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Latest Instagram Photos: All About Ifeoma Okeke-Ozzoude (Ify Okeke) Bio, Wikipedia, Birthday, Boyfriend, Married, Family, House, Cars, Marriage, Wedding, Parents, Children, Height, Weight Gain & Weight Loss, Boyfriend, Ify Okeke Images, Photos, Ig Pics

History Of Ify Okeke: Everything To Know About Ifeoma Okeke Ozzoude Profile, Husband, Married, Boyfriend, Weight Loss, Child, Fiancé, Relationship, Engagement

Who Is Ify Okeke?
Who Is Ifeoma Okeke-Ozzoude?
Who Is Ifeoma Okeke?

Ify Okeke whose full name is Ifeoma Okeke-Ozzoude (born 4 May 1980s) is a Nigerian born Nollywood Actress, Movie Producer, Plus-Sized Model, Philanthropist and the Founder of Purple Campaign.

Ifeoma Okeke-Ozzoude popularly known as Ify Okeke is a Nigerian actress best known for her large body size and tiny voice.

She is the Chief of Staff of the President of Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) Emeka Rollas.

Ify Okeke Profile Bio Data Summary

Stage Name: Ify Okeke

Real Name: Ifeoma Okeke

Full Name: Ifeoma Rachael Okeke-Ozzoude

Nationality: Nigerian

State Of Origin: Anambra State

Hometown: Ogidi

Date Of Birth: 4 May 1980s

Birthday: 4th May

Age: 30 +

Height: 5"8 Feet Tall

Weight: 120 kg

Occupation, Career: Actress, Model, Movie Producer, Nurse

Net Worth: $300,000 US Dollars

Parents: Mr and Mrs Okeke-Ozzoude

Mother: Mrs Mary Okeke-Ozzoude

Siblings: Obiageli, Chike, Martin Okeke-Ozzoude

Sister: Rev Sister Obiageli Okeke-Ozzoude

Brothers: Chike Okeke-Ozzoude, Okeke-Ozzoude

Married: No

Spouse, Husband: No

Boyfriend: Broken Up

Marital Status: Single

Dating, Relationship Status: Single

Education: Business Administration at Lagos State University (LASU)

Instagram: ify0406

Full Biography Of Ifeoma Okeke (Nollywood Actress)

About Ifeoma Okeke Career, Occupation, Life History, Story, Movies, Early Life, Childhood

Ify Okeke aka Ifeoma Okeke is a Nigerian born Nollywood Actress, Nurse, Plus-Sized Model, Motivational Speaker, Founder Purple Campaign, Founder ROOF, Founder SLEEK, CEO of ELPHA, CEO of GeeRach Entertainment & Events and the current Chief Of Staff AGN President, Emeka Rollas.

Ifeoma Okeke is the daughter of a father from Ogidi in Idemili North Council of Anambra State and a mother from Ekpoma in Edo State. Ify Okeke was born in Surulere, Lagos and had her early education between Lagos and Ogidi. On completion of her early education, she returned to Lagos, where she caught the acting bug. 

When Did Ifeoma Okeke Join Nollywood, What Year Did She Start Acting & What Was Ify Okeke's First Movie?

Ifeoma 'Ify' Okeke joined Nollywood and started acting in the year 1998 and her first film was 'Yogo Pampam'.

Nkem Owoh brought Ify Okeke into the movie industry in 1998. She had just finished secondary school and was doing her legion work at Nkem Owoh’s office in Surulere, Lagos. Anytime she went there, he would ask her to come and act; saying that she has the skill.

While shooting 'Yogo Pam Pam', Nkem Owoh gave Ifeoma Okeke-Ozzoude a waka pass role which turned out to be her first Nollywood movie. She wasn’t even paid a dime then. That was how it started. After that, Nkem Owoh gave her a major role in the movie “Moment of Sorrow” and that was how she started getting major roles.

Ifeoma Okeke has acted alongside top Nollywood actors and actresses such as, Mike Ezuruonye, Moc Madu, Rachel Oniga, Cynthia Ihebie, Christopher Omenyi, Vivian Metchie, Chico Ejiro, Chinedu Ikedieze, Bob-Manuel Udokwu, Lolo Oby Kate, Eucharia Anunobi, Segun Arinze, Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde, Kate Effiong, IK Ogbonna, Eucharia Anunobi, Grace Amah, Empress Njamah, among others.

Pictures of Ifeoma Okeke-Ozzoude and Moc Madu

Throwback photo of Ifeoma Okeke and Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde, Kate Effiong, others on the set of The Prostitute in 2002

Ify Okeke Movies: Ifeoma Okeke-Ozzoude has featured in over 70 movies which include,

Yogo Pampam (1998)
Moment of Sorrow
The Prostitute (2002)
Ukwu Agu Nwanyi
Abum Chi
Mr. Ibu
Not Man Enough
Mental Case
Above Death
Political Control
Indecent Girls
Love Temple
Murder in Law

TV Shows, Soap Opera: Ify Okeke has featured in a few television soaps, such as,

Crossed Road

As a Nollywood movie producer and executive producer, Ifeoma Okeke-Ozzoude has produced and executive produced two Igbo movies titled, 'Ukwu Agu Nwanyi', 'Abum Chi'.

Purple Campaign, Ifeoma Okeke Foundation: In 2010, Nollywood actress, Ifeoma Okeke-Ozzoude started Purple Campaign, an initiative which fights against violence and rape. But before then, Ifeoma was involved in taking care of the aged, people with Down Syndrome, the blind and also the orphans.

Ifeoma Okeke-Ozzoude foundation, Purple Campaign was birthed out of the experience she had in her relationship with her ex boyfriend which has to do with the crashing of her 3-year-old relationship that broke her heart and made her to vow never to fall in love again.

Educational Background: Ifeoma Okeke studied Nursing. She did a Diploma in Computer Science at Lagos City Computer College, had another Diploma in Theatre Arts, a Degree in Business Administration and Marketing.

Ify Okeke Schools Attended:

Went to Ogidi Girls Secondary School, Anambra

Studied at St Charles Lwanga, Nursing School Onitsha-Anambra State

Studied at Lagos City Computer College

Studied Business Administration at Lagos State University

Ify Okeke State Of Origin, Home Town, Tribe: Where is Ifeoma Okeke from? Ifeoma Okeke-Ozzoude is from Anambra State, Nigeria.
Ify Okeke hails from Ogidi village in Anambra State, Nigeria. She is Igbo by tribe.
Her mother is from Edo State.

Ify Okeke Date Of Birth, Birthday, Real Age: How old is Ifeoma Okeke? Ifeoma Okeke-Ozzoude was born on 4th May early 1980s. She is in her late 30s.

Ifeoma Okeke Weight & Height

Ify Okeke Height: How tall is Ifeoma Okeke? Ifeoma Okeke-Ozzoude is 5"8 Feet Tall.
Talking about her height, Weight and size, Ify Okeke told Vanguard;

“I am 5 feet x 8 inches tall, but my size wouldn’t let people know I am a very tall woman,” Ifeoma said, while also narrating how she became overweight.

Ifeoma Okeke-Ozzoude Battles Overweight: Before And After Photos

Ify Okeke 10 year Challenge (Before and After Photos)

Nollywood Actress, Ifeoma Okeke became overweight in 1993.

“As far as you are over 120 kilos, you are obese. And I am obese, we should tell ourselves the truth. But I am one person who’s very confident in my body. I can carry it, but inside you, you have to tell yourself the truth that ‘madam you need to check your size. So, if I tell you I have dropped 10 kilos between May and now, I am not lying to you.” The actress said in a chat with Vanguard.

Ifeoma Okeke Weight Loss Journey, Before And After Pictures

Nollywood actress, Ify Okeke who once claimed that she doesn’t feel the challenges of being a plus-sized woman has lost over 10 kilos in the past months and looks a lot different than before.

Ifeoma Okeke-Ozzoude started her weight loss journey, a journey to work on her body, in May 2020, when she was introduced to a slimming product.

“I have a secret in the pipeline and that’s what is helping me to go through the process. I started using the product since May, this year and I can see the result because it’s very good, it’s a natural process. I want to watch my weight. It’s just for healthy living,” the actress revealed.

Interestingly, Ifeoma Okeke-Ozzoude has been unveiled as the brand ambassador for the product.

Death of a plus-size friend forced me to work on my size – Ifeoma Okeke Tells Vanguard

On what inspired her decision to work on her body, Ifeoma Okeke-Ozzoude said she was scared following the circumstances that led to the death of one of her plus-size friends last year.

She narrates: “When I heard the news of her death, I immediately rushed to her house, where her neighbours narrated the horrible story of how they were struggling to bring her out of the house, while she was gasping for breath. At that point, something just struck my head that if I am sick now, how would people bring me out of the house.”

“You know there’s this realization point. I have never felt my weight before. It has never bothered me in my life. I can stand from now till tomorrow I won’t feel it. I can do anything, I am that flexible with myself. They said it was a struggle to drag her from upstairs to downstairs. They couldn’t force her inside the car. They had to dump her at the back of a Hilus jeep. I just felt that if she were to be a slim person, she could have had a chance of surviving.

Ify Okeke on Slimming Down And Marriage

“I am not slimming down because of marriage. I have come to that point,where I have said, may be marriage is not meant for everybody. That’s where I have got to. It’s not about age, I am not old but I have got to that point where I am not fighting for marriage again. I just want to have my kids and be okay. So, it’s not about marriage for me."

Surgery: Did Ifeoma Okeke undergo plastic surgery? No, Ify Okeke has not undergone any Plastic or cosmetic surgery over her weight. Ifeoma Okeke-Ozzoude is taking slimming tea and tries to workout at the gym to lose weight.

Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Ifeoma Okeke was born into the family of late Luke Chinwike Okeke-Ozzoude of Odida village, Ogidi in Idemili North LGA of Anambra State and to her mother who is from Edo State. 
Ify Okeke has other siblings, brothers and sister.
Ifeoma Okeke family Pictures

Father: Ifeoma Okeke father is Luke Chinwike Okeke-Ozzoude. Her father is late. He died on 30th December 2020. 
Ify Okeke's father was blind. He got blind when she was barely a year.
Photo of Ifeoma Okeke father and her elder sister Who is a Catholic nun

Pictures of Ify Okeke father

"Any opportunity to blow my DAD trumpet I don't miss out on it!!!
My dad is MY HERO that am sure the whole world knows that so much, but few things that made him so special am sure a lot of people don't know. My Dad taught me so much in life that I can hardly place my hand on one,but among many, He's the reason I have my foundation & do a lot for the less privileged one. MY DAD TAUGHT ME THAT I MUST GIVE OTHERS OUT OF MY LITTLE, even when me & my siblings felt ours wasn't enough for us, My Dad taught me that no matter your condition you're always better than someone & that MY LESS IS SOMEONE's BEST.
HAPPY FATHER’S DAY TO YOU WORLD BEST" - Ify Okeke had written when her dad was still alive.

Mother: Ifeoma Okeke's mother is Mary Okeke-Ozzoude. She is from Edo State. Celebrating her mother on her Instagram page, Ify Okeke shared her mother's pictures and wrote;
Photos of Ifeoma Okeke mother

"Nnem Mary, Obiiiiiiiiii, Maymoore, Iya Ifeoma, Mama Chike, Iya Martin, Sister daughter, IKENNA IDENTITY, GRANDMAAAAA(Osewe,Ehime,Eseose), Chinelo & Ada mother inlaw....today i have really lost words and haven't been able to consecrate to compose the right words but without saying anything you know what you mean to me. I love you for being unique you, everybody mum is the best but MY MUM IS MORE THAN THE BEST & there's only you. Nobody in this world can replace you. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY MY WURA."

Siblings: Ify Okeke has an elder sister who is a Catholic Rev Sister, a nun and brothers.
Photo of Ifeoma Okeke-Ozzoude and her dad and siblings at their family house

Photo of Ify Okeke And her younger brother.

Sister: Ifeoma Okeke-Ozzoude celebrates her elder sister, Obiageli Okeke-Ozzoude, who is a Reverend sister


"19/09 is the code
She's my ONLY SISTER... She's my mother's womb opener... My Parents TITLE GIVER, My Daddy Carbon copy, The Disciplinary of our time... The most INTELLIGENT OF US ALL, Most beautiful of us all, The Smartest of us all, The one that never gets tried of acquiring new certificates as access, MY PRAYER WARRIOR... the spoiler of our Nwa, My papa favorite but he deceives me to make me feel special but I know she's Numero uno... ADANNEMU, ADALUKE, ADAOBEHI... What do I say to you? It's such an emotional birthday as Daddy is not here to order us to kill your Uncut Chicken... I adore you jorrrrr... 19/09 is the code word... Thank you for being the best Elder & Only sister I could ever ask for... THANK YOU OJIUGO"

Brother: Ifeoma Okeke's younger brother, Collins Okeke bought a car, 4matic Benz for her on her birthday in 2020.
Picture of Ifeoma Okeke And her brother

Ify Okeke And her kid brother

Ify Okeke Marriage, Married, Wedding Pictures: Is Ifeoma Okeke married? No, Ifeoma Okeke-Ozzoude is not yet married. She is still single.

Husband: Who is Ifeoma Okeke Husband? Ify Okeke doesn't have a husband yet. Ifeoma Okeke-Ozzoude still hopes to find a husband soon and get married.

Children, Child, Daughter, Son: Does Ify Okeke have a child? No, Ifeoma Okeke-Ozzoude doesn't have a child yet.

Ify Okeke Boyfriend: Who is Ifeoma Okeke Boyfriend? Ifeoma Okeke-Ozzoude is not in a relationship at the moment. She has no boyfriend now after breaking up with her last boyfriend.

Ifeoma Okeke Ex Boyfriend, Breakup

Ify Ifeoma Okeke-Ozzoude broke up with her ex-boyfriend in 2008. She has not dated any man since then till now. No date, no sex for Ify Okeke since 2008 according to her.

"During these periods, I soaked myself into my pet project-Purple Campaign . Like I keep telling my friends, when you are busy you don’t think about relationships."

"...He remains my ex-boyfriend. I talk with my other ex-boyfriends, including the one I left to fall in love with him. I dumped him because I caught him red handed cheating on me. In the case of the one that broke my heart, I took so many cheating, yet it didn’t pay me. So, what’s essence? Every of my ex is a family. We relate as a family… One of my best friends is my ex’s sister."

But unfortunately, my worst ex-boyfriend is the only Igbo man I have ever dated in my life. I gave my all since people were accusing me of not dating Igbo men. I said okay, let me give my all believing it would lead to my settling down. But it boomeranged, and it’s okay."

Ify Okeke Net Worth, House And Cars

Net Worth: Ifeoma Okeke 'Ify' Okeke-Ozzoude net worth is about $300,000 US Dollars.

House and Cars: Ify Ifeoma Okeke lives in Lagos and drives nice cars.

Ify Okeke Instagram: Ifeoma Okeke-Ozzoude Instagram page Account Profile Handle ify0406.
Ifeoma Okeke currently has 32.9k followers on her Instagram page Account Profile as at the time of writing this article.

Old Throwback Photos of Ifeoma Okeke
Here are some Throwback pictures of Ify Okeke

Childhood Throwback photo of Ifeoma Okeke-Ozzoude

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