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Instagram Pictures: About Olumide Oworu Bio, Wikipedia, Birthday, Married, Girlfriend, Dating, Mother Titilope Odubanjo Oworu, House, Cars, Height, Parents, Family, Siblings, Father, Wife, Wedding, Movies, State Of Origin, Songs, 2020 Net Worth 2021, Olumide Oworu Photos, Images, Ig Pics On Instagram

Wikipedia, Profile History: Who Is Olumide Oworu?
Olumide Oworu is a Nigerian born Nollywood actor, model, singer and rapper who started his acting career as a child actor at the age of 6.

Olumide Oworu is a young lightskinned handsome Nigerian actor popular for his role as Tari' in 'The Johnsons'. He is also a television presenter.

Occupation, Career, Acting Journey, Movies & TV Series: Olumide Oworu started his Nollywood acting career at the age of 6 years old with the television series 'Everyday People'. 

Olumide Oworu came into the limelight with his role as 'Tari' in the Africa Magic Series ‘The Johnsons’. Olumide Oworu has also featured in other television series such as The Patriot, The Men In Her Life, Hammer, Stolen Waters and New Son.

Olumide Oworu HIV Role As Weki In Shuga: Olumide Oworu played the significant role of ‘Weki’ in MTV Base's Shuga series, seasons 3 and 4. 
Weki is a teenager who was born with HIV. Of course, he is faced with the dilemma of having HIV in a world where people living with HIV are ostracised. So, he is caught in between telling his friends and the people around him that he has HIV and also living a normal life. He is healthy, of course, because he takes his ARVs, but is afraid that once people know that he has HIV, they would just start to treat him differently.

On How he got to join the cast of Shuga, Olumide Oworu told The Nation:

"I auditioned for Shuga. And the funny thing is I didn’t even read for Weki first. I read for Tobi. And I just happened to read for Weki and I think Weki was closer to home, not because I have HIV (Laughs) but just because they were lots of similarities between me and Weki. I like sports. I like music as well. I like to hang out with my friends. I’m fun. So, I guess that was the link between me and Weki."

Gay Role: Olumide Oworu - I’m not ready for gay roles – Olumide Oworu Tells Sabinews

... ‘Cause someone asked me one time, “Can you play a gay role?” and I was like I really don’t have a problem with it, because I am not homophobic, but a lot people are not ready to see me, I have not even finish trying to transition, I’ll now go and act, ah, they’ll just say black hole. But it is not something I shy away from, I am an actor..."

Music, Singing, Singer, Rapper, Songs: Olumide Oworu does music as a side project. Music is actually Olumide Oworu's hobby.

Work - Client Service And Creative: Olumide Oworu works with an advertising company, Client Service And Creative. He combines acting with work.

Awards: Olumide Oworu has won many awards such as;
- "Mr. Popularity" prize in the Model of Africa 2012 contest, 
- The "Nollywood Revelation of The Year" award at the Scream Awards 2014 
- "The Most Promising Youth Actor" award at Ping Awards 2014. 
- The Most Promising actor in the 2015 Best of Nollywood Awards.
- Best Supporting actor for his role in the Soldier's Story in the 2016 Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards.

Full Name: Olumide Oworu

Nickname: H.E. The Fresh Prince of Lagos

State Of Origin, Home Town, Tribe: Where is Olumide Oworu from, which state? Olumide Oworu is from Ogun State Nigeria. Olumide Oworu is of Yoruba tribe.

Date Of Birth Birthday Age: Olumide Oworu was born on 11 December 1994.

Real Age: How old is Olumide Oworu? How old is Tari in the Johnsons? Olumide Oworu is currently 26 years old.
Olumide Oworu celebrated his 26th birthday on December 11th 2020.
Throwback photos of Olumide Oworu

Family, Parents, Father, Mother: Olumide Oworu is from a family that supports him especially his mum.
Throwback Pictures of Olumide Oworu and his mother, Titilope Odubanjo Oworu 

Speaking about his parents being supportive of his career, Olumide Oworu told The Nation;
"My parents are supportive. My mum got me started acting. She drove me to my first audition. Before that, I was already doing radio voice-overs and modelling which she started me on, of course. So, I’m just thankful to have supportive parents."

Titilope Odubanjo Oworu, Olumide Oworu Mother & Manager: Who is Olumide Oworu mother? Olumide Oworu mother's name is Titilope Odubanjo Oworu who also doubles as his manager.

Pictures of Olumide Oworu and his mother

Who Is Titilope Odubanjo Oworu? Titilope Odubanjo Oworu is a Party Planning and Coordinating expert, offers Catering (Get Togethers/Finger Food/Home Delivery) services, the CEO of Tichillies Closet. 
Titilope Odubanjo Oworu is the mother of Nigerian actor, Olumide Oworu. She is the Manager of her son, Olumide Oworu.
Photo of Titilope Odubanjo Oworu, mother of Olumide Oworu

Olumide Oworu Father: Who is the father of Olumide Oworu? Olumide Oworu doesn't share much information and pictures about his father but likes to show off his mum. The only time Olumide Oworu posted about his father was when he shared a throwback photo of his showing the watch his dad bought for him.

Siblings: Olumide Oworu doesn't like to share pictures of his siblings - brother and sister.

Educational Background, School: Olumide Olumide Oworu attended King's College, Lagos. Olumide Oworu graduated from Babcock University in June 2017 with a degree in Mass Communication, majoring in Public Relations And Advertising.
Throwback photos of Olumide Oworu in Secondary school

NYSC: Olumide Oworu started NYSC in 2017 and passed out in 2018.
Graduation pictures of Olumide Oworu and as a Corper (NYSC)

Movies And TV Series: Olumide Oworu latest movies and old movies and TV series include, Day Of Destiny D.O.D, The Men In Her Life, Everyday people, A Soldier's Story, Shuga, 8 Bars and a clef, The Johnsons, The Patriot, Staying strong, Hammer, Kala & Jamal, Beautiful Song, among others.

Net Worth: Olumide Oworu net worth is estimated at $200,000 (two hundred thousand dollars).
Source Of Income, Salary: Olumide Oworu makes his money from acting, modeling, brand promotion and Influencer, from his salary at his place of work at an Advertising company.

House, Cars: Olumide Oworu lives in his parents' house in Lagos and drives a car of his own.

Marriage, Wedding, Married, Wife: Is Olumide Oworu married? Who is Olumide Oworu real wife? Olumide Oworu is not yet married and doesn't show off his fiancee or wife to be on his Instagram page.

Girlfriend: Who Is Olumide Oworu girlfriend? Olumide Oworu has a girlfriend he is seeing but doesn't like to show her off on social media.

Dating, Relationship: Who is Olumide Oworu dating? Is Olumide Oworu in a relationship? Olumide Oworu doesn't like to reveal the identity of who he is dating.
Photo of Olumide Oworu and Nancy Isime

Olumide Oworu And Susan Pwajok: are they dating? Some think that Susan Pwajok and Olumide Oworu are dating but none of them have ever accepted or denied such Boyfriend - Girlfriend rumours between the two co- actors.

Height: How tall is Olumide Oworu? Olumide Oworu is 6 ft tall.

Pictures of Olumide Oworu standing tall

Olumide Oworu Big Brother BBNaija: ‘The Johnsons’ actor, Olumide Oworu, Yoruba actor, Joseph Jaiyeoba, fast-rising actors, Emem Ufot, and Joshua Richard, were spotted at the 2029 Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) audition venue.

Olumide Oworu showed up at the Lagos audition venue, Edmark D’Podium events center on Friday, February 1, 2019.

Olumide Oworu and Ufot were spotted making their way to the final round of the auditioning process at about 1:45 pm on Friday, February 1, 2019, after being spotted at different times on the long queue.

However, Olumide Oworu couldn't make it to the BBNaija 2019, not even in 2020. Hopefully, Olumide Oworu may make it to BBNaija 2021 or 2022.

Cute Photos, Images, Pics of Olumide Oworu

Phone Number: Olumide Oworu contact and WhatsApp phone number - Bookings/Enquiry: @titilopeodubanjo - +2348033260409. Olumide Oworu can be contacted via the phone number above which is his mom's own who doubles as his manager.

Instagram: Olumide Oworu Instagram page Account Profile Handle olumideoworu

Handsome pictures of Olumide Oworu On Instagram
Olumide Oworu hairstyle

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