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Latest Instagram Photos: All About Funmi Ayinke Waheed-Adekojo Bio, Wikipedia, History, Family, Children, House,Cars, Husband, Marriage, Parents, Phone Number WhatsApp Contact, Record Label, Songs, State Of Origin, Images

History Of Funmi Ayinke: Everything To Know About Funmi Ayinke Profile, Husband Mufutau Waheed-Adekojo, Funmi Ayinke Humanity Foundation, Family, Children

Wikipedia Biography: Who is Funmi Ayinke?

Funmi Ayinke (born 27 May 1983) whose full name is Funmilayo Waheed-Adekojo is a Nigerian Musical artist, business mogul, Philanthropist, Educationalist and Industrialist.

Dr. Funmi Ayinke is the MD/ CEO of FunmiAyinke Nigeria Limited, a fast-leading engineering Services in Nigeria. She is the founder of Funmi Ayinke Humanity Foundation and has single-handedly sponsored over 15,000 Nigerian youths and widows with no sentiment of tribe or religion.

Funmi Ayinke Profile Bio Data Facts

Name: Funmi Ayinke

Real, Full Name: Funmilayo Mary Waheed-Adekojo

Maiden Name: Funmilayo Bolude

Nationality: Nigerian

State Of Origin: Ondo State

Tribe: Yoruba

Place Of Birth: Akoko, Ondo State

Religion: Christian

Height: N/A

Occupation, Career: Singer, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist

Net Worth: $3 million US Dollars

Parents: Mr and Mrs Bolude

Father: Mr Bolude (Late)

Mother: Mrs Bolude

Relationship, Marital Status: Married

Married: Yes

Husband: Professor Mufutau Waheed-Adekojo

Children: 4

Sons: 3

Daughter: 1

Education: Mechanical Engineering Graduate

Instagram: funmiayinkeofficial 

Phone Number: +234 8028770650

E-Mail: [email protected]

Funmi Ayinke Photos

Full Biography Of Funmi Ayinke, Career, Occupation, Life History, Story, Family, Background, Education, Songs, Foundation, Childhood

Funmi Ayinke, born Funmilayo Bolude, is a popularly Nigerian Business Mogul, Singer, Philanthropist, Educationalist and Industrialist. She is best known as Funmi Ayinke.

Funmi Ayinke was born in Akoko, Ondo State, where she spent the majority of her childhood.

Funmilayo Ayinke Waheed-Adekojo started very humbly; She was raised by her single mother, as her father passed away while she was young. 

About Funmi Ayinke Humanity Foundation

Funmi Ayinke Waheed-Adekojo is the founder of Funmi Ayinke Humanity Foundation, has been giving a helping hand, not only to the vulnerable community but to the less privileged, with her campaign that strives to support the Elderly, Orphans, Needy people, and vulnerable children.

When an individual has not got the necessary skills to perform a particular job, it can mean a financial struggle.

Funmi Ayinke started the Funmi Ayinke Humanity Foundation based on this mission, to give a helping hand to the vulnerable community.

She understands that not everyone will have the required skills to be successful. In contrast, not everyone will have the means to develop the necessary skills to be a professional in their respective field.

Nevertheless, everyone deserves a chance to develop any skills they seem interested in.

Funmi Ayinke Career, Occupation

Funmi Ayinke finished her NYSC training at the Works and Services Department, University of Abeokuta, Ogun State, in February 2010. 

Upon finishing her mandatory National Youth Service Corps, Funmi started working at ADEFUM INVESTMENT in Agbede Junction, Apata Ibadan, where she worked her way to the top.

After three years working at ADEFUM INVESTMENT, Funmi Ayinke resigned in 2013 and relocated to Abeokuta. 

She joined the Mechanical Engineering Unit, Works and Services, FUNAAB in February 2014 before leaving to establish her own company, FunmiAyinke Nigeria Limited, in 2019.

Funmi Ayinke Nigeria Limited: Funmi Ayinke established her own company, Funmi Ayinke Nigeria limited in the year 2019.

Funmi Ayinke as an Artist 

Funmi Ayinke Waheed-Adekojo’s first time singing was at the church as a choir member. The “end SARS” protest in Nigeria inspired her first release, “It’s Our Time.”

Our Time is Funmi Ayinke’s debut single; it has generated positive reviews among gospel music critics worldwide.

Funmi Ayinke Record Label: Funmi Ayinke established and launched her own music records label named FunmiAyinke Music Record Label (FRL) in October 2021 and signed three talented artists in Lagos.

The names of artists signed by Funmi Ayinke record label are; Victory Patrick Omonaye a.k.a Omohsoke; Chibuike Timothy Onwuka a.k.a Timsingz; and Bamiduro Oluwayemisi Odunayo a.k.a Conffyghold who were carefully selected from a handful of talents at the disposal of Dr Funmilayo were delighted to have signed a two-year contract with the world-class record label.

According to her, apart from having the music talent, she saw the need to go into music when it was discovered that many Nigerian youths don’t read but prefer to listen to songs. Hence, every of her motivational speech was put into her songs for the youth to listen to. In addition to this, she organizes several competitions on her Instagram page to get the youths to sing some of these songs and win money on a regular basis, which is very rare for any musician across the country.

In one of her interviews, she mentioned that she established the record label for humanitarian services to serve people with talent who are goal-getters without the opportunity of having a golden spoon as parents or relatives.

"I am a proud giver and I aspire to do even more. For to whom much is give, much more is expected. FunmiAyinke Humanity Foundation will keep her hands wide open to welcome and assist all who needs her help irrespective of who they are or where they come from. However, this is not a one man job, So, I propose that we all strive to be Godlike and that is to love unconditionally; to be christlike and that is to give hope unending. This is the real detty December. The true way to celebrate this season." - Funmi Ayinke.

Funmi Ayinke Awards

Funmi Ayinke is an award-winning music artist having bagged the West Africa Gospel Music Awards 2021 as the Best Inspirational Song of the year 2020/2021 and the Best SongWriter of the year 2020/2021, Best Motivational song of the year by City People Magazine Award, Best Songwriter of the year by same City People Magazine Award. She was nominated recently by Gbedu Music Award in Ghana which will take place by August.

Funmi Ayinke Merit and Recognition Awards

Professionally, Funmi Ayinke has won so many awards a few of which are:

1. 2017/2018 Leadership Award of Excellence as an Icon of Societal Development by the Students Union Government, Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Ogun State.

2. Outstanding Women in National Development Merit Award (OWINDA) 2019 by Cooperate & Media Africa Communications Ltd.

3. Award of Excellence in Contribution to Human Capacity Building on Youth and Women Empowerment, Peace and Unity Building in Nigeria and Africa at Large by Congress of Civil Society Organisation in Nigeria, 2019.

4. Humanitarian of the Year 2020 Awards by City People.

5. Matron by National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) Ogun JCC Axis.

6. National Outstanding Leadership Award of Excellence by Progressive Students Movement (PSM) Nigeria.

7. Pan-African Distinguished Leadership Hall of Fame Award, 2020 by West Africa Students’ Union (WASU).

8. Member, Diversity and Inclusion Committee of the Nigerian Institution of Mechanical Engineers

9. Member, Special Purpose Committee of the Nigerian Institution of Mechanical Engineers

10. Football Ambassador by the Queen of Nigerian Football, Edo State, 2021

11. Student Union Government, University of Abuja award as the Patron, 2021

12. Yoruba Youth Assembly (YYA) Award as the “Asoju Odo Ile Yoruba”, 2021

13. National Outstanding Leadership Award as the Pillar of Motherhood for the Younger Generation by the Akoko Progressive Movement, 2021.

State Of Origin, Home Town, Tribe: Where is Funmi Ayinke from? Funmi Ayinke is from Ondo State Nigeria. She is Yoruba by tribe.

Funmi Ayinke Awards As Ondo Woman Of The Year 2021

"Engr. Dr. Ambassador, Music Artist, Mother, Wife, EXCELLENCY.....ONDO STATE WOMAN OF THE YEAR. 


My appreciation goes to all the well wishers, The Engineering Bodies Present (NSE, FINIMechE, APWEN) AM GRATEFUL SIR /MA.

To my Mum and Dad ( Iya Teacher and the Kabiyesi Zaki of Arigidi Akoko) ESE PUPO🧎‍♀️🧎‍♀️🧎‍♀️🧎‍♀️🧎‍♀️🧎‍♀️🧎‍♀️.

To my Colleagues and Bosses, You are the best Ever 👌❤♥💕

To my siblings, you are amazing 👏💖❤💗💕♥👏💖❤💗💕♥👏

To my wonderful staff of FunmiAyinke Nigeria Limited and FunmiAyinke Humanity Foundation, you are highly appreciated and am proud of you all. 👏🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

To my Ondo state Family, the organisers and Gorvenment of Ondo State 👪❤💕💙♥💖👪❤💕💙♥💖You are the best ever and am grateful 🙏❤

To the WONDERFUL, BLOOOOODY, COMRADES, National Association of Nigeria Students(NANS) 🇳🇬♥❤👌👏😀🇳🇬♥❤👌👏😀🇳🇬♥❤👌👏😀🇳🇬♥ I HEART YOU FOREVER AND NIGERIA WILL BE GREAT AGAIN👍.

To my music world 🌎🎶, am grateful to Mummy Funmi Aragbaye and my wonderful producer Mr. Ebenezer Iriemi, God bless you Sir and your family. 

To my best family ever, FHF FAMILY , YOU ARE THE BEST AND AM GRATEFUL 🙏❤♥💕💖💙🙏❤♥💕



TO GOD ALMIGHTY 🙏🙌✨❤💖♥🙏🙌✨❤💖♥🙏🙌✨❤💖♥🙏🙌✨❤💖♥🙏🙌✨❤💖WE RETURN ALL GLORY TO GOD. 🙏🙌


Education: Funmi Ayinke is a Graduate of Mechanical Engineering from the University.

Funmi Ayinke qualifies as a Chartered Management Consultant

In July 2021, Funmi Ayinke awarded by the Chartered Institute of Management Consultants for the Designation Of Chartered Management Consultant, having satisfied all the prescribed requirements. This award adds to the plethora of awards and fellowship she has garnered over the years as an engineer, a professional, a businessperson, a humanitarian, and a musician.

She is also a fellow of the following organizations;

*Fellow of Nigeria Society of Engineers FNSE

*Fellow of Nigeria Institute of Mechanical Engineers FNIMechE

*Fellow of Institute of Management Consultant FIMC

*Fellow of Institute of Management Specialist FIMS (UK)

*Fellow of Centre for Productivity and Development FCP

*Certified Management Consultant CMC

*Certified Engineer by the Council for Regulatory of Engineers in Nigeria COREN

Project Management Professional Certified PMP

*PMI USA global

*Certified Procurement Cadre by the Bureau of Public Procurement Presidency in Nigeria

*A Doctor of Science in Project Management Engineering and Corporate Governance by European-American University, Commonwealth of Dominica.

*A Doctor of Science in Public Administration by the Scientifique Universite Protestante De LAfrique De LOuest, Port Novo, Republic of Benin.

I Don't Want To Show Off But I Want To Talk Some Senses Into Us - Funmi Ayinke

"Hello Dearest,

I posted these pictures not because I want to show off but because I want to talk some senses into us.

The journey to a successful career is not a child's play. Success is not for everyone but for people who understand the meaning of success. 

How on earth will you have a wrist watch of 350k and you are looking for a 100k for school fees? How can you have a phone worth 300k and you keep calling every family member for registration fees, school fees, accommodations fees? This is simply called LACK OF PRIORITY. 

How can you say you want to be successful as a student; yet, the same you is having all sorts of distractions you put on yourself in the name of "streams of incomes" just because you can not live within your limit or that of your parents! 

The same you want to live the lifestyle of a working class yet you are still a student.

My advice for some of you in this category is that you cannot eat your cake and have it. Also, As You Lay Your Bed, So You Lie On It. Please endure the suffering now and merry later. There is no magomago to success but through hardwork, endurance, focus and serious mindedness. 

If people like us had lived this your flamboyant lifestyle, do you think we can be here today?

Some of you ladies are into so many rubbish that you can't even say outside, just because you preferred human hair to suku aladimole(plaiting) and after your glory has be exchanged with those iPhone, human hair etc. Then,you become empty, you will live the rest of your life frustrated (God forbid ). 

Please take your life serious, sell those expensive things and care more for your life and your education. 

Anyone that looks down on you today because you are not like them will join the rest of the world to celebrate you later.

Stop being irresponsible and careless. 

Stop comparing yourself with others. 

Stay on your lane, live within your parents limit. Stop frustrating your parents with your terrible lifestyle. Stop bringing tears out of your parents eyes.

Start being responsible. Look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself this question....WHAT DO I REALLY WANT?


#FunmiAyinkesaysyouonlyhaveonelifetolive. #Liveresponsible."

Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Funmi Ayinke was born into the family of Mr and Mrs Bolude. She was raised by her single mother, as her father died while she was young. 

Funmi Ayinke Personal Life

Funmi Ayinke Married, Marriage, Wedding Pictures: Is Funmi Ayinke married? Yes, Funmi Ayinke is married to Professor Mufutau Waheed-Adekojo who is her husband and they have 4 kids together.

Funmi Ayinke got married to Professor Mufutau Waheed-Adekojo shortly after finishing her National Youth Service Corps training (NYSC).

Family Picture Of Funmi Ayinke With Her Husband And Children

Husband: Who is Funmi Ayinke husband, name, pictures? Funmi Ayinke husband's name is Mufutau Waheed-Adekojo. He is a Nigerian born professor.

Picture of Funmi Ayinke And Her Husband, Professor Mufutau Waheed Adekojo.

Funmi Ayinke Children, Child, Daughter, Sons: Funmi Ayinke and her husband are blessed with four children - three sons and a daughter.

Pictures of Funmi Ayinke Children

Funmi Ayinke Celebrates Her Son's Birthday

"Once upon a time family, exactly 11am 0ctober 1, 2011; FunmiAyinke had her second child. Few minutes later, the Doctor looked at me and said 

"Madam , the baby temperature 🌡 had dropped to 2°c and we are not sure of his survival".



I stood up from the hospital bed, took my child, entered into my car and drove off leaving my husband with the Doctor to sign whatever it is.

Hmm, in the car alone with the lifeless baby on my lap, and a fresh body of a newly delivered mother, I cried to God Almighty, I told him to show me again as He has been faithful to me, I told God, I will serve Him all the days of my life, HE SHOULD BRING MY SON BACK.

While still driving, I heard a word in my mind to take him home and covered him with so many shawl as I can.

I obeyed.

I got home, covered my son with all the shawls including the one his elder brother used.

I knelt down and I wanted to pray but the Holy spirit said "Just Praise Me ".

With my heavy heart, I started singing 

"Ma joba lo oluwa, ma joba lo, Oluwa......(song in the 4th slide).

Fifty minutes later,

My baby sneezed and started crying. I couldn't believe it, I rushed to him, carried him and breastfed him.


Since his birth till date, he has never been admitted into the hospital for any ailments infact, he was the best graduating student in his school, NOW IN COLLEGE. 

Distinguished Family, HELP ME CELEBRATE MY SON, OLAMIDE ADEKOJO, A HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎂 🥳 🎉 🎈 🎁 🎊 🎂 🥳 🎉 🎈 🎁 🎊 🎂 🥳 

Hurray, Olamide is TEN.

#FunmiAyinkeSecondBorn is #TEN. 

#GodPikin #Godcannotlie #justtrustGod.#AmtotallysoldouttoGod"

Funmi Ayinke Net Worth Forbes, Dollars, Naira, 2021, 2022

How much is Funmi Ayinke net worth?

Net Worth: Funmi Ayinke Net Worth is about $3 million US Dollars in 2021.

Funmi Ayinke Mansion, House and Cars

House and Cars: Funmi Ayinke lives in a fine house and drives nice cars.

Funmi Ayinke Phone Number WhatsApp Contact: Funmi Ayinke can be contacted via her phone number +234 8028770650

Email Address: [email protected]

Funmi Ayinke Instagram: Funmi Ayinke Instagram Page Account Profile Handle funmiayinkeofficial. Funmi Ayinke currently has 29.9k followers as at the time of writing this article.

Funmi Ayinke Instagram profile Bio reads:

Funmilayo Waheed Adekojo

Mech.Engr, PMP, FNSE, FNIMECHE, FIMS (UK), FCP, FIMC, Dr of Sci. in Project Mgt Engrg & Cooperate Governance.

+234 8028770650

[email protected]

Don't Hire someone you cannot Fire - Funmi Ayinke

'We just have few Nigerians that fear God. Almost every Nigerians including family members like to take advantage of your good heart to play on your intelligence.

Generally, people like us that have soft spot for the less privileges are always victims of fake people around us but the encouragement FunmiAyinke wants to give some of you in my category is that DON'T BOTHER ABOUT WHAT THEY WILL SAY, THINK , FEEL OR GOSSIP ABOUT YOU. 


The only thing that matters is your happiness and instead of you allowing them suck the hell out of you, just delete and 🚫 them forever .

Always ask yourself this question. 





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Funmi Ayinke Biography

Funmi Ayinke Record label

Funmi Ayinke Humanity Foundation

Funmi Ayinke Nigeria limited

Funmi Ayinke Humanity Foundation

Funmi Ayinke Nigeria limited

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