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History Of Deborah Enenche: Everything To Know About Deborah Paul Enenche Daughter Profile, Husband, Wedding, Married, Family, Parents, Siblings, Net Worth, Weight Loss, Dressing, Fashion, Businesses, Education, Career

All About Deborah Paul-Enenche aka Debee: Paul Enenche Daughter

Who is Deborah Paul Enenche?

Deborah Enenche aka Debee whose real, full name is Deborah Paul Enenche (born 28 March 1995) is a Nigerian gospel Singer and the first daughter of Dunamis Church Pastor Paul Enenche and Dr Becky Enenche.
Beautiful Pictures of Deborah Paul Enenche

Deborah Paul Enenche Profile Data Bio Facts

Stage Name, Nickname: DeBee

Real Name: Deborah Enenche

Full Name: Deborah Elizabeth Enewa Paul-Enenche Esq.

Nationality: Nigerian

State Of Origin: Benue State

Hometown: Orokam, Benue State

Tribe: Orokam

Place Of Birth: Jos, Plateau State

Date Of Birth: 28 March 1995

Birthday: 28th March

Age: 26 Years Old (as at 2021)

Family: Of 6, Dad, Mum & 4 Children

Parents: Pastor Paul Enenche & Dr. Becky Enenche

Father: Dr. Paul Enenche

Mother: Becky Inyangbe Paul Enenche

Siblings: 3

Sisters: Daniella Enenche, Destiny Enenche

Brother: Paul Daniel Enenche

Uncle: John Enenche

Occupation, Career: Singer, Entrepreneur, Lawyer

Songs: Even If You Slay Me, Consciousness

Net Worth: $500,000 US Dollars

Net Worth In Naira: ₦285,000,000 Naira

Boyfriend: Sam Uloko

Relationship, Marital Status: Married

Married: Yes

Spouse, Husband: Sam Hawthorn Uloko

Wedding: December 2022

Fiance: Sam Hawthorn Uloko

Children: 0

Height: 5"6 feet tall

Skin Colour, Complexion: Darkskinned

Dressing, Fashion Style: Moderate, Conservative

Education: Northumbria University (Law)

Contact Email: [email protected]

Full Biography Of Deborah Enenche Aka Debee (Pastor Dr Paul Enenche Daughter)

About Deborah Paul Enenche Career, Occupation, Life History, Story, Songs, Family Background, Education, Early Life, Siblings & More

Biography Wikipedia: Who Is Deborah Enenche?
Deborah Paul Enenche (born 28 March 1995) is a Nigerian gospel singer and first child of Pastor Paul Eneche, founder and senior Pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Centre.

Who Is DeBee Enenche?
Who Is Debee?
DeBee whose real name is Deborah Paul Enenche is a Nigerian gospel singer and the first Daughter of Dr Paul Enenche, Dunamis Pastor.

Deborah Paul Enenche was born in Jos, Plateau state on the 28th of March 1995 to her parents Pastor Dr Paul Enenche and Dr Mrs Becky Enenche who are both Medical Doctors and Pastors.

Deborah Enenche is the first child of her parents with 3 younger siblings. From a young age, Deborah Paul Enenche who was born into a Christian family, was brought up in a Christian godly way.

Deborah Paul Enenche is quite actively involved in the work of God in her father's church, Dunamis Gospel Church where she ministers and renders her offerings to God as a singer whose songs are very much uplifting and spirit filled.
Picture of Deborah Paul-Enenche and Sinach

Deborah Paul Enenche often travels across various states in Nigeria with her father in his evangelistic outreach. She uses this unique platform to bless people with her songs.

Deborah Paul Enenche is a Barrister and Solicitor of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. She combines her career as a Lawyer with her music as she also composes and sings gospel songs. Currently, she also serves as the Creative Director of the Dunamis Gospel Church where she oversees and handles some assignments that pertain to creativity, media, video editing and more. She also helps direct, edit and film some of the church’s music videos.

Deborah Paul Enenche Songs
DeBee Enenche songs are:
1 Even If You Slay Me
2 "Consciouness" EP by Deborah Paul-Enenche
Watch Deborah Paul-Enenche aka DeBee music video of "Consciouness" EP 

Education: Deborah Enenche attended British Nigerian Academy – a top and expensive secondary school in Abuja, Nigeria.

Deborah Paul Enenche graduated from Northumbria University where she studied Law.
Deborah Enenche attended Law School at the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, She was called to Bar in the year 2019.

Deborah Paul Enenche Educational Background
Nigerian Law School
Post-Graduate certification – Law – Pass 2018 – 2019
Call to the Nigerian Bar certifying me as a Barrister and Lawyer in the Nation.

Northumbria University
Bachelor’s Degree – Law – 1st class prediction
2012 – 2017
Activities and Societies: The MARS Society Afro-Carribean Society Christian Union

Honors & Awards
Best in Fine Arts
British Nigerian Academy
Jul 2011

Funniest Girl
British Nigerian Academy
Jul 2011

Most Dedicated Girl
British Nigerian Academy
Jul 2011

Northumbria University
Jul 2011

Stage Name Debee: Debee is the stage and professional name of Deborah Paul Enenche as a Nigerian singer, gospel musician.

Real Name, Full Name: Debee real name is Deborah Paul Enenche.

Deborah Paul Enenche State Of Origin, Home Town, Tribe, Village: Where is Deborah Enenche from? Deborah Paul Enenche hails from Benue State Nigeria.
Deborah Enenche is a native of Orokam, her village and home town in Benue State, Nigeria.

Deborah Paul Enenche Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: When was Deborah Enenche born? Deborah Paul Enenche was born on 28 March 1995.

Deborah Paul Enenche Real Age: How old is Deborah Enenche? Deborah Paul Enenche is currently 26 years old as at 2021.
Deborah Enenche will celebrate her 27th birthday on 28th of March 2021.

Deborah Enenche Height: How tall is Deborah Paul Enenche? Deborah Paul Enenche is about 5"6 feet tall.

Deborah Paul Enenche Makeup Photos: Deborah Enenche doesn't like to wear makeup, she likes her face to be natural without makeup. Most of her images on her Instagram page are pictures without makeup. Deborah Paul Enenche is quite beautiful without makeup or with Makeup.
Pictures of Deborah Enenche Wearing Makeup and looking stunning and Sexy

Deborah Enenche Dressing: Deborah Paul Enenche mode of dressing speaks modesty. As a pastor's daughter, Deborah Enenche dresses decently, conservatively. She doesn't flaunt cleavage or expose her body in the name of dressing and fashion.
Pastor Paul Enenche daughter, Deborah Enenche dresses like the born again she is. She likes to wear hats and beret.

Images of Deborah Paul Enenche

Deborah Paul Enenche Fashion: Deborah Enenche is set to establish her fashion brand. This she revealed on her Instagram page.

"I'm working towards starting my own fashion line 👗👔
So stay tuned for that 🤗" - Pastor's daughter, Deborah Paul Enenche wrote on her Instagram page.

About Deborah Enenche Weight Loss Before And After Pictures

Deborah Paul Enenche Weight Loss: Pastor Paul Enenche daughter, Deborah Enenche used to be fat, more on the plus-sized but she had to embark on her weight loss journey.
Deborah Paul Enenche achieved her Weight Loss and new body stature without any surgery, no Plastic Surgery, no cosmetic surgery.
Deborah Paul Enenche Before And After Amazing Transformation Pictures

Deborah Paul Enenche revealing her Weight Loss procedure shared her before and after weight loss video on her Instagram page and wrote:
Old Throwback Photos of Deborah Enenche As A Plus-sized, Fat Lady Before Transformation & Weight Loss Journey

"A beautiful day to help someone out 🤗

Due to the overwhelming requests for tips on how I lost upwards of 30kg, I've decided to drop some helpful tips on what personally worked for me.

At the end of the day, is not what you do but how dedicatedly you do it.
Consistency is the mother of results. 

Stick to it for a month and get back to me 😁

May God bless your efforts 🙏🏿✨

Disclaimer: Please note that I am not a certified dietician or fitness instructor. These are merely the things I personally did that worked for me. Do proceed wisely and if necessary, consult your local physician for what works best for you."

Deborah Paul Enenche Weight-loss plan for 30 days:

* calorie reduced diet The average Nigerian eats 2000 - 2500calories a day Eat only 1,500 or even 1000 for quicker results You can count your calories using the app "My fitness pal" 

* I also did intermittent fasting as well as reducing calories. But this might not be for every one. You could have a fasting window of 16:8 So you eat for 8 hours from maybe morning till afternoon and then the remaining 16, you don't consume anything. You can get the fasting app called "fastic". It's what I use. 

* with regards what you eat, you have to stay away from processed foods and refined sugar. The more natural and earth grown, the better. STAY AWAY FROM FIZZY DRINKS! These are evil! 

* working out really helps I do 45 minutes in the morning and 45 at night but it may be a stretch for some Do a cumulative 60 minutes/1 hr You can spread them out 30 in the morning and 30 at night Make sure you do 30 minutes a day no matter what My workout is very simple. I just walk. I've been walking like this daily for like a year now It'll honestly change your life This is different from the activities you normally do. Just take a time out and walk around your area and be back home. It's both therapeutic and helps reduce weight 

*A positive attitude. This is the most necessary ingredient! Believe in yourself and have faith. You're more capable than you know!
Picture of Deborah Paul Enenche and Her Maternal Grandfather

Deborah Paul Enenche Family, Parents, Father, Mother Siblings
Deborah Paul Enenche was born into the family of Dr. Paul Enenche And Dr. Mrs Becky Enenche. She is from a family of 6 which include, her parents and four (4) children.
Deborah Paul Enenche family Picture, Parents and Siblings

Who is Paul Enenche first daughter? Deborah Enenche is the first Daughter and first child of Paul Enenche, Dunamis Pastor and his wife, Becky Enenche.
Photos of Paul Enenche Daughter, Deborah Enenche
Pictures of Deborah Paul-Enenche Rocking Hats

Deborah Paul Enenche Parents
Deborah Enenche parents are Pastor Dr Paul Enenche and Dr Becky Enenche.
Photo of Deborah Paul Enenche and her parents
Pictures of Deborah Paul Enenche Parents

Fun Photo of Deborah Enenche and Her Father and Mother

Deborah Enenche Celebrates Her Parents Marriage, Wedding Anniversary
Deborah Paul Enenche shared pictures of her parents to celebrate their 27th wedding anniversary on April 16, 2021 and wrote:

"Happy 27th anniversary to my amazing parents 

I adore and greatly honour them. They are beacons of what a peaceful and blissful marriage looks like.
Their commitment to God is unrelenting.
As seen today, they're currently on the mission field on their special day.
I pray for such devotion.

May God richly bless you sir and ma. And this is just the start of a beautiful union 🥲. In Jesus lovely name. Amen 🥰

PS:-I love you."

Deborah Enenche Father
Father: Who is the father of Deborah Paul Enenche? Deborah Enenche Father is a Pastor, Dr Paul Enenche.
Paul Enenche is a Nigerian born Pastor, author, musician, and trained medical doctor. Dr Paul Enenche is the senior pastor and founder of the Dunamis International Gospel Centre headquartered in Abuja in Nigeria.
Picture Of Deborah Enenche and Her Father, Pastor Paul Enenche

Deborah Paul Enenche shared a cute picture with her father, Pastor Enenche and wrote: "Dad always makes me laugh 🤣 

I love you so much sir 🥺😁🥰🫂🤗@drpastorpaulenenche 

It's an honour to have a father like you 🙇🏿"

Deborah Paul Enenche Mother
Mother: Who Is Deborah Enenche mother? Deborah Paul Enenche mother is Dr Becky Enenche nee Becky Inyangbe Ibu.
Becky Inyangbe Paul Enenche, formerly known as Rebecca (Becky) Inyangbe Ibu, (born 23 October) is a Nigerian trained Medical Doctor turned full time preacher and pastor.
Photos of Deborah Paul Enenche and Her Mother, Dr Becky Enenche

Deborah Paul Enenche Celebrates Her Mother, Dr Becky Enenche Birthday On October 23, 2021

"@drbeckyenenche Happy birthday Mum 🎊

There's gonna be at least a 100,000 other people wishing you a happy birthday today.
But I think it's fair to say that I am lucky enough to actually know you 🥺.

You're a superhero. My superhero 💪🏾.
I've never been so in awe of anyone in my life. How you do it all? You are the definition of the Proverbs 31 woman. You're what most self help books make me aspire for. You have managed to juggle so much and still keep exceeding expectations.

Thank you for being the phenomenal mother you are. The lessons you've instilled in my siblings and I are why we all are such juggernauts in the making. It's also why we have such a strong bond. You've taught us love and authenticity, depth and integrity.

Thank you for being the woman behind the man ( @drpastorpaulenenche ). The man that God is using to shake nations. One must celebrate a magnificent towering edifice but it's impossible not to acknowledge the pillar that holds it up. You're that pillar mama. And the love you have for each other is so palpable even through a television screen 😩.

I hope to be like you when I grow up 😁🥰 
I love you immeasurably.
The number of your days the Lord will fulfill ma.
You'll continue to look this phenomenal at 120 (if Jesus tarries).
On behalf of all your children, conceived and acquired, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! 

PS:- I owe you a vacation"

Deborah Paul Enenche Sisters, Brother, Siblings
Siblings, Sister, Brother: Deborah Enenche has three (3) younger siblings - two younger sisters and one younger brother.
The names of Deborah Paul Enenche siblings sisters are Daniella Paul Enenche, Destiny Paul Enenche and her brother's name is Paul Daniel Enenche.
Picture of Deborah Paul Enenche and Her Brother, Daniel

How many Children Does Dr Enenche have? Dr Paul Enenche has 4 children - 3 daughters and one son.

Deborah Paul Enenche Celebrates Her Younger Brother, Paul Daniel Enenche On His Birthday

"Happy birthday to my big brother 🥺😁

@pauldanielpaulenenche may be 9 years younger than me but he has the wisdom of His father and His father's father before him.
Incredibly insightful and thoughtful, Apostle is as sensitive as he is strong.
His love for God is so admirable. He is undividedly focused and driven about the Kingdom.
He has taught me great strength as an adult and he's only just becoming one.

I'm honoured to be in the same lineage with you Paul-Daniel 🥺 
Together we will shake nations 🙌🏿

I love you times infinity 🥺😍🥰🤗🫂

PS:- I'll mail you some gala 🤪🤣🤣🤣"

Deborah Enenche Excited As Her Brother And His Friends Sing Her Song

"My brother @pauldanielpaulenenche shared this with me of he and his kingdom army youth group singing my songs in deep worship to Abba.

I had to ask if I could share because I was so touched. 😢

Sometimes one can become so inundated by disillusionment even when doing kingdom assignment. Especially in a world that classifies success by numbers. But I am fast becoming aware that impact is far more valuable than acclaim.

Seeing the hearts of these young people being set aflame for Jesus through something the spirit of God gave me is overwhelming. I'm humbled and I am reminded that what I do is not in vain 🥺

Please continue to share your experiences with how God is using these songs to touch you. I'll keep doing my best to repost as many as I can on my story and some of my favourites on my main page 🤗

Love y'all 🥺"

Deborah Paul Enenche Married, Marriage: Is Deborah Enenche married? No, Deborah Paul Enenche is not yet married to any husband. She is still single.

Deborah Paul Enenche Wedding Pictures: Deborah Enenche has not done her wedding. She has not revealed her wedding date or who her husband to be is.

Deborah Paul Enenche Husband: Who is Deborah Enenche husband, name, pictures? Deborah Paul Enenche husband to be is Sam Uloko. He is a real estate dealer and media entrepreneur from Benue state.

Deborah Enenche Boyfriend, Relationship: Who is Deborah Paul Enenche Boyfriend, who is she dating? Is Deborah Enenche in a relationship? Deborah Paul Enenche is in a relationship with Sam Uloko.

Deborah Paul Enenche Engaged, Engagement: Is Deborah Paul Enenche engaged? Yes, Deborah Enenche is engaged to Sam Hawthorn Uloko, from Oturkpo Benue state.

Fiancé: Who is Deborah Paul Enenche fiance? The name of Deborah Paul Enenche fance is Sam Uloko.

Deborah Paul Enenche Children, Child, Baby: Deborah Enenche doesn't have a child or baby yet.

Deborah Paul Enenche Net Worth Dollars, Forbes, Naira, 2021, 2022
How much is Deborah Enenche Net Worth?
Net Worth: Deborah Paul Enenche Net Worth is about $800,000 US Dollars.

Deborah Paul Enenche House, Cars, Mansion

House and Cars: Deborah Paul Enenche lives in her father's mansion in Abuja and drives nice cars of her own.

Pictures of Deborah Paul Enenche Car

Deborah Paul Enenche Phone Number WhatsApp Contact: Deborah Paul Enenche can be contacted through her Instagram page Account and via her E-mail address [email protected].

Deborah Paul Enenche Instagram: Deborah Enenche instagram page Account Profile Handle is deborah_paulenenche. Deborah Paul Enenche name on instagram is It's DeBee (𝙳𝚎𝚋𝚘𝚛𝚊𝚑 𝙴𝚕𝚒𝚣𝚊𝚋𝚎𝚝𝚑 𝙴𝚗𝚎𝚠𝚊 𝙿𝚊𝚞𝚕-𝙴𝚗𝚎𝚗𝚌𝚑𝚎). Deborah Paul Enenche currently has 131k followers as at the time of writing this article.

Deborah Paul Enenche And Rejoice Iwueze Friends: Deborah Enenche and Rejoice Iwueze of Destiny Kids fame are friends. They have been hanging out together. Both are gospel artistes and likely to work together and collaborate on a song.
Pictures of Deborah Paul Enenche and Rejoice Iwueze

Deborah Enenche Modelling Photoshoot For Meenamelange - Abuja Top Fashion Designer

Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.” 💎
‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭31:10‬ ‭KJV‬‬

My prayer daily is for God to help me be someone of virtue. In how I look, how I move through the world, how I impact the lives of others. 

Here are the photos from my shoot about 2 weeks ago 🥲

I was honoured to model these gorgeous pieces for @meenamelange
I honestly haven't felt more stunning than I had when I did this shoot. It was a phenomenal experience. 

The designer and owner of this fashion house ( @meenamelange ) is an incredibly hardworking and meticulous woman. She is dedicated to making women feel beautiful and look elegant whilst glorifying God. 💫

I'm really grateful to have collaborated with her and look forward to more of such in the future(closer than you think too 😉😁) 

@spiffysignature your makeup skills are unmatched. I am often weary of a full face but you made me look just as naturally beautiful as without. It's a real talent. 😍

@abayomioluyeye from one photographer to another, you're one of the most professional people I've ever worked with. I love how crisp and elevated your work is. I'm looking forward to working with you again hopefully 🥳

@eclassicstudio awesome set direction. Look how good the poses turned out 😁

@rejected_szn great work as the light technician ✨

If you've read this far, thank you so much.
"Beautiful" lyric video is gonna be up today. So watch out for that

Also, more music on the way soon 🥳

Deborah Paul Enenche Attends Wedding Ceremony Of Her Senior In School, Ruth Abioye
Photo of Deborah Paul-Enenche At A Wedding

"Ruth just got married 😭😍🥳

@ruthabioye right from when I met you in highschool I knew it'd be a destiny link 🥺. Despite being 5 grades ahead of me, you took me as a sister back in the day at Faith Academy.

Now about a decade later, here you are, getting hitched and I had the honour of being up close and personal on your big day.

I love you loads and loads big sis.
Your love for me is so much that you even married our brother 🤣🤪 #idomagang 

I pray God blesses this gorgeous union and that y'all have the most epic years together 🥺😍

PS:- apparently I'm next."

Deborah Paul Enenche Tattoo
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Who is Paul enenche first daughter?
How many children does Dr enenche have?

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Deborah Paul Enenche weight loss
Deborah Paul Enenche fashion
Debora Enenche Biography Wikipedia


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Wow, awesome. Keep shining dear sister. I celebrate you always.
Chioma Ugomba said…
Wow, I like her.
Akin Akintunde said…
Deborah is such a blessing and model for growing ones.
A virtue of honor.
My only prayer for you is;
You will not make great impact
As such and miss heaven.
The heavens over you will remain y.
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