds a Diploma in Business Administration and Bsc. in Public Administration from Edo State University Ekpoma, Edo State.

Ktsele Real Name: What is Ktsele1 real name? The real name of Ktsele is Hon Kevin Olu while his full name is Oritsewinor Kevin Olu.

Kevin Olu Ktsele State Of Origin, Home Town, Tribe, Village: Where is Hon Kevin Olu from? Hon Kevin Olu aka Ktsele is from Warri, Delta State, Nigeria.

Hon Kevin Olu Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Kevin Olu was born on 2 July.

Hon Kevin Olu Age: How old is Kevin Olu? Hon Kevin Olu Ktsele is currently in his forties - 40 + year old.

Hon Kevin Olu Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Kevin Olu is from the Fregene’s family in Fregene quarter at Ogwanja in Koko Warri North Local Government Area of Delta State.

Hon Kevin Olu Married, Marriage, Wedding Pictures: Is Hon Kevin Olu aka Ktsele married? Yes, Hon Kevin Olu is married to his beautiful wife Mrs Ktsele with kids.

Pictures of Hon Kevin Olu Ktsele and his wife

Ktsele Wife: Who is Hon Kevin Olu Wife, Name, Pictures? Hon Kevin Olu wife is Omatseye Olu aka Mrs Ktsele who manages some of his businesses and the mother of his children.

Pictures of Hon Kevin Olu Tsele 1 Wife, Omatseye Olu

About Hon Kevin Olu 'Ktsele1' Wife

Hon Oritsewinor Kevin Olu aka Ktsele1 has a wife, named Oma Omatseye Olu (Mrs Ktsele) who is his backbone.

“My wife is the one running my business for me and we are doing very well. I believe that before the year runs out, we will get to a point where the country will know us by God’s grace.

“I must confess, the secrets of my success in business is because I have a supportive wife. She is always there for me. Whenever I am away, she is seriously on the ground to make the companies work

“We are still running a hospitality business which is part of Triple Billionaires. My wife is helping me in my hotel business. She had a background in this through her father, Michael Ejele was once a board member of Delta Line and was later appointed a Commissioner in Delta State.

“My wife is really my backbone and she has been singlehandedly run my business and has been assisting me in putting things together. She is somebody that has really assisted me in my business,” said Kevin Olu, who is popularly called Ktsele1.

Hon Kevin Olu Children, Son, Daughter: Hon Kevin Olu aka Ktsele1 and his wife are blessed with children.

Pictures of Hon Kevin Olu Wife and children

Photos of Hon Kevin Olu Ktsele Children

About Oritsewinor Kevin Olu Ktsele Cars, House, Mansion

Hon Kevin Olu House and Cars: Hon Kevin Olu Ktsele has houses and flashy cars.
Hon Kevin Olu Ktsele1 has a mansion in Delta State, Nigeria.

Hon Kevin Olu built a house in Delta State close to a billion naira with the money he made from an oil company contract who used his hotel for 4 years.

Pictures of Hon Kevin Olu House
Photos of Ktsele1 Hon Kevin Olu Ktsele Mansion

Pictures of Hon Kevin Olu Ktsele1 Car Garage

Hon Kevin Olu Cars Pictures

Pictures of Ktsele Cars, House

Hon Kevin Olu Ktsele1 Car Plate Number: Hon Kevin Olu number plate reads 'Ktsele', his nickname.

Hon Kevin Olu Ktsele1 Private Jet Pictures: Hon Kevin Olu aka Ktsele flies on private jet with his family - wife and children.

Honourable Oma Omatseye Olu Ktsele1 Net Worth 2021, 2022, Forbes, Naira
How much is Hon Kevin Olu Ktsele net worth?
Hon Kevin Olu net worth is about $15 Million US Dollars in 2021.

Hon Kevin Olu Ktsele Phone Number WhatsApp Contact: Hon Kevin Olu can be contacted via his Instagram page Account Profile Handle and Facebook.

Hon Kevin Olu Instagram: Oritsewinor Kevin Olu Ktsele Instagram page Account Profile Handle @ktsele1.

Hon Kevin Olu Gay, Straight Or Bisexual - Sexual Orientation: Is Hon Kevin Olu aka Ktsele gay? No, Hon Kevin Olu is not gay but straight.
However, there are rumours that Hon Kevin Olu aka Ktsele is gay due to his relationship, closeness and friendship with Bobrisky, the popular crossdresser. It's just a rumour that is not confirmed.

Hon Kevin Olu 'Ktsele' And Bobrisky Relationship, Pictures, Boyfriend, Are They Dating? Is Hon Kevin Olu aka Ktsele Bobrisky Gay Boyfriend?

Bobrisky claims he is dating billionaire Hon Kevin Olu. He claims that Ktsele is his boyfriend.
Pictures of Hon Kevin Olu Ktsele and Bobrisky
Controversial crossdresser Bobrisky boasts of rolling with billionaire sugar daddy.

Bobrisky boast after billionaire CEO Orits Winor LTD and politician Hon Kevin Olu with Instagram handle @ktsele spray him millions.

Bobrisky posted a picture on Instagram showing two of them - Bobrisky and Ktsele posing together and wrote: “Thanks for always (being) there love @ktsele 1.”

Hon Kevin Olu And Tonto Dikeh Relationship, Friendship

Nollywood star actress, Tonto Dikeh shared pictures with Hon Kevin Olu aka Ktsele 1 and revealed that they are good friends.
Hon Kevin Olu and Tonto Dikeh are not dating or in any boyfriend and girlfriend relationship but they are good friends. Hon Kevin Olu wife, Mrs Ktsele is knows about Tonto Dikeh and her husband's friendship.
Pictures of Hon Kevin Olu Ktsele and Tonto Dikeh

Tonto Dikeh Calls Out Bobrisky, Claims Bobrisky Poses With Hon Kevin Olu Ktsele Bentley Car

"I respect friendship a lot so when it goes sour I walk away because what ever I say publicly will be believe cause I was the closest person to them..
I try as much as possible to ignore ex friends but bob DO NOT PUSH ME TO THE WALL..
You are the same little boy I will walk into a chemist for to buy Cracked butt healing creme for your licking poss filled anus to heal. You don’t see me coming out to tell everyone that your Bentley belongs to @ktsele1…
Or that you almost killed your ex friends son with jazz?
Or the Rolex watch you parade as bae bought me is actually mine? 
Bob don’t let me become a pig like you again..
It hurts to lose me I know, just Move on.
You have begged everyone to beg me I have refused…
Everything you did, I did more for you!!!
Btw you have my jewleries 
Who gave me quick notice???
Pls provide the papers..
I have you house gist fake ass fool, bring receipt and I will bring the real owner of the house real now..
Is it how you said you are sleeping you half the industry? I just don’t want to call names so I don’t ruin homes..
Biggest gossip for Man like you..
You have over 6petitions for stealing from people, you are also a Thief..
If not for @ktsele1 by now you will be rotten in jail and you have no fear to insult him..
Because he stoop so low to relate with you thing? 
You are an ungrateful hoodlum..
And I never regret anything in my life BUT I REGRET EVER KNOWING YOU.
You are disappointing as a human 
Disgusting as a friend..
You are a pathetic liar and this is the last you will hear from me..
I made you who you are today so I wldnt be the one to bring you down. Those ones are in front.
I have saved you enough!!

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