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Instagram Pictures: About Vincent Opurum & Wife, Salma Aminu Bio, Wikipedia, Birthday, Net Worth, Age, Children, Family, State Of Origin, House, Cars, Parents, Baby, Height, Movies, How old is Vincent Opurum? Marriage, Wedding, Vincent Opurum Salma Aminu Photos, Images, Ig Pics

Who Is Vincent Opurum?
Vincent Opurum is a Nigerian born Nollywood Actor, Model, MC, Filmmaker and Entrepreneur,  who is known for his romantic roles in Nigerian movies.

Vincent Opurum is Igbo but was born in and grew up in Kaduna.

Wikipedia, Profile History: How Vincent Opurum Join Nollywood And Started Acting: Vincent Opurum started in Kaduna. He had always had a passion for acting and one day, there was a movie production in Kaduna, starring Ramsey Nouah and Genevieve Nnaji, "Shameless Romance" released in 2001. The producer needed some supporting actors from Kaduna. After auditioning, Vincent Opurum was lucky to be selected. He played a bar man role.

From there, Vincent Opurum was on some local English TV series on NTA Kaduna. Finally, he decided to move to Lagos and soon started acting in Nollywood.

'Treasures', produced by Chico Ejiro was the movie that gave Vincent Opurum a lot of fame and brought him to the limelight in Nollywood.

Vincent Opurum And Jim Iyke: Vincent Opurum lived with Jim Iyke and worked as his PA in Lagos. This was after he left Kaduna for Lagos and his cousins abandoned him in Lagos which made him have accommodation problems.

Vincent Opurum struggled to survive in Lagos. He worked as a bar man for over two years in Surulere, Lagos. Vincent Opurum also worked as a cleaner for an old man in Lagos, whose children lived abroad, to enable he survive. 

Because of his accommodation problem, Vincent Opurum had to live with Jim Iyke in his house. He also worked as his personal assistant in his NGO. Though there were sad experiences while living and working for Jim Iyke.

Full Name: Vincent Opurum Nnamdi

Home Town, Tribe, State Of Origin: Where is Vincent Opurum from? Vincent Opurum hails from Imo State, Nigeria. 

Vincent Opurum And Ghana: Some people thought that Vincent Opurum is from Ghana. Until Vincent Opurum started acting in Igbo language, many of his kinsmen in his own Imo State thought he was from Ghana too. But the truth is that he is truly a Nigerian. He was born and grew up in Kaduna before he left for Lagos to join Nollywood.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Vincent Opurum was born on 1st September....

Real Age: How old is Vincent Opurum?

Family, Siblings, Parents, Father, Mother: Vincent Opurum was born with a silver spoon but his family financial status changed thereafter. His parents tried in all their ways to make sure Vincent Opurum and his siblings - brothers and sisters were educated.
Vincent Opurum father is dead/late.

Educational Background: Vincent Opurum had his junior secondary school at Hawad International School; then his secondary education at Kaduna Capital School. And he applied for a part-time programme in Kaduna Polytechnic, while he was doing business to support his education. He also worked as an agent for some airlines in Kaduna until he got involved in acting and relocated to Lagos.
Vincent Opurum also attended Acting school in Kaduna.

Movies: Vincent Opurum has featured in the following Nollywood movies, Treasures, Helpless Kingdom, Hidden Gold, Zirara, Chambers Of The Elders, Anurika, Betrayed, Open Betrayal, The Mirage, Price Of Fame, One House, Deception, Love Left Us, Home Base, Sword Of Truth, Unbreakable, Ogadimma, Missing Princess, Bicycle Nji Eko, Amanda My Village Wife, Cry Of A Priest, Ignorant Couples, Price Of Ignorance, Women Are Guilty, Send Me An Angel, Lost In US, among others.

Photos of Vincent Opurum

Vincent Opurum pictures

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Net Worth: Vincent Opurum makes money from acting, modelling, as a movie producer, MC but Vincent Opurum's Net Worth is unavailable.

Girlfriend: Vincent Opurum recalled how he shed tears the day his ex-friend broke his heart because he was deeply in love with her.

Wife: Vincent Opurum is married to Salma Aminu.

Vincent Opurum Wedding - Traditional And White Wedding Pictures: Vincent Opurum and his then girlfriend now wife, Salma Aminu got married traditionally on February 23 - 2018 when they did their traditional wedding.

Vincent Opurum and Salma Aminu his wife did their White wedding in 2018 too.

Child, Children, Son: Vincent Opurum and his wife, Salma Aminu have a son called King Orion Vincent. Vincent Opurum and his wife, Salma Aminu welcomed a baby boy 6 Months after their wedding.
Pictures of Vincent Opurum and his son and Wife

Photos of Vincent Opurum and his wife, Salma Aminu
Picture of Vincent Opurum and his child - Son

Height: How tall is Vincent Opurum?

Gym, Workout, Fitness: Vincent Opurum used to gym because of his modelling career.

Photos of handsome Vincent Opurum

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Instagram: Vincent Opurum Instagram Page Account Profile Handle vincent_opurum

Salma Aminu Biography: About Vincent Opurum wife, Salma Aminu, Husband, Age, Children, Parents, Religion:

Who is Salma Aminu? 
Salma Aminu is a Nigerian born Nollywood actress who is married to Vincent Opurum. 

Full Name: Mercy Salma Aminu

Salma Aminu is a former model and now an actress who is a Kogi State-born graduate of English Literature from the University of Abuja.

Home Town, State Of Origin, Tribe: Where is Salma Aminu, Vincent Opurum wife from? Salma Aminu hails from Kogi State, Nigeria.

Husband, Child: Salma Aminu's husband, Vincent Opurum is a Nollywood actor and they have a child - son together.

Salma Aminu and her husband, Vincent Opurum met on set and it wasn’t love at first sight because she thought Vincent Opurum was a womanizer. But their friendship grew to dating and Marriage.

Family, Parents, Siblings, Father, Mother: Salma Aminu is from a polygamous home. Her mother is the second wife and I she is the second born of the family and last born of her mom. They are only two from her mother. Though from a polygamous family, Salma Aminu and her siblings lived like one happy family and there was never division among them.

Religion: Salma Aminu is a Christian while her father is a Moslem.

Instagram: Salma Aminu Instagram Page Account Profile Handle officialsalma_v 

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