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History Of Tayo Faniran: Everything To Know Of Tayo Faniran Profile Wiki, Wife, Girlfriend, Baby Mama Amaka, House, Cars, Children, Sons, Big Brother Africa Star, Net Worth

Who Is Tayo Faniran?
Tayo Faniran (born 18 March 1986) whose full name is Tayo Akintayo John Faniran, is a Nigerian born model, Nollywood actor, Reality TV Star known for Big Brother Africa season 9 (2014).

About Tayo Faniran Career, Occupation, Life History & Story
Tayo Faniran is a Nigerian model best known as the runner-up of the ninth season of the reality television series, Big Brother Africa, in 2014.
Tayo Faniran is also a Nigerian actor and model.

Pictures of Tayo Faniran

Big Brother Africa: Tayo Faniran was a housemate and contestant in the 2014 season 9 edition of the Big Brother Africa (BBA) where he represented Nigeria and emerged the Runner up.

Akintayo John Faniran, simply known as Tayo is a former Big Brother Africa housemate. He represented Nigeria during the ninth season of BBA.
Tayo Faniran Big Brother Africa Profile:
Season(s) Competed In: Big Brother Africa 9
Number of Days Spent in House: 63
House Status: Runner-Up
Position Finished In: 2nd (out of 26)
Season 9 (2014)

Big Brother Africa 9 (also known as Big Brother Africa: Hotshots) was the ninth and final season of the Big Brother Africa reality television series.

Movies: Tayo Faniran movies include, 'Dieko' his first Yoruba movie, The Donor, Man Like Jimmy, among others.

Full Name, Real Name: Tayo Akintayo John Faniran
State Of Origin, Home Town, Tribe: Where is Tayo Faniran from? Tayo Faniran hails from Oyo state, Nigeria.
Tayo Faniran is Yoruba by tribe and was born and grew up in Oyo State.

Photos of Tayo Faniran on Instagram

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Tayo Faniran was born on 18 March 1986.

Real Age: How old is Tayo Faniran? Tayo Faniran is currently 35 years old as at 2021.

Tayo Faniran 35th Birthday: Celebrating his 35th birthday on 18th March 2021, Tayo Faniran shared handsome birthday photos and wrote:

Tayo Faniran birthday pictures

"OFFICIALLY 35 !💥🎼🎉🙏🏿 I alone can understand the “ many”  reasons behind my jubilation this year,I wish I could share with you all about it but hmmm ..... God be praised .

A part of me keeps reminding me of how closely I’m moving towards 40 😁, I could have been worried about ageing or most of my goals that I haven’t met, but my thoughts are deeper that all of these,can I even dare to count my blessings? , or can I count how many battles my father in heaven has won for me? .. NEVER! The journey to where I am  today is not a child’s play although I was just a little child yesterday.

God I thank you for always protecting my smile,you are always with me, I love you Daddy 🤗😍😁

I’m struggling to make sense 😂 but anyway “ Happy 35th birthday to me” and I claim long life,health,wealth,wisdom and understanding in my life in Jesus name, Amen 🙏🏿."

Height: How tall is Tayo Faniran? Tayo Faniran is 6"3 feet tall (1.93m - tall).

Tattoo: Tayo Faniran likes Tattoos and has his body heavily tattooed. Tayo Faniran Chest, arm, hands are tattooed.

Photos of Tayo Faniran tattoos

Gym Fitness Workout: Tayo Faniran likes to workout at the gym to keep fit.

Body, Face & Physique: Tayo Faniran while writing about his looks and heart on his Instagram page wrote:

"God had to hide a beautiful heart inside this broad chest, tough body and beautifully strong face, He knew how vulnerable I am hence he gave me an intimidating physique, still I have been used a few times but above all,I’m grateful for how He made me,God bless the parents that raised me and the family I was born into,I’m too fucken awesome 😉🤩 ..... only you can tell us who you are,not the other way around,as for me,I know I’m one in a billion."

Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Tayo Faniran was born by his parents in Oyo state and grew up there.

Marriage, Married, Wedding: Is Tayo Faniran married? Tayo Faniran is not yet married but has a live-in-lover who is his Baby Mama.
Image of Tayo Faniran and Padita Agu

Wife: Who is Tayo Faniran wife? What is Tayo Faniran wife name? Tayo Faniran doesn't have a wife yet but has a wife to be, an Igbo baby mama called Amaka.

Dating, Relationship, Girlfriend: Who is Tayo Faniran girlfriend? Tayo Faniran girlfriend name is Amaka, an Igbo lady who lives with him and has children for him.
photos of tayo faniran's baby mama 

Baby Mama: Who is Tayo Faniran baby mama? Tayo Faniran baby mama is Amaka. Tayo Faniran has given his Igbo baby mama a Yoruba name, Ife.

Children, Sons, Daughter: Tayo Faniran and Amaka his wife to be, Baby Mama and girlfriend have 3 children - 2 sons and 1 daughter named - Toye and Tobi Faniran, Oreoluwa Faniran.
Pictures of Tayo Faniran sons

Names Of Tayo Faniran Children, Sons, Daughter & Their Ages

Tayo Faniran first son's name is King Toye Faniran (Akintoye Faniran) who was born in 2014.

Tayo Faniran second son's name is Akintobi Kenzo Faniran who was born on 13 March 2017 (4 years old now currently in 2021)

Daughter: Tayo Faniran Daughter and third child's name is Oreoluwa Faniran who was born on July 17, 2019.

Net Worth: Tayo Faniran Net Worth is about $400,000 US Dollars.

House, Cars: Tayo Faniran lives in a beautiful house and drives nice cars

Instagram: Tayo Faniran Instagram Page Account Profile Handle tayofaniran 

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