Biography Of Zonaboy Obi, Pictures: Meet Zonaboy Obi, Ikonso Friend Accused Of Betraying Him

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Who Is Zonaboy Obi? Profile, Biography, About Zonaboy Obi And Ikonso (Zonaboy Obi Denies Betraying Ikonso Don)

Pictures Of Zonaboy Obi Accused Of Betraying Ikonso: He Reacts

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Who Is Arinze Obiajunwa Zona Aka Zonaboy Obi? (Profile, Bio)

Zonaboy Obi whose real name is Arinze Obiajunwa Zona used to be an IPOB member who is accused of betraying Ikonso Don, ESN Commander, leading to his death.

Ikonso Death And Accusations Against Zonaboy Obi

Following the death of Ikonso Don who was killed by joint force of soldiers, police and DSS, many IPOB members and Pro Biafra supporters started accusing Zonaboy Obi of betraying Ikonso by exposing Ikonso Don to security operatives, masterminding his killing.

Nnamdi Obi Biafra224505 @BiafraNnamdi wrote on Twitter:

"The vultures are gathering and we are beginning to identify them And we Are definitely going deal with them...

This is one of the guy that risk the life of #ikonso..with his careless post... So I think he has hand in the death if ikonso...if we should go by his posts..."

Lizzy TV, Facebook user wrote

"Sabotage... Zonaboy obi you  have  questions to answer. 

Ikonso Don was a well known hardcore IPOB member before he joined ESN and emerged a commander... He was eliminated today when he surfaced at Umuoma alongside other ESN to defend the land... His own people are the informants that gave his details to Nigerian DSS.

Hope Uzodinma has tried bribing him into Ebubeagu, but because of his refusal to accept the offer, he gave it to his village GOC to get information about him so he'll be eliminated"

Onye Udo, Facebook user wrote:

"Zonaboy Obi and ijele speaks have a lot of questions to ans towards the death of Ikonso but one thing is assured there can run but never hide and the consequences of their sabotage actions is waiting for them to face."

Zonaboy Obi Denies Betraying Ikonso & Planning His Killing

Meanwhile, some hours after his photos and accusations against him went viral on Twitter, Facebook, Zonaboy Obi reacted, denying all accusations against him.

Zonaboy Obi Video: Zonaboy Obi had earlier released a video on 24th April after Ikonso was killed and said: 

"Ikonso my brother your death will be revenged'

Zonaboy Obi later made another video saying that Ikonso was his very good friend, that he couldn't have betrayed Ikonso Don. Sharing the video on his Facebook page, Zonaboy Obi wrote:

"😭😭😭😭😭😭 I'm very innocent of this accusation, let God bear me witness."

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