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History Of Iheme Nancy: Everything To Know About Nancy Iheme Full Bio Wiki Profile, Husband, Boyfriend, Parents, Family, Net Worth

Who Is Nancy Iheme?

Iheme Nancy also known as Nancy Iheme (born 12 June) is a Nigerian born Nollywood actress, Film maker and Brand influencer and Entrepreneur.

About Iheme Nancy Career, Occupation, Life History, Story

Nancy Iheme, whose full name is Iheme Nancy Chidera, started acting some years back and is gradually establishing herself as a fast rising actress in the Nigerian movie industry - Nollywood.

Nancy Iheme is the founder of Paragon Beauty that deals on nails and other beauty products.

Iheme Nancy has worked with many popular Nollywood actors and actresses such as, Nosa Rex, Ken Erics, Uju Okoli, Harry B Anyanwu, Mary Igwe, Jerry Williams, Sammy Lee Nnamdi, Zulu Adigwe, Ngozi Ezeonu, Regina Daniels, Uche Ogbodo, Angela Okorie, Ejike Asiegbu, Daniel Lloyd, among others. 

Nancy Iheme Movies: Iheme Nancy movies include, Treasure (Web Series), Alter Of Death, Kingdom Authority, Blind Affection, House On Fire, My Journey To Lagos, Ladies Of High Class, Drunk In Jealousy, Alobam, Mother’s Club, Ugo-eze, Nkoli Nwa Nsukka, Red Scorpion, Evil World, Crazy Dancers, Sambisa Army, Oga Landlord, The CAT, Village Liars, Ndi Ozi Oma, among others.

Awards & Nominations: Nancy Iheme was nominated for City People Movie Award for Most Promising Actress of the Year (Igbo).

Name: Nancy Iheme

Full Name: Iheme Nancy Chidera

State Of Origin, Home Town, Tribe: Where is Iheme Nancy from? Nancy Iheme hails from Obowo, Imo State, Nigeria. She is Igbo from the South East part of Nigeria.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: How old is Iheme Nancy? Nancy Iheme was born on 12 June....

Height: How tall is Nancy Iheme? Nancy Iheme is about 5"6 Feet tall.

Hot photos of Iheme Nancy standing tall

Tattoo: Iheme Nancy likes tattoos and has her hand, thigh, leg, tattooed.

Hairstyle, Lowcut, Haircut: Nancy Iheme now rocks lowcut hairstyle.

Pictures of Iheme Nancy Hairstyle

Educational Background: Iheme Nancy is a graduate. She passed out from NYSC in February 2021. She served in FCT, Abuja.

Family, Siblings, Parents, Father, Mother: Iheme Nancy was born into the family of Mr & Mrs Iheme her parents are from Obowo in Imo State.

Iheme Nancy Twin Brother: Nancy Iheme was born with her twin brother who died at age 15. Recalling the death of her twin brother on her birthday, Nancy Iheme said:

"I was born into this world in two forms. A male and a female, 15 years on earth; I lost my other me (my twin brother)... I felt I wasn’t going to make it alone cause I was so attached to my other being.

Well, look at me now..., I became the two all in one (myself in appearance and my brothers strength within)...I became bold, courageous and daring...people made fun of me, threw hateful words at me, rejected me, told me I wasn’t good enough, said I was never going to amount to anything.. I smiled, I gathered all the negativity and boxed them, moved on and proved them all wrong.

It was only the grace of God that brought me this far. I am forever grateful and will never seize to adore him.

Today! I begin a new journey...a new phase and a better story.


I am @ihemenancy the girl with a different vibe."

Nancy Iheme Marriage, Married, Wedding: Is Iheme Nancy married? Nancy Iheme is not yet married and doesn't show off her fiancé or relationship on social media.

Husband: Who is Nancy Iheme husband? Iheme Nancy is not married yet.

Boyfriend, Dating, Relationship: Who is Iheme Nancy boyfriend, dating? Nancy Iheme is in a relationship but she keeps her boyfriend away from social media.

Child, Children: Does Iheme Nancy have a child? Nancy Iheme doesn't have a child yet.

Net Worth: How much does Iheme Nancy worth? Nancy Iheme net worth is about $200,000 US Dollars.

House, Cars: Nancy Iheme has nice cars. Iheme Nancy got a car gift in November 2020. Announcing her car gift, she wrote on Instagram:

Images of Iheme Nancy Cars

Pictures of Nancy Iheme Cars

"Another car added to my BENZO 💥🙏 Christmas gift came earlier than expected 😩😩💃💃💃💃"

Nancy Isime And Iheme Nancy: Are Nancy Iheme and Nancy Isime sisters, related? No, Nancy Iheme and Nancy Isime are not related, not sisters but bear same first name 'Nancy' and answer similar surname, 'Iheme' & 'Isime'.

Iheme Nancy And Pastors, Fraudsters: Nollywood actress Nancy Iheme said that all pastors are “fraudsters”, as she went on a rant against the clerics on social media.

Nancy Iheme wrote;

"All these miracle merchants that call themselves men of god will never regrow a lost limb or separate conjoined twins."

"Only them 20 years of waist pain and other things no one can verify, profiting off the mind of gullible Africans. All pastors are fraudsters in my book."

Iheme Nancy Phone Number WhatsApp, Contact: Nancy Iheme can be contacted via her Instagram account.

Instagram: Iheme Nancy Instagram handle ihemenancy . Nancy Iheme currently has 164k followers on her Instagram page as as the time of writing this article.

Iheme Nancy Gym Fitness Workout Pictures: Nancy Iheme likes to workout at the gym to keep her body in shape.

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