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Recent Instagram Photos: Facts About Tammy Abraham Bio, Wikipedia, Family, Girlfriend Leah Monroe, Age, Birthday, Father, Salary, Net Worth, House, Cars, Mother, Brother, Siblings, Height, State Of Origin, Tribe, Hometown, Hairstyle, Ethnicity, Engagement, Marriage, Wedding Pictures, Tammy Abraham Images, Photos, Ig Pics

History Of Tammy Abraham: Everything To Know About Tammy Abraham Profile, Girlfriend, Wife, Father, Salary, Family, Brother, House, Cars, Dating, Relationship, Engagement

Full Biography, Wikipedia: Who is Tammy Abraham?

Tammy Abraham (born 2 October 1997) whose real, full name is Kevin Oghenetega Tamaraebi Bakumo-Abraham is a Nigerian, British born English professional footballer who plays as a striker for Serie A club Roma and the England national team.

He describes himself on Instagram as:
"Tammy Abraham, God’s son that plays ball."

Pictures of Tammy Abraham

Tammy Abraham Wiki Profile Bio Data Summary

Professional Name: Tammy Abraham

Real Name: Tamaraebi Abraham

Full Name: Kevin Oghenetega Tamaraebi Bakumo-Abraham

Nationality: Nigerian, British, English

Citizenship: British, Nigerian

Place Of Birth: Camberwell, London, United Kingdom

Tammy Abraham Grew Up: In UK

Ethnicity: Black

State Of Origin: Bayelsa State

Tribe: Ijaw

Hometown: Yenagoa

Religion: Christian

Date Of Birth: 2 October 1997

Birthday: 2nd October

Age: 24 years old (as at 2021)

Height: 6"3 Feet tall (1.90 m)

Weight: 86 kg (189.598 pounds)

Net Worth: $9 Million US Dollars (in 2021)

Tammy Abraham Salary: €6 million per year (at AS Roma)

Career, Occupation: Footballer, Striker

Current Club: AS Roma

Former Club: Chelsea

Position: Striker

Family: Dad, Mum & 2 Children (Sons)

Parents: Mr and Mrs Bakumo Abraham

Father: Mr Bakumo Abraham

Mother: Mrs Bakumo Abraham

Brother: Timmy Abraham

Siblings: 1

Married: Not married

Marital Status: Single

Relationship Status: Engaged

Girlfriend: Leah Monroe

Spouse: Leah Monroe

Wife: Leah Monroe (Wife To Be)

Fiancée: Leah Monroe

Children, Child, Baby: No

Baby Mama: No

Sexuality: Straight

Hair: Black

Tattooed: No

Instagram Handle: tammyabraham

Tammy Abraham Early Childhood Life, Story, History, Career, Occupation, Clubs, Awards

Kevin Oghenetega Tamaraebi Bakumo-Abraham popularly known as Tammy Abraham was born on the 2nd of October 1997 in Camberwell, the United Kingdom by his parents who are Mr and Mrs Bakumo Abraham.

Tammy Abraham’s father, Mr Bakumo Abraham, hails from Bayelsa State, Nigeria. He migrated to Britain in order to set a better future for himself and his family.

Tammy Abraham's life started ticking in the direction of football right from his early childhood days. He started off as a drama boy in school before engaging in football.

Tammy Abraham, as an academy graduate of Chelsea, he made his senior debut for the club in 2016 before spending a season on loan with Championship club Bristol City. There, he enjoyed a successful campaign which culminated in him winning the club's Player of the Season, Young Player of the Season and top goalscorer awards, becoming the first player ever to do so in a single season. A further loan spell at Swansea City followed for Abraham but the season ended with the club suffering relegation from the Premier League. He then joined Aston Villa in 2018 and became the first player since 1977 to score 25 goals in a single campaign for the club.

Formerly an England youth international, Abraham represented the nation from under-18 level, and featured at the 2017 UEFA European Under-21 Championship in Poland. He made his senior debut in November 2017.

Awards: Tammy Abraham has won several awards which include,
- PFA Fans' Championship Player of the Month: August/September 2016
- Championship Player of the Month: November 2018
- Bristol City Player of the Season: 2016–17
Bristol City Young Player of the Season: 2016–17
- Bristol City top scorer: 2016–17
- PFA Team of the Year: 2018–19 Championship
- London Football Awards Player of the Year: 2019–20 Premier League
- London Football Awards Young Player of the Year: 2020
-FA Cup Team of the Year: 2020–21

Reacting to his awards on 6 March 2020, Tammy Abraham wrote:

"Truly honoured to be voted amongst so many greats for London Premier league player of the year & Young player of the year 🙌🏾🏆 just the beginning, the hard work continues 🙏🏾"

Full Biography Of Tammy Abraham (Everything You Should Know About Kevin Oghenetega Tamaraebi Bakumo-Abraham Aka Tammy Abraham)

Real Name
: What is Tammy Abraham real name? Tammy Abraham real name is Tamaraebi Abraham.

Full Name: What is full name of Tammy Abraham? Tammy Abraham full name is Kevin Oghenetega Tamaraebi Bakumo-Abraham.

Nationality: Where is Tammy Abraham from? Tammy Abraham Nationality is Nigerian, British, English. Tammy Abraham is from Nigeria.

Country Of Origin: Tammy Abraham is from which country? Tammy Abraham is originally from Nigeria.

Tammy Abraham Nigeria: Is Tammy Abraham a Nigerian? Yes, Tammy Abraham is originally a Nigerian from Bayelsa State.

Tammy Abraham State Of Origin: Where is Tammy Abraham from in Nigeria, Which state? Tammy Abraham is from Bayelsa State Nigeria.

Home Town, Village: Tammy Abraham is a native of Yenagoa, hails from Bayelsa.

Tribe: What tribe is Tammy Abraham? Tammy Abraham is Ijaw by tribe.

Tammy Abraham Place Of Birth: Where was Tammy Abraham born? Tammy Abraham place of birth is Camberwell, England.

Religion: Tammy Abraham religion is Christianity. He is a Christian.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: When was Tammy Abraham born? Tammy was born on 2 October 1997.

Real Age: How old is Tammy Abraham? Tammy Abraham is currently 23 years old as at August 2021. Tammy Abraham will celebrate his 24th birthday on 2nd October 2021.

Tammy Abraham Hairstyle, Hair: Tammy Abraham rocks Dreads, stylish hairstyle.
Pictures of Tammy Abraham Hairstyle

Tammy Abraham Height: How tall is Tammy Abraham? Tammy Abraham is 6"3 feet tall.
Photo of Tammy Abraham standing tall at 6"3 feet

Tattoo: Tammy Abraham has no body tattoos.

Education, School, University: Tammy Abraham graduated from Chelsea Academy.
Throwback Photos of Tammy Abraham

Tammy Abraham Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Tammy Abraham is from a family of 4 including his parents and 2 children.

Tammy Abraham was born in London to a Nigerian father and British mother who are middle-class earners and media-shy.
Tammy Abraham is the older of two sons of his parents.

Tammy Abraham Parents: Who are the Parents of Tammy Abraham? Tammy Abraham parents are MR AND MRS BAKUMO ABRAHAM. He has a Nigerian father and a British mother who are middle-class earners.
Pictures of Tammy Abraham Parents
Photos of Tammy Abraham Father and Mother

Tammy Abraham parents gave birth to two sons, Tammy and Timmy Abraham who are both footballers. 

Tammy Abraham Buys Car For His Parents: Tammy Abraham bought a luxury sports car for his parents in 2017.

Father: Tammy Abraham father? Tammy Abraham father's name is Mr Bakumo Abraham who is a Nigerian living in the UK and a model class earner.

Tammy Abraham Father Nationality: Where is Tammy Abraham father from? Tammy Abraham's father, Mr Bakumo Abraham, is from Nigeria.

Manager: Tammy Abraham manager is his father, Mr Bakumo Abraham who manages him and his brother, Timmy.

Mother: Who Is Tammy Abraham Mother? Tammy Abraham mother is Mrs Bakumo Abraham who is British by Nationality.

Siblings, Brother, Sister: Tammy Abraham has a sibling brother named, Timmy Abraham.

Tammy Abraham Brother, Timmy Abraham: Who is Tammy Abraham's brother? The name of Tammy Abraham's brother is Timmy Abraham who is also a Footballer.
Photo of Tammy Abraham and his younger brother, Timmy Abraham

Tammy Abraham Married, Marriage, Wedding Pictures: Is Tammy Abraham married? No, Tammy Abraham is not yet married but he has a fiancee called Leah Monroe who he wants to get married to.

Tammy Abraham Wife: Who Is Tammy Abraham Wife, name, age? Tammy Abraham wife to be is Leah Monroe. She is in her 20s.
Picture of Tammy Abraham wife to be, Leah Monroe

Tammy Abraham Girlfriend: Who is Tammy Abraham Girlfriend? Tammy Abraham Girlfriend Name is Leah Monroe. They met in 2015.
Photos of Tammy Abraham and His Girlfriend, Leah Monroe (Handsome and Beautiful Lovers)

Celebrating their anniversary, Tammy Abraham's Girlfriend, Leah Monroe wrote on her Instagram page:

"Happy Anniversary baby boo @tammyabraham ❤️ 18/04/15- Infinity ♾🌹"

Dating, Relationship: Who is Tammy Abraham dating? Tammy Abraham is in a relationship with Leah Monroe. They have been dating since 2015.

Engagement, Engaged, Fianceé: Is Tammy Abraham Engaged? Who is Tammy Abraham fianceé? Yes, Tammy Abraham is engaged to Leah Monroe who is his fianceé.

Children, Child, Son, Daughter: Does Tammy Abraham have a child? No, Tammy Abraham doesn't have a child yet.

Baby Mama: Who Is Tammy Abraham baby mama? No, Tammy Abraham doesn't have a baby mama.

Sexual Orientation: Is Tammy Abraham Gay, Bisexual or Straight? Tammy Abraham is straight.

Tammy Abraham Net Worth Forbes, In Dollars, Naira 2020, 2021, 2022

Net Worth: How much is Tammy Abraham net worth? Tammy Abraham net worth is about $9 Million US Dollars (in 2021)

About Tammy Abraham Salary, Fee

AS Roma sign Tammy Abraham from Chelsea in €40m deal

Roma will pay Tammy Abraham's fee in installments over the length of Abraham’s contract. Tammy Abraham is being paid a salary of €6 million-a-year net — which is considerably more than the £70,000-a-week he is on at Chelsea.

Tammy Abraham House, Mansion, Cars

House and Cars: Tammy Abraham lives in a mansion and drives nice cars.

Tammy Abraham & Fikayo Tomori, Friendship: Tammy Abraham and Fikayo Tomori are close friends. In an Instagram post, Tammy Abraham reached out Fikayo Tomori:

"From the ground up, we grew together, we grinded together, even when they doubted us & the Lord God guided us. We’ve come so far! & this is just the start 🙏🏾 Good luck in this new challenge. Going to miss you brother @fikayotomori go rip it up! Love you bro ❤️ TA x FT"

fikayotomori replied "My brother from another mother I love you bro, you know the plan, and you know God has his timingA,. Gonna miss you, but we are never far away from each other."
Picture of Tammy Abraham and Davido

Tammy Abraham Phone Number WhatsApp Contact: Tammy Abraham can be contacted via his Instagram page Account Profile Handle.

Tammy Abraham Instagram: Tammy Abraham Instagram Handle tammyabraham. Tammy Abraham currently has 2.1m followers on his Instagram page as at August 17th 2021.

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