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Latest Instagram Photos: All About Joeboy Bio, Wikipedia, Family, Parents, Twin Brother, Height, Girlfriend, Married, Wife, Net Worth, Relationship, Dating, Real Age, Birthday, Hairstyle, Siblings, Sister, Father, Mother, House And Cars, Mansion, Tattoo, Education, School, Songs, State Of Origin, Tribe, Real Name, Joeboy Images, Photos, Pictures, Ig Pics

History Of Joeboy: Everything To Know About Joeboy Profile, Girlfriend, Wife, Relationship, Parents, Family, Siblings, House, Cars, Net Worth

Who Is Joseph Akinfenwa-Donus?

Who Is Joeboy?

Joeboy (born 21 May 1997) whose real name is Joseph Akinwale Akinfenwa-Donus is a Nigerian born singer, songwriter and brand Influencer who became famous with his song 'Baby'.

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About Joeboy Family Background, Childhood, Life Story, Early Life, Education

Joseph Akinfenwa-Donus popularly known as Joeboy was born in Surulere, Lagos State but grew up in Akoka, Lagos State. Joeboy parents are Yoruba by tribe. He has two brothers and a sister. As the last born of the family, Joeboy grew up surrounded with music influences. Joeboy's dad played organ in the church, his elder brother played the guitar. He used to go with them for choir practice and that  influenced his love for music subconsciously. He used to go to ID Cabasa’s studio when I was 8 years old with his brother. He attended Akoka Primary and Secondary school. Joeboy graduated from the University of Lagos where he studied Human Resources Management.
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Joeboy Career, Occupation, Story, History

Joeboy aka Young Legend is an R&B and Afro-pop singer who rose to stardom and came into the limelight after releasing his song titled 'Baby'. Other songs that also increased Joeboy's popularity are 'Call', 'All For You', and 'Beginning'.

Joeboy's single "Baby" was released on 1st March in 2019. it garnered 20 million streams across YouTube and Spotify in 2019. The music video for Joeboy's "Baby" surpassed 31 million views on YouTube.

Joeboy started his music career at age 16. He got his musical inspiration from 9ice, and ID Cabasa, whom he used to hang out with in the studio. Joeboy recorded his first song 'Gbeseyin', an Afrobeat tune, at the age of 17. 
Photo of Joeboy and Don Jazzy

Picture of Joeboy and the ladies

How Joeboy Was Discovered
How was Joeboy discovered? Joeboy was discovered in In 2017 after he released a cover version of Ed Sheeran's 'Shape of You', which gained many views in Nigeria and abroad.

In 2017, the Joeboy posted an Instagram video of himself covering Ed Sheeran’s 'Shape of You'. His friend sent it to Mr Eazi, who immediately DM’d Joeboy - he wanted to help the new artist make his breakthrough.

Joeboy Album: When did Joeboy drop his album? Joeboy dropped his first album titled “Somewhere  Between Beauty & Magic on 1 February 2021.

While dropping his debut album, Joeboy wrote on his Instagram page on 1st February 2021:

"Being able to create records that are life changing is one of the greatest gifts to humanity; I’ve lived in the music to a point where I found myself immersed in all of it’s rhythms - YL 2021

I present to you my Debut album “Somewhere  Between Beauty & Magic” #SBBM 
it’s beautiful, it’s certainly amazing ❤️💡
#Feb4 #JoeboyPondeck"

Joeboy Songs: Baby, Beginning, Don’t Call Me Back ft Mayorkun, Call Faaji ft Mr Eazi, All For You, Blessings, Some People Ain’t Missing A Thing, Same Question, Pack it Up, Haircut, Shako, among others.

Endorsement Deals, Samsung Ambassador: Joeboy has bagged endorsement deals as brand ambassador and influencer. Joeboy is Samsung ambassador. He has promoted Samsung Galaxy phones via adverts.

Joeboy recently did the Samsung Galaxy A22 advert with give away to those that will get creative and recreate any of his Samsung Galaxy poses.

Joeboy Profile Wiki Bio Data

Stage, Professional Name: Joeboy

Nickname: Young Legend

Real Name: Joseph Akinwale Akinfenwa-Donus

Nationality: Nigerian

State Of Origin: Lagos State

Hometown: Surulere, Lagos

Tribe: Yoruba

Place Of Birth: Surulere Lagos

Religion: Christian

Date of Birth: 21 May 1997

Birthday: 21st May

Age: 24 Years Old (as at 2021)

Height: 5"7 feet tall

Joeboy Net Worth Dollars: $500,000 US Dollars

Joeboy Net Worth In Naira: ₦250,000,000

Career, Occupation: Musician, Songwriter

Joeboy Record Label: Banku Music / emPawa Africa

Joeboy Family: Dad, Mum & 4 Children

Parents: Mr and Mrs Akinfenwa Donus

Father: Mr Akinfenwa Donus

Mother: Mrs Akinfenwa-Donus

Siblings: 3 Siblings

Brother: 2 brothers

Sister: 1 sister

Relationship Status: Dating

Marital Status: Not married

Married: No

Spouse, Wife: No wife yet, not married

Girlfriend: Yes, Joeboy has a girlfriend

Tattoos: Yes, Joeboy is tattooed

Hairstyle: Dreads, braids

Education: University of Lagos (UNILAG)

Course Of Study: Human Resources Management

Instagram: joeboyofficial

Joeboy Biography And Wikipedia

Full Biography Of Joeboy (Wikipedia, Everything You Know Need To Know About  Joseph Akinfenwa-Donus Aka Joeboy)

Joeboy Real Name: What is the real name of Joeboy? Joeboy's real name is Joseph Akinwale Akinfenwa Donus.

Nickname, Young Legend: Joeboy is also known as Young Legend. Joeboy has a tattoo of his nickname 'Young Legend' on his hand.

Nationality, Country Of Origin: Where is Joeboy   from, which country? Joeboy is a Nigerian, from Lagos Nigeria.

Ghanaian: is Joeboy a Ghanaian? No, Joeboy is not a Ghanaian but a Nigerian.

State Of Origin, Home Town: Where is Joeboy from? Joeboy hails from Lagos State, Nigeria. He is Yoruba by tribe.

Joeboy Tribe, Village: What tribe is Joeboy? is Joeboy a Yoruba boy, Yes, Joeboy is Yoruba by tribe. His parents are both Yoruba by tribe and he is a native, indegene of Lagos State. Joeboy was born in Surulere, Lagos.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: When was Joeboy born? Joeboy was born on 21 May 1997.

Real Age: How old is Joeboy? Joeboy is currently 24 years old as at 2021.

Birthday: When is Joeboy birthday? Joeboy birthday is on 21 May. Joeboy celebrated his 24th birthday on 21st May 2021. He will celebrate his 25th birthday on 21 May 2022.

Religion: Is Joeboy a Christian or Muslim? Joeboy is a Christian.

Height (Joeboy height in feet): How tall is Joeboy? Joeboy is about 5"7 feet tall.
Photos of Joeboy attending at 5"7 feet tall

Checkout Joeboy Height in Feet

Tattoo: Joeboy likes tattoos and his head s body, hands tattooed. One of Joeboy tattoos on his hand reads 'Young Legend' which is his nickname.
Pictures of Joeboy Tattoos

Hairstyle: Joeboy likes to wear stylish hair styles like dreads, braids.

Photos of Joeboy Hairstyle

Joeboy Workout Gym Fitness Body, Abs: Joeboy likes to workout at the gym. He likes to share shirtless pictures to show off his abs and gym fit body.

Education, School, University: Joeboy attended Akoka Primary and Secondary school in Lagos. Joeboy graduated from the University of Lagos where he studied Human Resources Management.

Graduate: Is Joeboy a graduate? Yes, Joeboy is a graduate of Human Resources Management from the University of Lagos (UNILAG).

Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Joeboy is from a family of 6 including his parents Mr and Mrs Akinfenwa Donus and 4 Children which includes 3 sons and 1 daughter.

Joeboy was born into the family of Mr and Mrs Akinfenwa Donus, his parents in Surulere Lagos State.

Parents: Who are Joeboy parents? Joeboy parents are Mr and Mrs Akinfenwa Donus.

Father: Who Is Joeboy father? Joeboy father's name is Mr Akinfenwa Donus. He is a businessman and lives in Lagos. Joeboy's dad Mr Akinfenwa-Donus used to played organ in their church.

Mother: Who is Joeboy mother? Joeboy mother is Mrs Akinfenwa Donus. She has 4 children and Joeboy is her last born.

Siblings, Brother, Sister: Joeboy has 3 siblings - 2 elder brothers and one elder sister. Joeboy is the last child of his family.

Brother: Who is Joeboy brother? Joeboy elder brother used to play the guitar.

Joeboy Twin Brother Coldee: Does Joeboy have a twin brother? Is Joeboy a twin? No, Joeboy is not a twin and doesn't have a twin brother.

On 5th of August 2020, a young man called Coldee whose Instagram name is, Coded_Coldee claimed to be a twin brother of Joeboy Whom he accused of abandoning him after his fame.

Joeboy reacting to the alleged twin brother denied having  twin brother and vowed to sue Coldee and make him pay for the wrong accusations on Instagram live interview with Daddy Freeze.

During the interview, Joeboy said he was going to sue Coldee N10 million naira for trying to spoil his image.

Joeboy And Fireboy, Brothers, Friends: Are Joeboy and Fireboy brothers? No, Joeboy and Fireboy are not brothers but are friends.

Married, Marriage, Wedding Pictures: Is Joeboy married? No, Joeboy is not yet married and doesn't have a fianceé or wife to be yet.

Wife: Who is Joeboy wife, name, pictures? Joeboy doesn't have a wife yet and has not revealed who his wife to be will be.

Girlfriend: Who is Joeboy Girlfriend, name, pictures? Joeboy has a girlfriend he is dating and in a relationship with but doesn't like to flaunt his girlfriend.
Picture of Joeboy and his girlfriend

Dating, Relationship: Is Joeboy in a relationship, who is Joeboy dating? Yes, Joeboy is in a relationship with his girlfriend who he is currently dating.

Engagement, Engaged: Is Joeboy engaged? No, Joeboy is not yet engaged to his girlfriend.

Child, Son, Daughter, Baby Mama: Does Joeboy have a child or baby mama? No, Joeboy doesn't have a child yet or any baby mama.

Sexual Orientation: Is Joeboy gay, bisexual or straight? Joeboy is straight.

Forbes: Joeboy Net Worth In Dollars and In Naira

Net Worth: How much is Joeboy net worth? Joeboy Net Worth is about $500,000 US Dollars  in 2020, 2021. (Five hundred thousand US Dollars).

Joeboy Net Worth, Salary In Naira: Joeboy net worth in Naira is about ₦250,000,000 (two hundred and fifty thousand naira).

About Joeboy House and Cars, Mansion (Pictures)

House and Cars: Joeboy lives in a nice house in Lagos and drives nice cars.
Pictures of Joeboy house and Car

Joeboy real Phone Number WhatsApp Contact:  Joeboy can be contacted via his Instagram page Account Profile Handle.

Instagram: Joeboy instagram handle is joeboyofficial. Joeboy currently has 1.5 million Followers on his Instagram page Account Profile Handle as at the time of writing this article 31st July 2021.

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Where is Joeboy from?
How much is Joeboy net worth?
Is Joeboy a Ghanaian?

How much is Joeboy net worth?
What is Joeboy age?
What tribe is Joeboy?

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