Who Is Frank Uduak Akpan? Pictures, Profile, Everything To Know About Kidnapping, Rape Accusations (Photos)

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Facebook, Instagram, Photos, Images, Profile Bio: Meet Ezekiel Frank Uduak Akpan Accused Of Kidnapping Hiny Umoren (Ini Umoren) Everything To Know About Rape , Fraud Accusations, Saga, Frank Uduak Akpan Images, Photos, Pictures, Ig Pics, Girlfriend, Family, History, Story, Arrested
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Who Is Frank Uduak Akpan?

Frank Uduak Akpan also known as Ezekiel Uduak Akpan is a Nigerian man from Uyo, Akwa Ibom State accused of Kidnapping a job seeker, Iniubong Umoren popularly known as Hiny Humoren on Twitter.

Some other Nigerians have accused Frank Uduak Akpan of Kidnapping, rape, fraud.

Meanwhile, Frank Uduak Akpan denied being the kidnapper of Hiny Umoren.

Photo of Iniubong Umoren, the missing kidnaped girl (People accused Frank Uduak Akpan of being her kidnapper)

Read the accusations against Frank Uduak Akpan by Nigerian social media users and his reaction after the cut as captured by Thefamousnaija.

According to Twitter user, 𝕮𝖍𝖎𝖊𝖋 𝖔𝖋 𝕾𝖙𝖆𝖋𝖋 @ Tiehbeth 

"Uduak Frank Akpan threatened to rape someone in front of her husband.

This guy should be gunned down


Another Twitter user, DR.PENKING™ @drpenking shared pictures of Uduak Frank Akpan and wrote:

"This is the last person Ini had contact with. The last time we heard from Ini, she was on her way to meet this man. Many other women have come forward to testify being lured, robbed and raped by this man.What more does the Nigerian police need to crack him down? 


Facebook User, Sitippe wrote:

"There’s a kidnapper/fraudster that needs to be brought to book. You might know someone that knows him. His name on Facebook is Uduak frank Akpan. His phone number is +2348127530092"

The young lady went to meet him for a job interview and has been missing."

King ZbenKing Zben, Facebook User wrote: 

"@HinyHumoren (On Twitter) is my banter Twitter friend...it is alleged she was contacted for an interview at Ibiaku Ibiaku today, after suspicious actions, a call was put through and all was heard were screams before the call was terminated...since then, all efforts to reach her has proven abortive. One of the last numbers she contacted was +234 812 753 0092 which appears as 'Ezekiel Akpan' on true caller but on Facebook 'Uduak Frank Akpan' as seen on the Screenshot below (beside her picture)...The number is switched off currently. A Complaint has been filed by her sister. But, please any info on my friend would be very much appreciated, as well as this young man. Thank you!"

 JewelAdenike @dobbydarkson_92 wrote:

"This is so sad. 


@UNVNigeria pls kindly check roaster for the record of any active volunteer by the name Uduak Frank Akpan or Ezekiel Akpan with the Nigeria no 08127530092? Pls kindly help, there is a missing lady attached to this contact @UNVNigeria."

If you're from Obotie Delta state a kidnapper by name Frank Uduak Akpan is hiding in your community.


"Iniubong Umoren known as @HinyHumoren on Twitter was last seen 29 April.

She reportedly went for a job interview at Ibiaku, Akwa Ibom as invited by one Uduak Frank Akpan whose pictures appear below ! 

Moments later, she sent a one-second voice note in which a wave of struggles was detected.

The search party led by okada riders took concerned friends to Ibiaku junction , they helped to locate the family house of the suspect from where his father was arrested and taken to Anti-kidnapping unit.

It’s 24hrs after and she is yet to be found nor heard from!!

Lots of women have come up with stories of how he assaulted them !!! They survived and we hope Ini survives too!!

Do your best to find Ini. Use the harsh tag#Findinghinyhumoren#

We need to find her!!! She is young girl hustling to find a job, she is no lazy yoot!

His dad has been detained , his accomplice Emmanuel Okon has been arrested but Frank Akpan is still at large!!!!

Does someone recognize him ? 

Have you seen Ini or a lookalike anywhere ? Report to Twitter and other social media platforms using your handle or the nearest police station!

Pls trend this story, share to the world because Ini must be found !!

Once again I will remind us - tell someone about that great job offer , that business plan from someone you know or may not know ! Look it up

on Google ! Telling someone may save your time, life !!!!

If Ini hid her movement from her friend , none would have known! A lot of people have died from “I am coming “, “ I am going somewhere “, , etc!

Lots of men especially have gone and never come back , they lost their lives to their pride !!! Their wives asked where they were going but they felt she was nosey or lacks the privilege to know because they paid her bride price!

Whatever is secret is not sincere!!!- my words!


Frank Uduak Akpan Denies Kidnapping Hiny Umoren 

Uduak Frank Akpan who has been confirmed to be the one who called the the missing girl, Iniubong Umoren for the Job interview has come out on Facebook to deny the accusation of Kidnapping & holding the girl hostage.

In his post Frank Uduak Akpan said, "Please I am not holding her Hostage nor do I know her anything about her whereabouts. My phone has been off because I've been getting threatening messages due to the misunderstanding".

Frank Uduak Akpan accuser, Happiness Activist Umoh Uduak fired back. See screenshot

Frank Uduak Akpan Arrest: Nigerians are calling for police to after Frank Uduak Akpan for questioning.

More Accusations against Ezekiel Frank Uduak Akpan

Frank Uduak Akpan Arrested By Police

He has been arrested, hopefully, he will tell us where he took my friend to. We couldn't have done this without your help. I'm grateful
Loudly crying face
Folded hands

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