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Picture of Susan Pwajok without makeup - Makeup free photo

All Facts About Susan Pwajok: Everything To Know About Susan Pwajok History, Profile, Boyfriend Ruga, Parents, Siblings, Father, Mother, Family, Education, Tribe

Wikipedia, Profile History: Who Is Susan Pwajok?

Susan Pwajok (born 15 January 2003) is a beautiful Nigerian born Nollywood actress, model and Instagram, Twitter influencer.

Susan Pwajok Career, Occupation, Nollywood, Modelling

Susan Pwajok, whose full name is Susan Ganchung Pwajok, is a teenage Nigerian actress popularly known for her role as ‘Blessing’ in the TV series, The Johnsons.

Nollywood Child Actor, Teen/Teenage Actress: Susan Pwajok started acting as a child actress at the age of 3 but took a break for six years before returning to the Nigerian movie Industry.

Susan Pwajok first acting role was in a stage play called ‘Adaobi is Getting Married’.

Susan Pwajok first Nigerian Nollywood movie was in ‘The Tunnel’. Susan Pwajok first ever Nigerian movie was with Patrick Dolye and Waje on the movie THE TUNNEL. Susan Pwajok auditioned that same year to be on Tinsel and was picked to be on AFRICA MAGIC ORIGINAL FILMS where she starred in nine films namely,  Night Raid, Stopping Chloe, Steel Bling, Keeping Lucy, Steer Wheel, Coverup.

Now, Susan Pwajok has transitioned from a Nollywood child actor to a Nigerian teen actress.

Movies, TV Series: Susan Pwajok has featured in the following Nollywood movies and TV series, The Johnsons, Tinsel, Keeping Lucy, Desperate Housewives Africa, Night Raid, CoverUp, The Tunnel, among others.

Modelling, Model: Susan Pwajok is also a model. Susan Pwajok was a child model for Kf Faces. She is now a teenage model and brand promoter.

Weight Loss: Susan Pwajok models for weigh loss products for Pharmacist Ella on her Instagram page.

Hewlett-Packard: Susan Pwajok is currently a brand ambassador for Hewlett-Packard, a software company.

Payporte: Susan Pwajok models for Payporte products on Instagram.

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Advert: Susan Pwajok featured in the Galaxy S20 FE Advert with Korede Bello and Esther Uzodinma.

Awards: Susan Pwajok was nominated for Best Actress in a Comedy Series at the 2017 AMVCA Awards.

Susan Pwajok won Movie Personality of the Year award of the Nigerian Child in 2017.

Full Name: Susan Ganchung Pwajok

Susan Laraba Pwajok

Nickname: Blessing in 'The Johnsons'

State Of Origin Tribe Home Town: Where is Susan Pwajok from, which state in Nigeria? Susan Pwajok is from Plateau State, Nigeria.

Tribe: Susan Pwajok hails from Berom, a tribe in Plateau State, Nigeria.

Place Of Birth: Susan Ganchung Pwajok was born in Lagos.

Date Of Birth Birthday Age: Susan Pwajok was born on 15 January 2003.

Real Age: How old is Susan Pwajok? Susan Pwajok is currently 17 years old.

How old is actress Susan Pwajok in The Johnsons?

How many years is Susan Pwajok?

Susan Pwajok will celebrate her 18th birthday on the 15th of January 2021.

Susan Pwajok age 2020 is 17 years.

Susan Pwajok age in 2021 is 18 years.

Susan Pwajok age in 2022 is 19 years old.

18th Birthday: 18th Birthday Pictures Of Susan Pwajok (Latest Update)

Family, Parents, Father, Mother: Susan Pwajok and her family live in Lagos. Susan Pwajok celebrated her mother on Father's day instead of celebrating her father. 

"Happy Father’s Day to my beautiful mamaRed heart".

Susan Pwajok wrote on her Twitter page, celebrating her mum instead of her dad on Father's day.

Childhood baby Throwback photos of Susan Pwajok and her mother
Photo of Susan Pwajok mother

Siblings, Sister, Brother: Susan Pwajok doesn't like to post pictures of her sister, siblings on social media.

Educational Background, School, University: Susan Pwajok attended primary school at Greenwood private school, Parkview Estate, Ikoyi. 

What secondary school does Susan Pwajok attend?

Is Susan Pwajok still in secondary school?

Susan Pwajok finished from Secondary school in Lagos in 2020 when she wrote her WAEC.

Susan Pwajok made some As and Bs in her WAEC Result in 2020.

After her WAEC Exams in 2020, Susan Pwajok boasted of hoping to make at least 5As.

Susan Pwajok wrote on Twitter: 

"5A1’s nothing less"

When her WAEC results came out, Susan Pwajok tweeted: 

"didn’t bag all 5 but i bagged 3 gold GOLD MEDALS and all the rest were DISTINCTIONS !!!!!!!

i’m so thankful to God, i mean A1 even in math ?!? their real dads!"

University: Susan Pwajok - What university does Susan Pwajok attend? What school does Susan pwajok attend?

What course is Susan Pwajok studying in University?

Susan Pwajok is set to enter University. She has not revealed the University or School she applied for in JAMB where she will be attending. Susan Pwajok has not also revealed her course if study. 

Susan Pwajok graduated from Secondary school in 2020 and will be heading to the university in 2021.

Photos of Susan Pwajok

Net Worth: Susan Pwajok net worth in 2020 is estimated at $100,000 Dollars. Susan Pwajok net worth is expected to rise to $150,000 Dollars in 2021.

Source Of Income, Salary: Susan Pwajok makes money from acting, modelling and as a brand influencer and ambassador. Susan Pwajok is Hewlett-Packard brand ambassador.

Wedding, Married, Husband: Is Susan Pwajok married? No, Susan Pwajok is not yet married. She is just a teenager who is still pursing her career in acting and education.

Susan Pwajok Dating, Relationship, Boyfriend: Who is Susan Pwajok dating, Boyfriend? Susan Pwajok Boyfriend's name is Ruga, a popular musician.

Pictures of Susan Pwajok Boyfriend and lover, Ruga

Susan Pwajok recently shared pictures of her boyfriend, Ruga on her Instagram story.

Susan Pwajok and Ruga have been dating for a while now until she decided to confirm her relationship with Ruga, the singer.

Is Susan Pwajok Dating Olumide Oworu? No, Susan Pwajok and Olumide Oworu are just friends and colleagues - co-actors.

Picture of Susan Pwajok and Olumide Oworu

Height: How tall is Susan Pwajok? Susan Pwajok is about 5.5" ft tall.

Natural Hair, Hairstyle: Susan Pwajok likes to rock different Hairstyles. Sometimes she goes all natural by showing off her natural hair.

Picture of Susan Pwajok natural hair

Photo of Susan Pwajok With no makeup

Pictures of Susan Pwajok hairstyles - Afro

Hot photos of Susan Pwajok

Tattoo: Does Susan Pwajok have a tattoo? Susan Pwajok shared photos of her wearing henna tattoos. 

Henna tattoos pictures of Susan Pwajok

Is Susan Pwajok tattoo real, fake, permanent or temporary?

Susan Pwajok had a temporary, fake tattoo.

House, Cars: Susan Pwajok lives in her parents' house in Lagos and drives her own car.

WhatsApp Phone Number: Susan Pwajok Contact is via her Instagram page below;

Instagram: Susan Pwajok Instagram page Account Profile Handle susanpwajok 

Twitter: Susan Pwajok is active on Twitter. Susan Pwajok joined Twitter since 2013 and currently has about 26k followers on her Twitter Account.

Facebook: Susan Pwajok Facebook page Account 

Tiktok: Susan Pwajok on Tiktok...

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How old is Susan pwajok in the Johnsons?

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Who is blessing in the Johnsons?

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