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History Of Wiseman Daniel Emelandu: Everything To Know About Prophet Wiseman Daniel Profile, Wife, Children, Family, Parents, Church, Ministry The ELOHIM, House, Cars, Bicycle, Net Worth, Marriage, Girlfriend, Wife, Wedding Pictures, Child, Son, Daughter, Early Life, Career

Who Is Wiseman Daniel Emelandu?
Who is Prophet Wiseman Daniel?
Who Is Pastor Wiseman Daniel?

Biography, Wikipedia: Who Is Wiseman Daniel?

Wiseman Daniel (born 9 February) whose real name is Daniel Emelandu Udochukwu is a Nigerian Pastor, Prophet who is the founder and General Overseer of Wiseman Daniel Ministries - The Everlasting Light Of Hope International Ministry (The ELOHIM) and Former Senior Pastor at (SCOAN), The Synagogue Church of All Nations where he worked with Prophet TB Joshua.

Daniel Emelandu who is popularly known as Wiseman Daniel is a Nigerian-born Pastor, Evangelist and Former Senior Pastor at (SCOAN), The Synagogue, Church of All Nations where he worked with Prophet TB Joshua.

About The ELOHIM Pastor & Founder, Wiseman Daniel Net Worth: Prophet Daniel Emelandu a.k.a. Wiseman Daniel ‌is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Everlasting Light of Hope International Ministry (ELOHIM), with net worth of about $5 million US Dollars.

Who Is The Everlasting Light Of Hope International Ministry (The ELOHIM) Founder, WISEMAN DANIEL?

Daniel Emelandu Udochukwu is the founder and general overseer of The Everlasting Light Of Hope International Ministry, situated at No. 17, Aniyikaye Cresent, Igando Egan. Lagos Nigeria, West Africa. Wiseman Daniel was born in the village in Umuahia, Abia State. Came to Lagos at a tender age to commence his primary and secondary education. He later went back to Enugu state where he had his University education and he had his first degree in Mechanical Engineering. As God would have it, he eventually found himself at The Synagogue Church Of All Nations, where he spent his quality time serving God, under the mentorship of Senior Prophet T.B. Joshua. Having gained enough experience and maturity and as God would have it, he was ordained by God Almighty as a minister of the Gospel through Prophet T.B. Joshua, with the divine name, ” Wiseman Daniel” from above. His lifestyle and activities as a minister of God still speak for itself. Finally, on the 20th of March, 2020, God instructed his mentor to release Wiseman Daniel in order to continue the mission and vision God Almighty has given to him. Today, Wiseman Daniel is on his own, and he is the founder of The Everlasting Light Of Hope International Ministry.

Photo of Wiseman Daniel in Suit
Pictures of Wiseman Daniel Emelandu

About Prophet Wiseman Daniel Emelandu Career, Occupation, Life History, Story, Church, Wiseman Daniel Ministries

Prophet Wiseman Daniel is one of the most popular pastors at The Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN) in the space of past 8 Years.

Wiseman Daniel Ministries, Church: What is the name of Wiseman Daniel ministry? The name of Wiseman Daniel ministry is The Everlasting Light of Hope International Ministries (The ELOHIM).
Wiseman Daniel started his Ministry on April Apr 03, 2020 when he announced the launching of his own ministry independently of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN).

He is probably the only one among the 5 Wisemen (junior prophets) to start his own ministry without controversies. Wiseman Daniel is still loyal and associated with TB Joshua.
Photo of Prophet Wiseman Daniel on his church Altar

Pictures of Wiseman Daniel Church in Abuja

About The ELOHIM: Wiseman Daniel Ministry

The Everlasting light Of Hope International Ministry (The ELOHIM) is a ministry given by revelation to Wiseman Daniel, at the prayer mountain, where he went to seek the face of God on what to do next after his release from The Synagogue Church Of Nations by his mentor, in person of Senior Prophet T.B. Joshua, precisely on the 20th of March 2020.

Immediately Wiseman Daniel was released from the SCOAN by Prophet T.B. Joshua, he proceeded to a quiet place (a prayer mountain). After spending some days, the revelation about his ministry came and the name of the ministry was clearly revealed to him as, THE EVERLASTING LIGHT OF HOPE INTERNATIONAL MINISTRY. TO God be the glory.

Spiritual Father, Mentor: Wiseman Daniel spiritual father and mentor is late Prophet TB Joshua.

Photo of Wiseman Daniel in The Synagogue Church Of All Nations, signing the condolence register. These were his exact words, "My mentor, I will forever remember you and continue to build on the foundation you have layed. Your legacy stands. Rest well in the bossom of the Lord until we meet again. Elohim! God lives in us!"


"Purple roses and white petals is all I can see..A million salute to God's general, who has ascended. You came, you saw and you conquered, by delivering and saving all that came your way, by the authority and power, in Jesus' name. You helped to lead the light of the Cross to millions all over the world! Well done Daddy for a life well spent! May your words and legacy remain indelible in the sand prints of time. Upon all the trials and temptations, challenges and persecutions, you still stood and faught for what you were born for, until your last breath on earth. I want to assure you that we, your spiritual sons and daughters all over the world will live to uphold the legacy you faught for and left behind, and will continue to make you proud where you are now, until we meet again. I, Wiseman Daniel, will forever remain faithful to God Almighty and well committed to the legacy you left behind. Thank you Daddy. I hope you can finally rest now. The world has lost a true prophet and heaven has gained yet another Saint. My heart goes out to the immediate family and the entire emmanuel tv household and SCOAN family at large. Stay strong. And let the mercy and grace in His books see us through...till we meet again...💐🤍🤍🤍fare well Senior prophet TB Joshua."

Wiseman Daniel Exposes Prophet T.B Joshua (Video)

Wiseman Daniel Emelandu Profile Bio Data Summary

Name: Wiseman Daniel

Real Name: Daniel Emelandu

Full Name: Daniel Emelandu Udochukwu

Nationality: Nigerian

State Of Origin: Abia

Hometown: Umuahia

Tribe: Igbo

Date Of Birth: 9 February

Birthday: February 9

Age: 40 +

Occupation, Career: Pastor, Prophet, Farmer

Net Worth: $5 million US Dollars

Net Worth In Naira: ₦2,850,000,000

Church Name: The Everlasting Light Of Hope International Ministry (The ELOHIM)

Private Jet: No

Bicycle: Yes

Cars: Yes

House: Yes

Married: Yes

Spouse, Wife: Mrs Daniel Emelandu

Child, Children: Yes

Parents: Mr and Mrs Nlewedim Emelandu

Father: Mr. Godwin Nlewedim Emelandu

Mother: Mrs Nlewedim Emelandu

Education: Mechanical Engineering

Instagram: wiseman_danielministries

YouTube: wisemandanielministries https://youtube.com/c/wisemandanielministries

Phone Number, WhatsApp Contact: +2347040945007

Hairstyle: Afro

Full Biography Of Wiseman Daniel Emelandu (Owner & Founder Of Wiseman Daniel Ministries)

Nationality, Country Of Origin: Wiseman Daniel is from which country? Is Wiseman Daniel a Nigerian? Prophet Wiseman Daniel is from Nigeria. He is a Nigerian by nationality.

State Of Origin, Home Town, Tribe, Village: Wiseman Daniel is from which state in Nigeria? Wiseman Daniel is from Abia State.

Wiseman Daniel hails from a village in Umuahia, Abia State, from South East part of Nigeria. Prophet Wiseman Daniel is Igbo by tribe.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: How old is Wiseman Daniel? Prophet Wiseman Daniel Emelandu was born in Umuahia Abia State on 9 February. He is in his 40s.

Education Background, School: Wiseman Daniel had his primary and secondary education in Lagos. He later went back to Enugu state where he had his University education.
Wiseman Daniel is a graduate of Mechanical Engineering, his first degree.

Wiseman Daniel Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Wiseman Daniel was born and brought up in a God-fearing family, home by his parents Mr and Mrs Nlewedim Emelandu, who are followers of Jesus Christ. Prophet Wiseman Daniel Emelandu parents are retired and are now living in the village in the South East part of Nigeria.
Wiseman Daniel's parents are currently farmers in the village in Umuahia, Abia State.
Wiseman Daniel has other siblings brothers and sisters.

Images of The ELOHIM handsome pastor, Prophet Wiseman Daniel

Father: Who Is Wiseman Daniel father? Prophet Wiseman Daniel Emelandu father is Mr. Godwin Nlewedim Emelandu who studied Banking and Finance and worked for 42 years in Lagos and returned to farming after his retirement.

Mother: Who is Wiseman Daniel Mother? Wiseman Daniel Emelandu mother, Mrs Emelandu was a grade 2 teacher, who taught for many years before returning to farming.

Married, Marriage, Wedding Pictures: Is Wiseman Daniel married? Yes, Prophet Wiseman Daniel is married to a beautiful wife with kids.

Wife: Who is Wiseman Daniel wife, name, pictures? Wiseman Daniel Emelandu wife is Mrs Daniel Emelandu who keeps a low profile. Prophet Pastor Wiseman Daniel doesn't show off his wife.

Children, Child, Son, Daughter: Wiseman Daniel and his wife are blessed with children. But he keeps his family, kids and wife away from social media.

Prophet Wiseman Daniel Emelandu Net Worth, Forbes, Dollars, Naira in 2020, 2021, 2022
How much is Pastor Wiseman Daniel worth?
Wiseman Daniel Net Worth: Wiseman Daniel Net Worth is about $5 million US Dollars in 2021.

Wiseman Daniel Net Worth In Naira: Prophet Wiseman Daniel net worth in Naira is about ₦2,850,000,000 Naira.

Wiseman Daniel Emelandu House, Cars, Mansions

House and Cars: Wiseman Daniel lives in Abuja mansion and drives nice flashy cars.

Bicycle: Wiseman Daniel Emelandu has bicycles and sometimes likes to ride on his Bicycle to church meetings and events in Abuja.

Pictures of Wiseman Daniel riding his Bicycle

Wiseman Daniel And His Bodyguards, Security Details

Prophet Wiseman Daniel caused a stir when pictures of him riding on a bicycle while his security entourage, bodyguards followed and walked alongside with him.

Wiseman Daniel Private Jet
Does Prophet Wiseman Daniel have a private jet? No, Wiseman Daniel Emelandu doesn't have a private jet yet. He us yet to acquire one.

Wiseman Daniel Ministries Contact Details: Enquiry lines:
Testimony line (WhatsApp Line)
prayer request line(What's App)

Wiseman Daniel Church Address, Location: Where is Wiseman Daniel ministry located in Nigeria? Wiseman Daniel ministry address is located at VELODROME MAIN BOWL, at NICON LUXURY ABUJA. PLOT 903, TAFAWA BALEWA WAY, AREA 11, GARKI, BEHIND INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE CENTRE, ABUJA NIGERIA, WEST AFRICA.

Wiseman Daniel Sunday service starts at 9am and ends as the spirit directs.

Wiseman Daniel Phone Number, WhatsApp Contact: +2347040945007


Testimony line (WhatsApp Line)
prayer request line(What's App)
+234 902 147 0247

Wiseman Daniel Ministries Prayer Points

How do you get the prayer points in Wiseman Daniel?

Text: Revelation 3:7
1. Any satanic padlock holding my progress; be broken with the hammer of the Almighty God, in the name of Jesus.
2. My life, hear the word of God...

Exodus 14:19-20
¹⁹ The angel of God that had been leading the camp of Israel now shifted and got behind them. And the Pillar of Cloud that had been in front also shifted to the rear.
²⁰ The Cloud was now between the camp of Egypt and the camp of Israel. The Cloud enshrouded one camp in darkness and flooded the other with light. The two camps didn't come near each other all night.

Darkness is the noun form of the word "dark" which means having little or no light. It can also mean hopeless, sad or cheerless situation. 
*Darkness of the mind means that the point/ matter is not clear to or had disappeared from the mind of the person.*
Then, the mind can be said to be in darkness.
*Thick darkness is the most extreme form of darkness- completely black with no ray of light at all.*

The children of Israel were slaves in Egypt. At a point God ordained Moses as a deliverer and sent him to Pharaoh to proclaim the message of liberty for the Jews. 
*However, pharaoh was stubborn and would not allow them to go. Thick darkness as in Exodus 10:21-23 was one of the ten plagues that God used to afflict the Egyptians.*

1. Father, by your power, I release thick darkness upon every stubborn pursuer of my life in Jesus' name.
2. Every satanic pharaoh standing against my promise land I cover you with the cloud of thick darkness.
3. I command every Egyptian oppressor running after my life, be covered by the thick darkness of God.
4. Every familiar spirit monitoring my life is covered by thick darkness in Jesus' name.
5. Every satanic programme against my family is covered by thick darkness in the name of Jesus.
6. I command every stubborn pursuer of my prayer life, to be blindfolded by the thick darkness of God in Jesus Christ name amen.

Wiseman Daniel Ministries Prayer Request, Registration
Wiseman Daniel prayer request registration VENUE for PRAYERLINE REGISTRATION:

More Pics of The ELOHIM Pastor, Prophet Wiseman Daniel Emelandu

Wiseman Daniel Message, Prophecies

 *Prophecy released by Wiseman Daniel on Wednesday, 23rd of June, 2021.* 

Viewers all over the world, Elohim! Elohim! Elohim! Mighty God lives in us! This is your son, your friend and your brother in the Lord, Wiseman Daniel. As quickly as this message came to me, I have to deliver it. This is the message for the body of christ; this is the message for believers; this is the message for lovers of the kingdom business.
"The book of *LUKE 2:34* - the bible says that, " *This child! This child! This child! Is destined to cause the rising and falling of many."* When our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ was born, many grew in glory, honour and majesty; and many went for it. And when He was killed, crucified to the cross for our sins, many grew in glory, honour and majesty; and many also went for it. When I say, ' *MANY WENT FOR IT'* you know what I mean. Heroes come to this world to make a difference. And when they arrive, many grow in glory, honour and majesty; and many also go for it. And when heroes leave this world, many will grow in glory,  honour and majesty and many will also go for it. Who is this child? Who is this heroe? Who is this great man? *THERE ARE MANY GRASSES TO BE UPROOTED!* And the time has come. Within and outside this heroe- this child, the story will soon become, *WONDERS SHALL NEVER END!* Only love, genuine  love you show can rescue you from this issue. Only love, genuine love can rescue you  from the wrath of God. The body of Christ, let us be careful. This period is a very sensitive period. Would I say, 'DANGEROUS?' Well, God knows. But one thing is certain, let us be careful and apply love, wisdom and maturity this time. Because, within and outside this heroe, 'W *ONDERS SHALL NEVER END!* ' *From now, until August and beyond, 'WONDERS SHALL NEVER END!'* *In christendom, many things will begin to unfold. Please and please, let us be careful this time. Our utterances should be monitored, our words should be monitored. If you don't have anything to say, please keep quiet. If you have something to say, apply wisdom. Simple! Judgement is coming! Let us be careful. Only love, only the genuine love ....

PROPHECY FOR CONCERN! What is happening? (Released by Wiseman Daniel- Monday, 19th of April, 2021.)

1. CONCERNING LEADERS IN NIGERIA AND THE WHOLE WORLD: This prophecy is for Nigeria and the whole world at large. The Lord said that many big trees will be uprooted from the farm, in order to give room for peace to reign on the farm. These big trees have taken over the whole nutrients  and space on the farm; and there is no room or space for the young trees to grow well. The owner of the farm is much around with his axe already at the roots of those big trees. Very soon, you and me will be hearing the noise of the falling of those big trees.
From this month of May until the end of this year, 2021 and even beyond, let us pray for our leaders- leaders in Nigeria and leaders in the whole world. 
This coming election, would it be peaceful or bloody? Peaceful! Peaceful? Peaceful? May God help us. We are praying for peace. May God bless His words. Elohim! God lives in us!

2. THIS MESSAGE IS FOR YOUTHS ALL OVER THE WORLD: I saw many youths packing their clothes and personal belongings into their bags. The question is: where are they going? The Lord said to me that, these youths are embarking on a "journey of no return". In my revelation, I saw many youths waving their hands to their parents, siblings, and friends saying, : "Bye! Bye!" This is a shocking journey! This is unexpected journey! Is this the right time to say, "Bye! Bye!" to your parents when they still need your services? Is this the right time to say, "Bye! Bye!" to your siblings when they still need your company? Is this the right time to say, "Bye! Bye!" to your friends when the relationship is just getting better? Nigeria! Let us pray for our youths. The whole world! Let us pray for our youths. Their future is crying for help. May the Lord bless His words. Elohim! God lives in us!

According to the book of JOHN 17:14-18, we are made to understand that, as Christians, though we are living in this world but we are not part of it. This world is a market place, where we buy and sell. At the end of the day, we will return to where we are coming from, where we belong- Heaven above! This world is full of hatred, envy, jealousy, unforgiveness, etc. So, as agents of peace, love kindness, patience, truth, forgiveness, we will be hated, rejected and chastised in the world of falsehood; because we are not part of it. So, do not expect a smooth relationship here on earth. No! Because perfection eludes everyone on this earth. So, no matter what comes, no matter what happens, be calm, patient and persevere, each time you are tempted to misbehave. And at the end, your patience, endurance and perseverance of the saints will gain you eternal life in Christ Jesus. May the Lord Jesus Christ keep the world out of you in Jesus' name- Amen. Shalom for Christ sake!

TB Joshua's Son, Wiseman Daniel Releases Prophecies For Nations September 2021

We all are crying because of the air pollution or so-called current pandemic, which is obviously the trick or game from Satan and his agents.
Even many have lost their dear ones through this dangerous game. No doubt about it, this is one of the signs of the end-times that God permitted for a purpose.
Another game from the devil is warming up, which is going to come in form of strange insects with poisonous stings. They will be released and will begin to sting people; only God can rescue their victims from death!
God permitted certain things to happen to the Israelites for a purpose during their hard times in a foreign land. If God permits this strange insect to be released from the pit of hell, it is for a purpose. And nothing out of God's control will happen to His children.
In all this, my confidence and joy rests upon God's promise for His children - which goes thus: "In times of trouble and distress, I will be with those who worship Me in spirit and in truth", says the Lord.
This is my confidence! This is my hope!
As genuine Christians, this is our confidence and hope, during this time of great trials and temptations.

A time is fast approaching when the so-called smart, intelligent, and deceptive games of “Quick to make money”, “Sit at home and make money”, “Use your gadgets to deceive people to get money from them" will no longer be business as usual. Many strange things will begin to happen to their leaders and followers that will discourage the upcoming youths from following their footsteps. Now, this dirty game has moved from "This plus" to "That plus, plus". Now God says that judgement is coming to these dirty games, and it will become a "No go area" for those who are doing them all over the world. Parents, please warn your children. Let them look for something better to do than these deadly games. God says He will bless the works of our hands, which we do in truth, sincerity, obedience and fear of Him, our creator. Because strange things will begin to happen that will make many youths to withdraw from these dirty games. The only way out of the coming danger is for youths to withdraw and begin to seek the face of God. The judgement that is coming will be too dangerous to bear among the youths who are playing these deceptive games. A word is enough for the wise.

Botswana should pray hard for God's intervention so that the government that will take them back to "SQUARE ONE" will not come up. Our prayer for Botswana is that God should not permit any upcoming government to be used by a strange spirit to work against the interest of the people of Botswana and the nation at large. When I say, "strange spirit", I mean, the spirit that does not want the progress and development of Botswana at all. Botswana needs prayer, just as other countries of the world need prayer.

The desire of every nation of the world is to be at the top and not at the bottom. The country, Germany is positioning herself for promotion. God wants to surprise Germany as a nation, because she is busy retracing her steps towards the right channel.
In the nearest future, Germany will rise to the top of the world map. There is nothing anybody can do about it; it is the promise of God, it is the will of God. How this will happen is already programmed in God's master plan. The president should listen to this message and begin to work in line with God's project. Otherwise, destiny can shift or change position if care is not taken. We are praying for God's intervention in Germany.

Take note: The promise of God Almighty for every country is to be at the top and never at the bottom, as long as God permits. Because a nation can only be in a position of power and authority no longer than God permits. But because of selfish, classic, and material reasons, which are contrary to God's will, many nations are now under God's anger. Before now, America used to be God's own nation but today, it is a different story entirely. If God opens your eyes to see the handwriting on the wall concerning the nation of America, you will agree with me that, America needs prayers more than any other country in this world.
God is supposed to continue to be the One in charge of everything that has to do with America, just as it was in the early days of America. Those days, when you talk about America, the next thing you will say is, 'God is great!'. But today, the question many are asking is, what is happening to America as a nation?
The top of the mountain where America is standing for many years is now very, very slippery. Let us pray so that America will not slip from the top to the bottom.
The present leader is a good man, but he needs prayers. Because, apart from him being the leader, there is another 'him' stronger that is stronger than him. And the flag of America is already in the hands of that 'him' that is stronger than him, who does not want light to shine again upon America. The way out is for America to retrace her steps back to God as it was in those days. Otherwise, story will change from A to Z; from top to bottom; from hero to zero. We are praying for America.

Nigeria my homeland is struggling to enter the new Jerusalem - the promised land, full of milk and honey.
God said that, before the new Jerusalem will emerge, many big trees will fall and many small trees will rise. Those who are encouraging and indulging in activities contrary to the will of God by shedding innocent blood will start traveling one by one. Their flight tickets have been purchased and their journey has been programmed by the creator of the Universe. The question now is: Where are they traveling to? Only God knows. Remember that the cry of the innocent blood has reached the ears of God. Very soon, you will be hearing shocking news.
Still on the case of Nigeria. It is true that the handwriting on the wall demands for agitation, worries and desire to part ways. This one wants to be alone. That one wants to go be independent of the other. But the question now is: Is it the will of God Almighty? Please allow God to permit this strong desire to go this way or that way before you agitate for it, because the flag of Nigeria as a nation is still in the hands of God. Indeed, new Nigeria is coming but it will not be on a platter of gold. As Nigerians, ask yourselves this question: Would the new Nigeria come in a peaceful way or in a violent way. Let us pray and ask God to take control of what is coming.
From now to the end of this year 2021 and beyond, there will be spiritual revolution to uproot unwanted grasses before the new Nigeria will surface. We are praying for our nation, Nigeria, and the year 2023. Because the year is a human being with many thorns on the head. This is a big parable.
6b. This farmland has many trees. Some of these trees are receiving constant supply of nutrients while others have stopped receiving nutrients. All the big trees that have stopped receiving nutrients will soon start falling down. But there is one among them that "APC" is boldly written on it. This big tree is already shaking from the root. Is it about to fall or what? Well, let us pray so that this big tree will not fall before the year 2023. We are praying for Nigerian leaders. Because the falling of this tree will shake Africa as a whole.
6c. We are praying for the body of Christ as a whole. One or two or three great fishers of men will not be able to continue their duty due to certain reasons beyond their control. Ordinarily, it is their desire to continue, but in this case, man proposes, but God disposes. What could those reasons be? May God help our religious leaders.

God loves Malawi as a nation. That is why He is repeating this warning again and again. The Government of Malawi should pray against the scarcity of the essentials of life. A mighty wind will come to blow away something precious to the citizens of Malawi. What is the solution? The solution is that Malawi should build a strong room for the essentials of life, which will be stronger that the wind that is coming. In other words, Malawi needs to return to God for wisdom and knowledge on how to deal with the coming sign. I see Zambia helping Malawi to fight that strange wind. There is nothing God cannot do. We are praying for Malawi as a nation.

The youths of South Africa are very angry. Are they angry with the Government or with their parents? That is a very big question that needs to be answered as soon as possible. They need to be called to the table for dialogue because their next move will be too dangerous for the nation and for foreigners, because a strange being has occupied their heart. And only prayer can cast out that strange being, that evil man. They are planning and holding series of private meetings. Government of South Africa should see to the issues of their youths. I mean the solution to the problems in South Africa lies in the hands of those in power. Carry God along and then the wisdom to do the right thing will be more than enough. We are praying for South Africa as a nation.

God loves Zambia so much. This is just a reminder to the last message concerning Zambia. I repeat, the solution to the nation Zambia lies in God's hands. But Zambia must go through the refinery. Don't forget that for gold to become pure, it has to go through refinery. The Messiah is coming. Our head needs prayer so that he will do the will of the people, not that of pressure from outside. We pray that the pressure will not overwhelm him. Remember he is a human being like you. Your present leader needs your prayers just as the entire nation needs our prayers.
There are other nations God has messages for, but we are servants; we have to follow instructions from God before releasing them. As the Lord permits, we shall be releasing those messages or prophecies for other nations. God bless you all; God bless our nations; God bless the whole world. Elohim! Mighty God lives in us!


From a brother living in the USA

QUESTION: Wiseman Daniel, keep up the good works you are doing. The Lord is your strength. I want to be a partner to your ministry, but I don't have money. What do I do?
Bible References: Galatians 6:7
ANSWER2: My brother, money is not everything. It is just a small slice of life. And if our focus in life is on making money, a large slice of life will pass us by. What is the large slice of life? Salvation- which is all about everlasting investment in Heaven.
God Almighty is constantly putting us to the test in the small things- in our little possessions. If you fail to bless others with the little you have, more may never come. Because, if you do not know how to appreciate God with the little you have, you may not know how to appreciate Him in the big things.

Partnership is all about supporting the work of God with every good thing the Lord has given to you, in humility, simplicity, cheerfulness and in sincerity of heart- it could be your smile, advice, suggestion, opinion, strength, prayer, wisdom or even your money; though money is not everything.

One thing is clear here, If God is the inspiration behind your act of partnership, you will be blessed when you go out and when you come in. Remember that, whatever comes from God always go to Him. Because, when we support or give, we are only giving back what we have received from God's generous hands.

There are various ways one can be a supporting partner to the house of God. There are many that are inspired by God to be prayer partners. Prayer partners are prayer warriors who voluntarily chose to devote their time, strength and body for a spiritual back up. And God Almighty values such partners so much in the house of God. Remember that, nothing makes you love a person so much as praying for them- it is the master key to lose and to bind. Don't forget that the first place we are to prosper is in our spiritual life.

One thing is very important here, in which ever way you decide to partner or support the house of God, your sincerity and commitment to it is what matters most. Because, that is what attracts the attention and commitment of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to reward or bless you abundantly. If you say you are a financial partner and you are not sincere with it, don't be surprised to hear that God may not be aware of your effort or support.

This is why you see people complaining bitterly, " I have been a partner to this or that ministry for many years but nothing seems to be working out for me. Yes! Things can only work out for you in proportion to your commitment and sincerity to it.

Wiseman Daniel And His Farm: Pastor Wiseman Daniel is also a farmer.

Wiseman Daniel was born and brought up in a God-fearing home by his parents, who are followers of Jesus Christ. His wonderful parents were also brought up as farmers by their own respective parents. By implication, Wiseman Daniel's parents are currently farmers. His father, Mr. Godwin Nlewedim Emelandu studied Banking and Finance, worked for 42 years in Lagos and returned to farming after his retirement. His mother was a grade 2 teacher, who taught for many years before returning to farming. And up till now, Wiseman Daniel's parents are still farming in the village. Wiseman Daniel was also trained to be a farmer by his God-fearing parents, who always took him to the farm while he was little in the village. Even while he was a student, he was still taken to the farm by his lovely mother. Subsequently, Wiseman Daniel loves farming, and at his free time he does farm works. Currently, Wiseman Daniel has a little farm, where he does farming at his free time. To watch Wiseman Daniel and his little farm.

Wiseman Daniel Poultry: Prophet Wiseman Daniel owns a poultry farm in his house in Abuja where he rears chickens.
Pictures of Wiseman Daniel Poultry Farm

Wiseman Daniel Instagram: Wiseman Daniel Emelandu Instagram page Account Profile Handle wiseman_danielministries.

Wiseman Daniel Ministries Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wisemandanielofficial

Wiseman Daniel ministry website: https://elohimonline.org/

wiseman daniel ministries email address

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Unknown said…
Thank you my brother and my pastor i am really blessed by the blessed word of strength and encouragement... when you said love by wisdom and that we should be very careful now more than ever.This is so true. we need to keep watching and praying at all times so that we might enter into temptations. keep ourselves santified and stay in the spirit I bless you man of God. By the grace of God and his favor we stand in Jesus name amen
Unknown said…
good morning Wiseman Daniel ELOHIM, might god lives in us
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