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History Of Temmie Ovwasa 'YBNL Princess': Everything To Know About Temmie Ovwasa Profile, Family, Lesbian, Girlfriend, Husband, Boyfriend, Parents, Marriage, Net Worth, Stepfather Story, Step Sister

Biography, Wikipedia: Who Is Temmie Ovwasa?

Temmie Ovwasa (born 29 November 1996) popularly known as YBNL Princess, is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, visual artist, painter and poet who signed a record deal with Olamide's YBNL Nation in August 2015.

YBNL Princess Temmie Ovwasa Profile Bio Data Quick Facts

Stage Name: YBNL Princess

Real Name: Temmie Ovwasa

Nationality, Country: Nigerian

State Of Origin: Delta State

Tribe: Urhobo, Yoruba

Birthplace: Kwara State

Religion: Atheist, Anti-Christian

Height: 5"5 feet tall

Date Of Birth: 29 November 1996

Birthday: 29th November

Age: 25 Years Old (as at 2021)

Occupation, Career: Singer, Visual Artist, Painter, Entrepreneur, Poet

Net Worth: $500,000 US Dollars

Net Worth In Naira: ₦285,000,000 Naira

Parents: Mr and Mrs Ovwasa

Father: Mr Ovwasa from Delta State

Mother: Oluwa Yemisi from Osun State

Family: Of 5 (Mum, Dad & Kids)

Hairstyle: Crazy

Tattoos: Heavily Tattooed, Over 30 Tattoos

Sexuality, Sexual Orientation: Lesbian

Married: No

Spouse, Husband: No

Boyfriend: No

Lesbian Partner, Girlfriend: Morinn

Children, Child: None

Education: Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (Medical Anatomy)

Instagram: ybnlprincess

About Temmie Ovwasa YBNL Princess Career, Occupation, Life History, Story, Early Life, Businesses, Songs, Music, Olamide, Family, Childhood, Background

Who Is YBNL Princess?
YBNL Princess whose real name is Temmie Ovwasa is a Nigerian born lesbian Singer, Visual Artist, Poet, Entrepreneur and Gay LGBT rights activist.

Temmie Ovwasa aka YBNL Princess was born on 29th November 1996 in Kwara State but she is originally from Delta State where her father is from and Osun State where her mother is from.

Temmie Ovwasa: YBNL Princess Music Career

She started singing at an early age of eight when she wrote her first song and was part of her church choir and due to her musical talent, her mother gifted her first guitar while she was 12. 
Temmie Ovwasa became popular after she was discovered by Olamide who signed her to his record label in 2015.

In 2020, Temmie Ovwasa YBNL Princess released the first openly gay album in Nigeria tilted 'E Be Like Say Dem Swear for Me!'.

Temmie Ovwasa 'YBNL Princess' And Olamide - Record Label
Temmie Ovwasa YBNL Princess signed a record deal with YBNL Nation in August 2015 but left the label in 2020 after having a disagreement with the label owner, Olamide.

YBNL Princess came into the limelight in 2015 when Olamide reached out to her via Instagram and was then signed to YBNL record label which earned her the name YBNL princess and left YBNL after disagreement with the label boss.

YBNL Princess Temmie Ovwasa The Entrepreneur And Business
Apart from music, YBNL Princess Temmie Ovwasa is also a an entrepreneur and a businesswoman. Temmie Ovwasa owns three (3) businesses. Temmie Ovwasa is the CEO of JUJU is PUNK, Shop Oddie, and Temmie Ovwasa Art Studio.

Temmie Ovwasa Art Studio: Temmie Ovwasa is the owner of Temmie Ovwasa Art Studio deals with Afrocentric Escapism; Exploring fairytales and the Macabre.

Shop Oddie: Temmie Ovwasa is a Shop owner, who owns Shop Oddie. Her Shop Oddie deals with Shopping & Retail, intuitive energy Readings, Apothecary, Repurposed
Temmie Ovwasa sells spiritual items in her shop in Lagos. YBNL Princess sells spiritual cowrie waist beads, necklaces.

JUJU is PUNK: Temmie Ovwasa's JUJU is PUNK is an online Shopping & Retail shop for Visual Archive, Repurposed, an Alt/punk/goth store in Lagos. She ships.

Soundtrack For 'Ife' Nigerian Lesbian Movie
Temmie Ovwasa YBNL Princess recorded a soundtrack for Uyaiedu Ikpe-Etim Nigerian lesbian movie titled 'Ife'.

"I made the soundtrack for this beautiful Nigerian Lesbian Movie,
I’m surrounded by the fiercest Queer women this country has ever produced!!
This movie by @uyaiedu will blow your mind." - Temmie Ovwasa wrote on her Instagram page.

YBNL Princess: Temmie Ovwasa Songs
E be like say dem swear for me (2020)

Temmie Ovwasa Album Tracks
  Iyalayin yin
  Elejo wewe
  37 Times
  4king the devil
  I don't give a 4k about you
  Monologue with my higher self
  Existential crisis
  Never gon blow

Temmie Ovwasa YBNL Princess Singles
Afefe (2016)
Jabole (2016)
Bamidele (2017)
  Holy Water (2018)
Osunwemimo (2020)
Elejo wewe (2020)

I Do Not Have A Career - Temmie Ovwasa aka YBNL Princess

Temmie Ovwasa says she has no career in an Instagram post. The controversial openly gay lesbian Nigerian musician wrote:

"I have no ambition. I will Live, that's all."

"I do not have a career and I never will, I have a life, A life that's all encompassing, A life that extends beyond the desire to be seen, beyond capitalism, I am dedicated to a life of rest, a life of ease, The small things, Whatever I create, I create because I want to."

"Growing up Queer in Nigeria, I overcompensated for what I considered to be a shortcoming, never went out, followed the rules, always Top of my class. I was depressed through my teens, Made me realize that Living for Myself is the ONLY way to enjoy my life & that's all I do now."

Temmie Ovwasa State Of Origin
State Of Origin, Home Town, Tribe: Where is Temmie Ovwasa from, which state in Nigeria? YBNL Princess Temmie Ovwasa hails from Delta State. Temmie Ovwasa is Urhobo Delta Tribe and Yoruba tribe.
Temmie Ovwasa father is from Delta State while her mother hails from Osun State.

YBNL Princess Temmie Ovwasa Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Temmie Ovwasa was born on 29 November 1996.

Real Age: How old is YBNL Princess Temmie Ovwasa? YBNL Princess Temmie Ovwasa is 25 yrars old in 2021. Temmie Ovwasa will celebrate her 25th birthday on 29th of November 2021.
Throwback Photo of Temmie Ovwasa aka YBNL Princess

Temmie Ovwasa YBNL Princess Education
Temmie Ovwasa had her basic education at Grace Christian Schools and her secondary school education at Dalex Royal College, both in Ilorin Kwara state.
YBNL Princess Temmie Ovwasa is a graduate of Medical Anatomy from Ladoke Akintola University of Technology.

YBNL Princess Temmie Ovwasa Height, Weight

Height: How tall is Temmie Ovwasa? YBNL Princess Temmie Ovwasa is about 5"5 feet tall.
Picture of Temmie Ovwasa YBNL Princess standing tall at 5"5 feet

Religion: YBNL Princess Temmie Ovwasa is an atheist. She is Anti-Christian, Anti-Christ, Anti Jesus.

"I like when Christians remind me that I'll go to hell for being a Lesbian, because I'll finally be in a place where there are so many gay people in one place at the same time😊🙃😋" - Temmie Ovwasa said.

Hairstyle, Haircut, Blond Hair: YBNL Princess Temmie Ovwasa likes to wear crazy hairstyles.

Pictures of YBNL Princess Temmie Ovwasa Weird Hairstyle, Haircut

About YBNL Princess Temmie Ovwasa Tattoos
Tattoo: Temmie Ovwasa likes tattoos. YBNL Princess has her chest, hand, arms, head, other parts of her body tattooed.
Temmie Ovwasa has over 30 tattoos on her body. She rocks a bold ODESHI tattoo on her chest and a tattoo of a skull on her chest.
Photos of YBNL Princess Tattoos

Pictures of Temmie Ovwasa Tattoos

Piercings: YBNL Princess Temmie Ovwasa has multiple piercings on her body, ear.

YBNL Princess Temmie Ovwasa Family, Parents Father, Mother, Siblings
Family: Temmie Ovwasa is from a family of 5 including her parents, and three children.
Temmie Ovwasa parents are Mr and Mrs Ovwasa. She has 2 other siblings.

YBNL Princess Temmie Ovwasa Father
Father: Who is Temmie Ovwasa father? YBNL Princess Temmie Ovwasa father is Mr Ovwasa. He is from Delta State, Nigeria.

YBNL Princess Temmie Ovwasa Mother
Mother: Who is Temmie Ovwasa mother? Temmie Ovwasa mother is Mrs Oluwa Yemisi. She is a Pastor, s Yoruba from Osun State.
Picture of Temmie Ovwasa and her mother and Sibling (Throwback photo)

Sharing pictures of her mum and her siblings, Temmie Ovwasa wrote:

"My Mother,
She's so beautiful."

In another post she wrote about her mother:

"I used to collect colorful rocks and seeds as a child and my Mother still keeps different seeds for me when she finds cool ones.🤗
She's the coolest."

Siblings, Sister, Brother: Temmie Ovwasa has two siblings.
Childhood family Photo of Temmie Ovwasa with her siblings and mother

Temmie Ovwasa YBNL Princess also has a stepsister called Sandra.

Temmie Ovwasa Stepfather: YBNL Princess Temmie Ovwasa narrated how her step father abused her from age 11 to 17.

Temmie Ovwasa Doesn't Care About Family

"Family is not everything, "Blood is thicker than water" is a medieval proverb that actually means bloodshed on the battlefield creates a stronger bond than the water of the womb does, so yeah Fuk Family if they're the source of your pain, YOUR PEOPLE WILL LOVE ALL OF YOU!!!!" - YBNL Princess Temmie Ovwasa tweeted.

YBNL Princess Temmie Ovwasa Is Lesbian, Gay

Lesbian: Is Temmie Ovwasa lesbian, gay? YES, YBNL Princess Temmie Ovwasa is a gay, an open Nigerian gay singer.

Temmie Ovwasa @THETemmieOvwasa tweeted:
"I'm not an "educate them" homosexual, I'm a "fuk around and find out", "you have no monopoly on violence " homosexual, Homophobia doesn't go unpunished around me, I WILL HURT YOU. Avoid me if you're homophobic, I have a lot of rage and very little will to live."

Temmie Ovwasa The Lesbian & Pressure From Her Family To Get Married To A Man

"When my Family members remind me that I'll be 25 this year, hoping that my Lesbian phase has passed and I can bring a man homeee No dear, I will be bringing a woman home but not YOUR home, Mine." Temmie Ovwasa Wrote on Twitter.

Married, Marriage, Wedding Pictures: Is YBNL Princess Temmie Ovwasa married? Temmie Ovwasa is not yet married but hopes to get married to her lesbian partner & lover.

Husband: Who is Temmie Ovwasa husband? YBNL Princess Temmie Ovwasa doesn't have a husband yet and is not ready to marry any man as husband.

Wife: YBNL Princess Temmie Ovwasa hopes to marry her lesbian partner soon.

YBNL Princess Temmie Ovwasa Girlfriend, Relationship, Dating, Lesbian Partner

Girlfriend: Who is YBNL Princess Temmie Ovwasa girlfriend, Lesbian Partner? Who is she dating, in a relationship with? Temmie Ovwasa has a girlfriend who is her lesbian partner. She flaunts her girlfriend and lesbian partner once in a while.
Picture of Temmie Ovwasa and her girlfriend

Temmie Ovwasa 'YBNL Princess' Wedding
Temmie Ovwasa writes about how she wants her wedding ceremony to look like.

"My wedding is going to be on some Avant garde, yoruba, High priestess of the coven, Queer as...s, Afropunk meets met gala type shit. And even tho I don't necessarily believe in Marriage as an institution, I'm going to have a loud as.....s, Gay a.......ss Yoruba wedding just out of Spite."

Temmie Ovwasa YBNL Princess Child
Children, Child: Does Temmie Ovwasa have a child? No, YBNL Princess Temmie Ovwasa doesn't have a child and doesn't want to ever have a child at all.

I Don’t Want To Have Kids – Temmie Ovwasa

Nigerian queer singer Temmie Ovwasa has revealed that she does not want to have children.

She said she doesn’t want her kid to end up becoming a heterosexual.

The singer also known as YBNL Princess made this known in an Instagram post on Sunday.

There are so many reasons I don’t want to have kids, but on top of that list is my heterophobia. Imagine gathering money to find a sperm donor, to have a child and that child turns out to be a heterosexual, a heterosexual in my home,” she said.

Temmie Ovwasa Is A Feminist Who Hates Men

Revealing how she is a feminist and hates men, Temmie Ovwasa took to her Twitter page @THETemmieOvwasa and wrote:

"I believe in peaceful conversations,i also believe in violence, You can't speak to the conscience of a predator. I don't distance myself from the stereotypes that are used to silence the marginalized, systemic gaslighting at it's finest. I'm a typical Man hating Lesbian Feminist."

Scars On Temmie Ovwasa Chest, Neck

Temmie Ovwasa has some self inflicted scars on her neck and chest. Writing about the scars on her neck and chest, Temmie Ovwasa said:

"That scar on my neck is almost 7yrs old,
I have a lot of self inflicted scars,
This one came from trying to cut my neck..."

"The scars on my chest are intentional, They're scarification marks.

I'm getting more."

"The art of Scarification.

Men complain the most about the scars on my chest, how tf are you concerned about someone that's not even attracted to your gender?? they're intentional but beyond that idgaf, I love when men find me unappealing.

Temmie Ovwasa Sickness: Depression, Bipolar Story
YBNL Princess Temmie Ovwasa recalls how she suffered from depression and bipolar.

"For years, I’ve grown accustomed to being randomly bullied,
By “fans”, “family” and y’all fuc... kers in between.

Went from being a depressed 18 year old to a bipolar, bulimic 19 year old living with bpd and constantly being fat shamed at a size 6.
At 23, Y’all just make me laugh... 
Then cry for you,
Then hurt for you.
Who broke you?

I Understand that Violence is the Normal here and I try to write it off but some days I wake up and feel the need to address it.

A lot of you are So unkind, So mean, Childish bullies with no joy looking for people to hurt.
I promise you there’s peace on the other side,
You don’t have to be a mean dickhead! You don’t!!!!!
Anyways, this long ass post was triggered by the dumba ..ss mf that decided to stress me out by tagging me on bullshit,
My music is a gift,
Take it when I give it, Thank me and keep it moving,
If this energy bothers you,
My music is not for You.
You may leave✌🏿"

Temmie Ovwasa On Drugs, Smokes, Needs A Therapist
Temmie Ovwasa smokes weed, cigarettes, accused of doing drugs, and told she needs a therapist.
Photos of Temmie Ovwasa Smoking

A Nigerian Twitter user, Samuel Job told Temmie Ovwasa to see a therapist, 

"@THETemmieOvwasa Try and speak with a therapist I get that.."

But Temmie Ovwasa @THETemmieOvwasa fired back:

"It's fascinating how y'all have no wit whatsoever that every bit of my sarcasm flies over your small mind or breaks it, So you always end up with "it's trauma" or "drugs" because u cannot comprehend a statement or a joke, I'm not crazy (well, I am), you're just unintelligent."

Temmie Ovwasa Suicide Post
YBNL Princess Temmie Ovwasa had attempted to commit suicide in the past.

"Tw: Suicide 

That scar on my neck is almost 7yrs old,
I have a lot of self inflicted scars,
This one came from trying to cut my neck.
I have developed such an intense sense of personal power because I have been surrounded by ignorance for a long time, people who are so unkind that they laugh at you when you're at your lowest,
I have grown into this person, unafraid, ready to face the consequences of my rebellion because I have seen death, I have known misery, I have seen darkness, I have known madness and I overcame everything.
I am kind to myself and that is all that matters.
I love myself, I am in love with myself. 
I have never been ashamed, because I see you for who you are,
Afraid, so you hide behind your terrible words...
I am always ...unashamed.

I'm happier, in a better place and I'm glad I waited."

"I think that the weirdest thing about being suicidal that people do not talk about is that a lot of us did not plan to live very long, !ma°, And Now you're way past the age you thought you'd die and you have to start figuring this "Will to live" shit out. Weird af."

"I spent a significant part of my teenage years hating my smile, somehow it morphed into an inability to smile or laugh consciously (also, I don’t owe anyone a smile) but i was told a couple of times to close my gap ( a lot of people don’t know I have this because I hardly smile).

I’m glad I didn’t get braces,lol.. I still won’t be smiling in pictures because I don’t have enough excitement in me to conjure up a perfect fake smile but this post is for those who make it their duty to police bodies and point out “flaws”.

Temmie Ovwasa Body Shamed

"You say “Fat” like it’s a bad thing.
If at this size I get body shamed constantly,I wonder what bigger women go through.
My body is not a place for your opinions,My body is not a goal to be met, I am not a number on a scale.
And It’s funny how the culture of ignorance and silence allows toxicity to thrive in this geographical location but I am not a quiet woman.
My body is not a breeding ground for unsolicited advice.
And no,I’m not hitting the gym..the pot belly comes with the package.
Mio kin shey fit fam,mo ma je Amala mi without remorse..disgor.
And dear friends and family,my body is not a conversation starter."

Temmie Ovwasa Burial, Funeral
In a tweet, Temmie Ovwasa wrote what her burial ceremony will look like when she dies:

"I hope that at my funeral, people are allowed to say what a shitty person i was and what an amazing person I've been , because i was both, Very much looking forward to a lack of crocodile tears at my funeral, let those who say " fuck them" say it in peace."

Cowrie Waist Bead, Necklace: Temmie Ovwasa likes to wear cowrie waist beads and necklace. She sells them too.

Temmie Ovwasa EndSARS Protest
Temmie Ovwasa participated in the 2020 #EndSARS protest carrying a placard that read:

"Na tattoo I draw, I no kill person #Endsars"

Temmie Ovwasa YBNL Princess And Olamide, Fight, Relationship + Why YBNL Princess Left Olamide Record Label

Olamide signed Temmie Ovwasa in August 2015 after he liked all of her music posts on Instagram and sent her a direct message and also invited her to Lagos but left Olamide's label in 2020 after having a disagreement with the label owner.

How Olamide Destroyed My Career For 5 Years - Temmie Ovwasa YBNL Princess

The first female YBNL signee, Temmie Ovwasa had in 2020 accused record label owner and popular singer, Olamide of being cruel to her.

Taking to Twitter, Temmie Ovwasa said Olamide kept her away from the world by abandoning her in a house for five years.

She said the YBNL boss also restricted her from performing at gigs and also blocked her from recording for three years.

She tweeted;

Temmie:- “I actually recorded 3 albums and multiple singles that were never dropped by YBNL for no reason and my shows were rejected by them making it hard for me to do anything!”

"Omo, it’s YBNL thinking that I’m going to keep quiet after they messed me up for nearly 5 years, My voice may not be loud but I fit shout. You don’t give a person hope & snatch it from them. Olamide Adedeji, I will always have your name in my mouth. Silence is not my language."

"Chinko, Xino, Lyta, Davolee, Picasso, Yomi blaze, Limerick, Temmie. You give the world the impression that you’re kind but beneath the facade is a man that leaves a trail of broken dreams. But then again, that’s what men do. Your story will cease from my mouth when you kill me.

@Olamide How do you keep a child you brought to Lagos all the way from Ilorin in a house for almost 5 years without allowing her to drop anything for 3 years, You rejected all my shows for no reason. And I was nothing but grateful because at least I dey YBNL.

5 years, 4 singles, 4 videos. If that’s how he got to where he is he should come and explain @olamide!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@olamide I did not beg you or reach out to you for a record deal, I was minding my business when you reached out to me. 5 years, 4 singles, 4 videos. Na so you reach where you dey??? Oga I go use you write bestseller since na all of us dey craze. No be only hand that fed you."

"Depending on your fans to bully me into silence, My dia nobody can bully someone that doesn’t have shame

And those ass-kickers who will lick anything as long as it has money attached to it will troop in. If anything happens to me y’all know who to call.”

Temmie Ovwasa YBNL Princess Calls Out Her Mother, Step Father, Stepsister, Exposes How Her Stepfather Abused Her From 11 To 17 Years

Temmie Ovwasa Chat With Her Mother

Temmie Ovwasa Blasts Her Step Sister, Sandra

YBNL Princess Temmie Ovwasa Net Worth 2021, 2022
How much is Temmie Ovwasa worth?
YBNL Princess Net Worth: Temmie Ovwasa net worth is about $250,000 US Dollars as at 2021.

Temmie Ovwasa YBNL Princess House And Cars

House and Cars: Temmie Ovwasa lives in a nice house and drives her own cars.

YBNL princess Temmie Ovwasa Phone Number WhatsApp Contact: Temmie Ovwasa can be contacted via her Instagram page Account Profile.

Instagram: Temmie Ovwasa Instagram page Account Profile Handle @ybnlprincess. YBNL Princess Temmie Ovwasa currently has 377k followers on her Instagram page.

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