Who Is Ikonso? Biography, History, Pictures Of Ikonso, Death, Wife: Everything To Know About IPOB ESN Commander

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Ikonso Don Photos: All About Ikonso Bio, Wikipedia, Profile History, Family, Parents, Age, Birthday, Wife, Girlfriend, Net Worth, House, Cars, Real Name, State Of Origin, Death, Burial, Bulletproof Charm, IPOB ESN Commander Ikonso Photos, Images, Pictures, Ikonso Instagram Handle, Facebook Page Account

ikonso pictures
ikonso photos

Life History Of Ikonso Don: Everything To Know About Ikonso (IPOB ESN Commander) Death, Burial, Corpse, Family, Parents, Wife, Net Worth, How Ikonso Was Killed

Who Is Ikonso (Don)?

Ikonso whose real name is Nwaokike Kayinayo Andy was late IPOB and ESN Commander who was killed by Nigeria Police Force and their counterparts from the Nigerian Army and DSS in a joint operation on 24th April, 2021.

Ikonso Don was a well known IPOB member before he joined ESN and emerged a commander.

Pictures of Ikonso
Photos of Ikonso Don (Images)

"Ikonso was killed when he surfaced at Umuoma alongside other ESN to defend the land from Fulani invaders."

"He was ambushed and killed after the same Igbos he was fighting for gave out his details to the security forces. Ikonso was betrayed by his own people." - Eagle Eyes Report.

How Ikonso Was Killed: How Ikonso Don, IPOB ESN Commander Died

Operatives of the Nigeria Police Force and their counterparts from the Nigerian Army and DSS in a joint operation, in the early hours of 24th April, 2021 stormed the operational headquarters of Insurgents (IPOB Militias) in Awomama Village Oru East LGA of Imo State.

The Insurgents are responsible for the attack on the Imo State Police Headquarters and the headquarters of the Nigerian Correctional Service on 5th April, 2021. They have also carried out series of calculated, violent attacks on security personnel and formations in the south east and south south of the country.

As the security forces approached the base of the insurgents, they came under rapid fire from the group. In a bold and clinical response, the joint security forces fought back gallantly.

The Forces eventually neutralized the overall commander of the insurgents in the Southeast popularly known as Ikonso Commander and six (6) other armed fighters of the insurgent group. Commander Ikonso is known as the Vice President designate as well as the coordinator of all the militia operations of the group.

He was the mastermind and coordinator of the attack on the Imo Police Headquarters and several other attacks on security and military personnel and facilities.
Nnamdi Kanu And Ikonso: Photo of Ikonso and Nnamdi Kanu

The operation is part of deliberate effort by the Police and other security forces to quell the activities of insurgents in Imo State and other States of the South East and South South region of the country.

After the fierce gun battle, the security team recovered the remains of Ikonso Commander and the six (6) of his fighters. Several sophisticated weapons including six(6) AK47 rifles, hundreds of ammunition of different caliber and lots of charms including bullet Proof charms were recovered from the insurgents.

At the time of filing this report, three policemen and one army officer are receiving treatment having sustained serious bullet injuries during exchange of gunfire with the insurgents.

Ikonso Charm, Juju Bulletproof Failed Him: These pictures show how Ikonso Don locally made 'Odeshi' Bullet Proof charm failed him.

Fans, Friends And Relatives Mourn The Death Of Ikonso 

Many Pro Biafra and IPOB supporters, family and friends have been mourning and crying over the death of Ikonso Don.

Twitter user, Edwin Edward @Emmyking119 wrote,:

"I never knew I had a brother that has been protecting me from the intruders and invaders when I was at sleep at night I never knew him but he gave his life so that I may live and celebrate him 

RIP #ikonso may your spirit protect and fight for us as you have always been doing."

NnamdiKanu's_FanClub @NnamdiFans wrote:

"Now you all can see that all your governors and 


 are working for the Fulani terrorist butchering government. Ụzọdịnjọ conspired to kill a man #IkoNso that has been fighting to protect our people from the invading Fulani terrorists. We must avenge his death!"

Twitter user, Angel Wings Concept @angelwingsltd wrote:

"Weep not child. Fight on. There's light at the end of the tunnel. Fare the well blooder #ikonso"

Samie @sammynos1 wrote:

"Because he refused to take bribes from #Nigeria Government to betray #IPOB and join EbubeAgu, Nigeria forces ambushed him and kill him.  Rip my hero.

The Biafra Nation shall be free


Facebook User, Nwankwo Maduabuchi wrote:

"No IPOB activist slept, last night because of Ikonso's death. Yes... People are mourning and their heart bleeds.

Infants are denied Breast milk from their grieving Mothers, Father's have their hand on cheeks as  tears make an ocean, hearts pounding and emotions burning like a furnace.

Do you know why? This is a process of making Monsters and Beast, out of a Peaceful agitation.

When you kill a loved one, it pierces the heart and hurt the Soul. It takes away fear and builds a monster.

It births Millions of defenders and fighters because, their pains need to be eased by revenge.

This is why, there is no peace in the North, even with the numbers of security agents trying to curtail the excesses of bandits because, they initially mishandled the situation and killed their Commander Yusuf.

A Nigeria Prophet once said "Dialogue Now.. Dialogue Now..." He went further to say, " I Saw A Puppy Moving, All Of A Sudden Wild Animals Came Out From Different Directions To Join And It Became A Lion".

Our hearts are grieved,

Our faces bruised up, Mama Biafra your children are bleeding,

Most High, the Giants are here to hinder, they strike with chariots, while we helplessly watch,

Give us victory.."

Ikonso Death: Nnamdi Kanu's IPOB Reacts To The Killing Of Ikonso Don - IPOB has released a statement on the death of Ikonso.

Below is a full statement of IPOB on the killing of Ikonso - ESN Commander




We the global family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) ably led by our great leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, strongly condemn the unprovoked attack on some members of IPOB and ESN

Operatives at Oguta junction at Mgbidi, along Owerri road Onitsha expressway by a joint security force comprising the the army, police and DSS operatives, with the support of Imo State Government.

#Ikonso #IkonsoInMillions #ESNForever

The killing of the heroic innocent Biafrans protecting our communities and towns from Fulani terrorists herdsmen masquerading as cattle herders in cold blood is very painful.

The Supreme Court Administrator of Imo State Hope Uzodinma and all those who had a hand in this wickedness will pay dearly.

#Ikonso #IkonsoInMillions #ESNForever

Hope Uzodinma and his cowardly Nigerian security agencies that cannot confront Fulani terrorists but only flex their muscles when they see Biafra agitators. For murdering Ikonso, the ESN unit COMMANDER in in cold blood, Uzodima has stirred the hornet nest!

He should get ready for a sting. Uzodima decided to kill Ikonso because he refused his offer to head Ebubeagu ghost security outfit formed by South East governors. Uzodima has tried but without success to lure ESN operatives into EBUBEAGU.

He had made irresistible offers to them which were turned down, hence his resorting to elimination of these patriotic heroes who vowed never to betray Biafra.

Hope Uzodinma sent a lot of emissaries to beg Ikonso and other ESN officers to join EBUBEAGU security outfit. So, because of their refusal to betray Biafra agitation and our Leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the hopeless governor mobilized joint security forces to attack them today.

#Ikonso #IkonsoInMillions #ESNForever

Contrary to claims by the cowardly security forces who flee from terrorists but kill innocent citizens, they were not able to peneterate into the camp of Eastern Security Network ESN. They only ambushed Ikonso but we promise them hell for this cowardly act!

Hope Uzodima has murdered sleep, so he should be ready to stay awake! FULANI terrorists pretending as cattle sellers in Enugu destroyed Police van and attacked Government officials on lawful duty with AK-47 but no Army,

Police or DSS attacked them till now. But ESN operatives defending our communities against the terrorists are being hunted like games everyday. The world has kept quiet over this atrocity until we begin our own madness.

#Ikonso #IkonsoInMillions #ESNForever

Hope Uzodinma as you the body of Ikonso was paraded by Fulani Jihadists in police and Nigerian army, so shall it be your portion one day.


Zonaboy Obi And Ikonso: Zonaboy Obi has been accused of betraying Ikonso and causing Ikonso Don's death.

Nnamdi Obi Biafra224505 @BiafraNnamdi accused Zonaboy Obi of leading to Ikonso Death. He wrote:

"The vultures are gathering and we are beginning to identify them And we Are definitely going deal with them...

This is one of the guy that risk the life of #ikonso..with his careless post... So I think he has hand in the death if ikonso...if we should go by his posts..."

Lizzy TV, Facebook user wrote:

"Sabotage... Zonaboy obi you  have  questions to answer. 

Ikonso Don was a well known hardcore IPOB member before he joined ESN and emerged a commander... He was eliminated today when he surfaced at Umuoma alongside other ESN to defend the land... His own people are the informants that gave his details to Nigerian DSS.

Hope Uzodinma has tried bribing him into Ebubeagu, but because of his refusal to accept the offer, he gave it to his village GOC to get information about him so he'll be eliminated.

We'll never forget.

Rest In Power our comrade."

Zonaboy Obi Denies betraying IkonsoMeanwhile, Zonaboy Obi released a video on Facebook denying betraying Ikonso Don.

About Ikonso IPOB ESN Commander:

Full Name: Ikonso Don

Real Name: What is Ikonso real name? Ikonso real name is Nwaokike Kayinayo Andy.

State Of Origin, Home Town, Tribe, Village: Where is Ikonso from? Ikonso Don hails from Imo State, Nigeria.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: How old is Ikonso? Ikonso Don was born on December 25, 1985. Ikonso died at aged 35.

Ikonso Family, Siblings, Parents, Father, Mother: Ikonso Don family members, brothers, sisters, father, mother are not known.

Girlfriend, Wife, Children: Was Ikonso Married? Who is Ikonso Don wife, girlfriend? Ikonso was married with children.

Ikonso Family pictures

Ikonso son pictures
Picture of Ikonso and Wife

Net Worth: Ikonso Don actual net worth not really available but Ikonso ESN could worth about $300,000 US Dollars.

House, Cars: Pictures of Ikonso Don house and cars have been shared on Facebook, Twitter.

Pictures of Ikonso house and cars

Instagram: Ikonso Don (ESN Commander) Instagram Name, Handle not available.

Facebook: Ikonso Don (IPOB ESN Commander) Facebook Account.

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