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Caffa Institute is presenting one full week of free lecture on Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Forex Trading, Fund Management, Mentorship and Algorithmic Trading.

To learn more about all these follow the link below;


"Caffa" is the short form of "Cryptocurrency and Forex For Africa". This in itself has spoken volumes about who we are and what we do. This institute is founded with Africans in mind; as we explore the opportunities that the Blockchain Technology, Cryptocurrency and Forex Trading are bringing to Africans.

According to research; it's been established that the richest people in the world at one time or the other in history, are people who partook in the predominant business of their era, and not only that they partook in it, they did so very early, when the business was still in it's formative stages.

Blockchain is altogether a very new phenomenon in the world; such that in the highly advanced countries, the knowledge is still fresh. In Wallstreet, cryptocurrency trading (Bitcoin precisely) is still in it's adoptive stage, hedge funds and investment banks are still trying to understand it.

This means, if you're acquiring the knowledge now, you're still early in the system and it promises a lot of positive surprises in the nearest future.

Forex is not a new thing on the other hand, yet only few have the understanding. Moreover, there are unending possibilities in the forex world if you give it your time.

To this end we have a monthly free class in place that is aimed at educating the general public about these cutting-edge skills that is bringing fortune to African youths. 


Beyond this, Caffa offer various services for clients who are interested. Such as;

* Fund Management for corporations and high networth individuals,

* Private Mentorship, News and Signal Channel (monthly subscription),

* We sell trading algorithms and strategies to those who can afford it.


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